Pineal Gland Activation and decalcify the pineal gland

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Himalaya Salt and Spirulina (Part 17)

The water in India is highly fluorinated and over 60 million have been physically heavily contaminated, almost poisoned, so that they got physical discomfort. Even today, all the resources are fought to get all the collected fluoride from the bodies of these people. The well-known and Indian Professor A.K. Susheela has been dealing almost exclusively with fluoride for 30 years and has already freed many people from their overloads. In doing so, it does not set the calcification of the pineal gland as a benchmark, but takes great care of people who are affected by fluorides at all. The symptoms are very versatile. Other countries with strong fluoride fractions and their negative effects are also found in China, Ethiopia and the Republic of Uzbekistan…

Similarly, in Australia there are currently mass demonstrations against the forced medication with fluoride in public drinking water. In 1986, the limit values for the admixture of fluoride in drinking water were set to a maximum of 4.0 mg/l. This was then completely exhausted. Later she revised this value and decided to use 1.2 mg/l. Because it turned out: From a value of 12.0 mg daily can be expected with immediate physical reactions and health impairments. Already with three liters of water daily, this value would be reached. However, staying at a value of 1.2 is also not much better and only delays the reactions.

The United States were considered as the country of freedom more than 100 years ago, but now the pendulum seems to strike back. Espionage around the clock, ever-growing restrictions on freedom, stricter laws, terrorism (and masses who know how to exploit them), passive and confused citizens and always close to a civil war. So the US is now presenting itself in a bad light as it seems – and one can only hope that this country will again be aware of its declaration of independence and that it will respect the rights enumerated therein not only to itself, but also to other countries.

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Four studies were also carried out to determine the extent to which a higher proportion of fluorides in the body can affect the intelligence quotient. The studies are contested from some points, but all studies have yielded positive results, An effect was found. It was not in vain, therefore, that fluorides were used in prisons to calm the inmates and to lower the intellect a little. In Russian prisons it is still customary even today. These fluoride experiments began with prisoners in the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

In the famous Stanley Kubrick movie “How I Learned to Love a Bomb” is about a space ship that has a bomb that activates itself by a computer error. Now the whole crew is trying to defuse the bomb again and discuss with it for hours. After all, the bomb has its own learning processor and own decision making power. In the partial, very philosophical conversations, the general suddenly declares that a communist would never drink a glass of water and also knows why. It was pointed out that the idea of fluoridation came from the Communists to poison America. In the US, however, it was first patented as a rat poison. Subsequently, it was then added to the extraction of aluminum  and it required incredible costs to get rid of the waste product of fluoride. Suddenly, someone had the unbeatable idea to drive it as a toothpaste and thus the waste was not transported to the next lake, but officially into the drinking water. The merit grew through this economic-oriented strategy. Tons of industrial waste called fluoride was tipped into drinking water in the assertion that it prevents tooth decay. Even several studies came from several companies that proved to be so, but no one really paid attention to the places these studies had created. Nowadays however, more and more counter-studies are emerging that prove the opposite.

Currently, fluoridated agents in many countries include food, cosmetics, antibiotics, toothpaste, mouthwash, milk and chocolate. Even a visit to the dentist, if you get water for rinsing or a paste on the teeth gets lubricated, contains high values of fluoride. The drinking water in Germany has mercifully 0.30 mg/l, but in the USA 1.2 to 2.0 mg/l (it seems that it has been now changed to 0.7 mg/l).

In view of this amount of agents enriched with fluoride in various ways, it is now very promising, for example to open a salt industry and to distribute salt, and on it would be the slogan “fluoride-free – for your health“. Unfortunately, this is not to be expected because the successful salt industry has enough money to prevent such a courageous deployment. Therefore it would not be easy to point out, with the opposite marketing strategy reasonable. There are currently only a few salts which are completely fluoride-free. This includes the well-known Himalayan Salt, which is probably one of the only salt not containing fluoride. In addition there is the Celtic Salt.

