Afterthoughts: The black Man – Part 2

Anyone who concentrated on what I wrote down to this point will now win the same knowledge that I won. I therefore strongly assume that this frightening man was no one else than myself in my nightly experience with Vivian and the black man. I had perceived my doppelganger and, indeed, in his all-encompassing cruelty, I received the deepest black magic, which you can imagine…

Those who have seen the movie “The Matrix” can discover quite similar messages. The protagonist must recognize that his life in the office and his everyday life takes place in a computer-generated matrix, which people call everyday life. In fact, he lives in a water basin, connected to countless cables, and serves as a battery for a machine state in another reality. This realization can no longer deter the protagonist from seeking his own truth and so he takes up the fight against the machines.

There alre also the following excerpts from the book “The Active Side of Infinity” by Carlos Castaneda with the remark that the human mind or the ego sees life-threatening in danger, as soon as the Doppelganger approaches a person or stands, if necessary, before one:


>Start Quotation:

“Wait a little longer, and you’ll see what you feel. I’ll expose you to a lightning attack. I will bombard your mind and you will not be able to get up and go because you are caught. Not because I hold you captive, but because something in you will hinder you from walking, while another part of you is actually frenzied. So be prepared”, Don Juan said. […]

“I turn to your analytical mind,” said Don Juan. “Think for a moment and tell me how you explain the contradiction between the intelligence of a human as a technician and the stupidity of the system of his convictions, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. The magicians believe, that the robbers have given us the system of our convictions, our idea of good and evil, our social customs. They bring out our hopes and expectations and our dreams of success or failure. […] It is the robbery that makes us content and selfish and habitual. “[…] “They are immensely much more efficient and systematic. In order to keep us obedient, humble and weak, the predatory creatures have made a monstrous maneuver, of course, from the point of view of a battle-strategy. And it is a terrible maneuver from the standpoint of those who suffer from it. They have given us their consciousness! Do you understand? The robbers give us their consciousness, which is our consciousness. Their consciousness is devoured, contradictory, annoying, and filled with the fear of being discovered at any time. […]

“Whenever doubts plague a dangerous point,” he said, “do something pragmatic about it. Turn off the light. Figure out the darkness and find out what you can see.” He rose to turn off the lights. I kept him from it. “No, no, Don Juan,” I said, “do not turn off the lights. It’s all right.”
I suddenly had a most unusual fear of the darkness. Already at the thought of it, I wrestled for air. From the feeling in my belly I knew something, but I did not dare to touch it or bring it to the surface – not in a thousand years!

“The robber,” said Don Juan, “which is, of course, an inorganic being, is not entirely invisible to us, like other inorganic beings. I believe we see it as children and come to the conclusion that it is so terrible that we do not want to think about it. Children could, of course, remain persistent and concentrate on the sight, but all the people around them keep them from it”

“There’s a fight in your heart,” Don Juan said. “Deep inside you know that you can not help agreeing that an indispensable part of you, your radiant veil of consciousness, will serve as an incomprehensible source of food for naturally incomprehensible beings. And another part of you resists this situation with all your might. […] The revolution of wizards,” he continued, “is that they refuse to abide by agreements which they have no part in. No one ever asked me, if I would agree to be eaten by a different kind of consciousness. My parents only put me into that world, to be food like themselves, and that’s it.”

> End Quotation

In short, if the mind is affected by robbery, there is no bigger opponent for it – and this is automatically true for us – as a double. Thus, the person who does not deal with self-knowledge perceives any evidence of the presence of a double or a man whose double is very close to him as a threat, almost as a diabolical and evil threat, or arouses the feeling that a person other than being angry. It triggers anxiety, despair, irritation, horror, rejection, hatred or other emotions of this kind. The only way to reassure those negative emotions is to flee into everyday life with all its usual routines, as they provide security and forgetting. I would like to point out, at this point, that I do not believe, that any black figure entering the room is the own double, but they can also be friends who pass by in the double. In normal everyday consciousness, however, they are “camouflaged”, which means they are shown as life-threatening beings. Thus, inevitably, the inevitable conclusion is that we are really the “bad guys” and the “evil” doppelgangers the “good ones”. I use these concepts of good and evil because they are familiar with the mind.

