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  • Memories: When a Friend dies in your Youth

    ‘Memories’ is a section in which I occasionally tell you an anecdote from my past. I just want to tell you about a memorable moment, an interesting encounter or event that can be quite mystical, confused, amusing, crazy or something else. Personal details, time and places are only given to a limited extent.

    My friend Ronald was a real rebel with his fresh 18 years. He liked wearing worn-out jeans and an equally worn-out jeans jacket. He had stickers on his sleeves with a skull and also the famous tongue from the Rolling Stones. He would have matched way more into the 70s than in the 80s. Outside the door there was his new motorcycle, with which he always liked to drive through the streets. We were sitting in my room and listening to music. The speakers, played the band pounded Ultravox..

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