After I had tried Curcuma for a while, the pressure between my eyes disappeared again. Thus, I got the impression that this spice does not offer the promising success and probably focuses more on the support of the liver and the brain. Now I have decided for test purposes only once for Spirulina and the pressure between the eyes reappeared after three days.

Sometimes I supplement the intake of spirulina with the use of cedar nut oil at the main meal time. Tonight I went to bed about two o’clock and concentrated. After ten minutes of concentrating on my pineal gland I saw again the “silver grass”. It looks like you’re lying in the grass and watching it. But everything is black or silver-white and from the ground the grass appears in this form..

This “silver grass” is probably the first stage to activate the pineal gland. Some loyal readers of my blog who have also seen this grass seem to be a good affirmation. In this night I got beyond this stage and came to the second. The grass disappeared, and behind it a kind of broad screen emerged, varying slightly in brightness, turning into a deep blue starry sky with a rich violet tinge. It was a wonderful starry sky, which


I saw, even if the background color seemed somewhat strange. I recognized a white object that was moving along the sky at a fairly high speed. After it disappeared I looked further at the object and enjoyed the “view”. Somehow it flashed before my eyes several times as if there was a thunder somewhere in the distance of this world, into which I looked in here. I could not hear anything, but suddenly pictures emerged before my eyes, and the next instant I straightened up and looked around. I was in a strange bed. Also the room was not familiar, as far as I could see in this diffuse light.

Without even having a single memory of this alternative reality, it suddenly occurred to me that I had gone to bed because someone had mixed me up a substance I was supposed to take. It stood next to “my” bed, where he had set it to me. So I picked up this little pot. It was plastic and had a lid. Then I removed the lid, and at the same moment the scent of the substance contained in it, which immediately seemed to affect my senses.


I could not see clearly anymore and my consciousness seemed to drift somehow. Nothing could fix me anymore, and I met pictures from another reality, fragments, which I could not classify.

When I closed the vessel again, this effect immediately dissapeared again and I felt again almost normal. Now I was unsure whether I should take this substance at all to me and still took a small sip of it. Then I put it with a lid open right next to me on a nightstand. Immediately it began to work and I could not fix anything, until my consciousness was completely removed from this reality and transported elsewhere…

The first impressions were very busy and of short duration and changed quickly. I saw myself briefly as I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. It was clear to me that I was an out-of-body person and that I was in my apartment, at least in an apartment that seemed to be mine, and I was just lying in a strange bed. I focused on my reflection and the next moment the scene changed again and I walked with a man in a park. We were talking. He seemed to have recognized me and said, “And you are Jonathan?”

I nodded.

“It is said, that you would have an incredible power of suggestion and would have influenced many people positively or to their advantage. If this is true, then do something with me. I want to see if it works with me.”

“Do you say that of me?” I replied.

“Yes, in any case. I can not really believe that, I must confess,” he said.

“And now you’re asking for proof?”

“Somehow. That’s what the others have said of you.”

“There is always a lot of talk about other people,” I said, “especially if you do not know someone correctly, then the mind tries to supplement the information that is simply lacking. This comes at the most incredible assumptions about other people. Maybe this is all nonsense, what is said about me and I am like everyone else? Maybe that’s just stories you tell about someone else, like heroes who were sung.”

“That’s true, you can not say with absolute certainty.”

“You can not blame me for a change in your consciousness, for such a change can only take place if you are open and willing to do so. It is your free decision if you allow the outside influence. Then everyone can influence you, your mother, your father, your teacher, your partner, your doctor…”

“I would still like to experience it,” he insisted.

“I have to disappoint you. I can not influence you here and now. I can only exert an influence over time. Your mere presence is enough. At least, so far, many people have claimed that I have encountered. Their lifes have changed.”

As soon as the sentence was finished, it went over to another scene…

I was in a Chinese restaurant with several people. We were certainly to the ten people. We were all dressed in black, some looked very grave and had long, black hair and wore long coats. Most of them were Asians and some Euro-Asians mixed people. Next to me sat a Chinese, who was quite sympathetic to me from the begin with, even though he was still quite young, perhaps barely twenty years old and liked to open his mouth wide to brag or tell of his excellent contacts.

I asked myself, why I had landed in this scene and wondered if this might have anything to do with another life in which I was a Chinese boy whose father owns a Chinese restaurant. If that was the case, then I had either become more mature or I was only unable to look at myself personally to tell who I was and what role I played here. In a dream one can change not only the role, but from the appearance completely, without even noticing, since the identity feeling always remains the same.

You always feel yourself as an ego and after a change of scenery you perceive the surroundings differently, but not yourself. This circumstance makes the assessment of the scene extremely difficult, because one takes away the collected information from the previous scene and interprets it in connection with the new scene. Nothing else happens in our everyday life. In life, too, we change the reality more often, but we do not even perceive the change and interpret the perceived environment with the same information all the time. I would describe this process as a self-image construction and it also explain the structure of a self-image (ego) both within dreams and in our familiar everyday reality.

In order not to lose out, we sat in the restaurant and chatted. I was struck by a Eurasian woman who obviously found me attractive. She wore long, black hair and had very fine and beautiful facial features. She was wearing a white blouse, a black jacket and a tight skirt. Her brown eyes were darkened and she seemed a little restless and hibbling on me.

We came into conversation and got closer to us very quickly. We kissed and played around with each other, whispering in the ear and all this stuff. The others did not seem to care at all and were busy with themselves. Later we broke up together and wanted to go to a meadow that was nearby. There should be a band. We stayed there until the night and I met many other people and made new contacts.

At about 07:00am I woke up and was light awake. I stayed in bed a little longer and thought about the experiences. This morning, when I briefly told someone about the dream and told about the starry sky I had seen, I was told that the presentation was that part of a common chakra meditation for the third eye.

Far eastern practices are not my thing, and I do not know much about this, because I rather think that a man from the western world has a different way of thinking and techniques should be applied to him, but the agreement with the Chakra meditation I found very interesting and it shows that despite the cultural differences, there are a few parallels in each case.


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Activation of the Pineal Gland: Silver Grass (Part 12)