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  • The Matrixblogger aka Jonathan Dilas is his own guinea pig to research and to explore different possibilities to accelerate the personal spiritual development – just for his visitors and readers

  • I tested the strongest colloid gold (Aurum Potabile) I ever heard of

    Activation of the Pineal Gland is one of my research series, with me as a guinea pig, which deals with the decalcification of the pineal gland and in which I report on the results of my progress. In doing so, I take supplements, change the diet or use clues from secret sources to secret means.

    I am in contact with a very interesting man who, according to an old medieval recipe, makes the notorious Aurum Potabile, which no longer exists in this form at all. His products have a chemistry-free and absolutely high purity, which was even tested in a laboratory to check particle size and aurum content. Continue reading  Post ID 853

  • Dream Research: Is our Everyday Life also a Dream?

    I am not really a big fan of techniques, because in my opinion, once all the important connections have been understood correctly, it is possible to become often automatically lucid within a dream. Unfortunately the understanding requires a lot of thinking and questioning and a continuous questioning of yourself, in order to crack the camouflage, which is our everyday reality and for billions of people extremely successfully veiled the fact that you are also in this moment within a dream. For the reason, it is not so easy to understand, because the camouflage that everyday life is also a dream, is so vehemently hidden, that it seems almost impossible to recognize it as such. Many people would never admit that all this is just a dream.

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Banning Fluoride (Part 18)

    Of course, the best solution would be to prohibit further consumption of fluorides. To this end, it is primarily necessary to carry out reconnaissance work so that the competent authorities can also be convinced. In the meantime 40 animals were tested for the effects of fluoride and all had the lasting effects. As early as 2009, more than 2000 official medical and scientific professionals, including doctors, dentists, biologists, professors and many others of this kind, have demanded the ban on fluoridation worldwide. In Australia, there are many demonstrations against fluoride. Several thousand people are always on such demos. Until now it has only been successful in Australia in the state of Queensland. They were able to get 200,000 people free of forced medication. The court has agreed with the argument that if someone absolutely wants to have fluoride, can go to the dentist. The cost savings to provide these people with fluoride once was 14 million dollars a year. These costs can now be saved…

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Himalaya Salt and Spirulina (Part 17)

    The water in India is highly fluorinated and over 60 million have been physically heavily contaminated, almost poisoned, so that they got physical discomfort. Even today, all the resources are fought to get all the collected fluoride from the bodies of these people. The well-known and Indian Professor A.K. Susheela has been dealing almost exclusively with fluoride for 30 years and has already freed many people from their overloads. In doing so, it does not set the calcification of the pineal gland as a benchmark, but takes great care of people who are affected by fluorides at all. The symptoms are very versatile. Other countries with strong fluoride fractions and their negative effects are also found in China, Ethiopia and the Republic of Uzbekistan…

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: A Summary up to Present (Part 16)

    Some diligent readers have reported that they are interested in the topic “Activation of the pineal gland“. On the basis of the many parts that are available up to the present time, it is perhaps understandable to get a nice overview presented. As a faithful writer of my readership, I have considered not only to present the many sources in the present summary, but also to provide access to all previous parts and references. In addition, it is certainly extremely handy to get the most important points at a glance. Also there have been a lot of demands on dosages and times of use and the like in order to descale the pineal gland in the best way. I would like to point out that I have volunteered personally and as a test rabbler for my researches in this area, and I am trying to find various food supplements and certain food combinations to avoid, dissolve and dissipate the fluoride…

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Borax (Part 15)

    Originally, I had left Borax aside to support the pineal gland, as there are enough other possibilities to initiate a decalcification and this is a cleansing agent. However, I have now researched and found that Borax offers many possibilities, which should not be neglected. Not only does it contain substances which generally help to restore the body in general, but it is also probably the best way to help to get the dissolved fluoride out of the body. Stuff likes certain fish oils, chlorella spirulina, coconut oil, cedar nut oil or barley grasses help to slowly decompose the calcification capsule, which has formed around the pineal gland…

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Reports from my Readers (Part 14)

    Today, I have learned that curcuma, in combination with pepper, is a hundredfold in its effect. For the reason, Curcuma might still be a post in order to degrade the fluoride stones or livergries in the body and thus indirectly support the decalcification of the pineal gland. So far, Curcuma does not do anything with me. For the reason, Curcuma may still be a factor to consider. In addition, it should help to support damaged areas in the brain during reconstruction. This property makes it very interesting. It can easily be added as a delicious spice for eating. Since many people follow my research on the pineal gland (about 500-800 people) I called all of you in part 13 for a feedback, and that it would be awesome to receive short reports from all of you who like to. For this I have selected a few reports and would like to publish them here…

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Side Effects (Part 13)

    If you have not read the previous parts, you should do, in order to be able to follow up the following posts. Since I know that some of my readers have not only followed the advice on decalcification and stimulation of the pineal gland, but also have taken appropriate measures in their diet, I would be very pleased to have a short report. This I would perhaps then show here in the blog as an example and it could appear synonymous in my next book. So, no false shyness: Just write. My previous efforts to avoid fluoride through the diet and to gradually break down the already collected fluoride cause very slow but noticeable changes. I admit, that for many years I have experienced lucid dreams, out of body experiences and extended states of consciousness, but I have never looked for a direct and conscious stimulation of the pineal gland (3rd eye). It has always been stimulated by my experiences. I think the topic about the fluoride is interesting, that it conveys the whole theme of the pineal gland from an abstract to a concrete level..

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  • Activation of the Pineal Gland: Silver Grass (Part 12)

    After I had tried Curcuma for a while, the pressure between my eyes disappeared again. Thus, I got the impression that this spice does not offer the promising success and probably focuses more on the support of the liver and the brain. Now I have decided for test purposes only once for Spirulina and the pressure between the eyes reappeared after three days.

    Sometimes I supplement the intake of spirulina with the use of cedar nut oil at the main meal time. Tonight I went to bed about two o’clock and concentrated. After ten minutes of concentrating on my pineal gland I saw again the “silver grass”. It looks like you’re lying in the grass and watching it. But everything is black or silver-white and from the ground the grass appears in this form..

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