Since I wrote about this topic in my dream diary, I recently remembered a scene from my past when I was about three or four years old. I woke up from a nightmare and shouted for my parents, who then sat on my bed and listened to what had happened. But while they were sitting there talking to me, everything in me was in high alertness! In me, I had an incredibly strong feeling that I should say anything wrong now and that a false comment could immediately ruin me. Obviously that was the moment when the flyer-being had joined my consciousness.

At the age of about 23 years I came into a situation, in which I “died”. I was probably dead about 15 minutes. When I woke up afterwards, the world around me was completely transformed. My mind was not working properly at all. I could not finish a sentence to the end in my head and I always lost the thread in conversations. This lasted for many weeks! But during these many weeks I was able to go through the world with a very different perspective, for I saw the world without the evaluative and the understanding theories and the common sense. I saw the world as it really was! It was a nice but also a bad time. My self-esteem was quite small and I could not be as strong and lost as all the other people around me. In short, I felt the same way Don Juan explained here:

>Start Quotation:

“The robbers give us their consciousness, which is our consciousness. Their consciousness is devoured, contradictory, annoying and filled with the fear of being discovered at any time. Through the consciousness, which is ultimately their consciousness, the predators let the human beings flow in, which is always beneficial to themselves. In this way they achieve a certain degree of security, which is a barrier to their fears. I assure you, the plane is coming back, but it is no longer as strong as before and a process begins, in which it becomes routine that the consciousness of the flyer being takes flight, until one day he finally fled. This is a sad day! On this day, you have to rely on your own resources, which are basically zero. Nobody tells you what to do. No consciousness of a foreign origin dictates to you the morose you are accustomed to. My teacher, the Nagual Julian, has warned all his pupils and said,” Don Juan continued, “that this is the most difficult day in the life of a sorcerer, for the true consciousness which belongs to us, the sum of our experiences, lifelong distrust, shy, uncertain, and unstable. I would say, that the true battle of the wizards is about to begin. Everything else is just the preparation for it.”

>End Quotation

The description of how a “warrior” feels after this special day, in which he repels the Flyer, exactly corresponds to the feelings I possessed after I “died”. I suspect today that the Flyer believed I was dead and had then relieved my consciousness. At this moment I was free! But this new freedom had the disadvantage that I was not yet able to deal with it properly. It took a lot of weeks before the flyer being came back and joined my awareness again. But the contact of its infiltrating consciousness was no longer as strong and intense as before. I just had “seen” too much! Because in the absence of the flyer being in my consciousness, I could see the world as it really is. This helped me to keep this knowledge and not to forget it again. Even if I am once again in possession of this flyer being, as well as any other person, I have nevertheless been able to maintain a double perspective on this world. So I can always look at this world of each of these two consciousnesses. It is not easy to maintain this “other knowledge,” since almost every person in this world rejects this knowledge and always talks to me in conversations of what is actually the case. And for the same reason, I can be afraid of the double at night, which comes to my bed, but at the same time I can also be infinitely happy that it finally comes back to my proximity and joyfully plunge into the fear. He never gave up trying to get rid of the flyer being at some point, so I can get back to myself.

There is only one way to get rid of the flyer being and this is the Dissociation, the stopping of the mind, the temporary interruption of thoughts. Because the mind is infiltrated by this flyer being. Everything else is unfortunately only accessories and does not change anything permanently. Whoever manages to dissociate so strongly that the flyer being capitulates, the veil is finally drawn by the eyes. The flying being have many names under which they are known: flyers, voladores, mud shadows, flyer being, robberies, astral spiders… Only for those who would like to research.


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