Regarding the Himalayan salt (the competitor do not sleep) many official bodies are opposed to it, and they claim that it is not healthy, since it contains hardly any significant additives. Whoever uses this exclusively would in the long run be sick rather than healthier. Of course the opposite is true. Among the competitors there are lawyers, courts, doctors, the big press and many other places. If it is attacked by such, then it can just be good.

It is also interesting to see that the Himalayan salt was advertised by not being able to depict the Himalayas and not to name the mountain because the salt mining would not take place in the immediate vicinity, but at a distance of 200 km. The fact that there are yoghurts on which Pumuckl is depicted or Bruce Lee on bags or Captain Buzz Lightyear on a frisbee is, of course, a direct relation to each other (attention: irony!). You see, no tricks are left out.

The first step to free its body from fluoride (see part 16) is understandably to forego fluoride in the future. Already this does not turn out to be very easy because you have to change your nutritional and eating habits. Just because most of the bread that is available at the baker is baked with fluoride-containing salt or the delicious chocolate and all the other dairy products like cheese and yogurt are additionally enriched with fluoride, how would you avoid the further intake of this substance? Health is definitely beneficial and supports it in its healing. If you want to be successful also in the area of your pineal gland, you have to stick strictly to the whole food recommendations and/or remedies, otherwise you fight here against windmills and the whole effort is not sufficient. Even those who hope impatiently for two weeks on positive results will unfortunately be disappointed.

Defluoridization is a long-term process and can last up to several years in extreme cases. But the work is worthwhile, because it promises not only a much better health, but also a reactivation of the pineal gland. Otherwise, the more people know about this problem, the more likely it is that one day the fluoride is banned and thus disappears as an additive from all the many drugs offered.

I am currently in the test phase with Spirulina (spirulina platensis). The Borax (see part 15) I have once set off, since it has triggered with me very strong toothache. When I set it down and the body exhausted all the borax, they disappeared immediately after 1-2 days. I suspect that this is either due to too high a dose or by the omission of an additional calcium supply. This I will have to find out later. Since the toothache had disappeared so quickly, this is at least an indication for me that Borax is really completely degraded by the body. Regarding the pineal gland, Borax is a good decision, and it helps very well with the decalcification of the pineal gland and the defluoridization of the body in general.

Spirulina, on the other hand, is a blue algae, which has a relatively high volume of vitamins such as vitamin A, B12, C, D and E, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium and a lot of protein (also recommended for vegetarians and vegans). Studies have shown that the use of these algae has been excellent in allergies, immune system support, inflammation, kidneys, digestion, liver detoxification, brain damage, heavy metals and all other toxins. Interesting for people with a histamine intolerance) and can even help athletes to achieve better performance and not feel so exhausted or recover more quickly.

Wikipedia and some other public authorities do not see it as such and try to display spirulina as an ordinary fish feed. It is correct that it is used in some fish food, but rather for the reason, because it is just algae and fish like algae. Probably Wikipedia did not know that Spirulina was also used in children from Chernobyl to reduce their radiation levels and to divert the toxins. Perhaps it also simply sticks to the official bodies, which are not always opposed to economic interests and are willing to be influenced. At the same time, some public test sites claim that Spirulina is even dangerous. These are, however, the same places that evaluate toothpastes without fluoride as badly as possible. Their arguments are very reminiscent of those who were so keenly opposed to the Himalayan Salt.

Spirulina is not always Spirulina. For the reason it is essential to access pure Spirulina. The tablets are almost tasteless and very cheap. One pound can cost around 20 dollars and one comes long with it. The intake of Spirulina in relation to the decalcification of the pineal gland is also attractive because it helps to divert the fluoride and to deliver new calcium to the body at the same time. A discharge of fluoride always results in a calcium deficiency, as fluoride is often camouflaged as calcium, enters into a symbiosis with it, and then immerses itself in the bone. This is one reason why fluoride also makes brittleness more brittle. The lesser known but extremely unpleasant glass bone disease could also have a connection here.

The blue algae has to be taken at higher doses, which means take about 12-13 grams a day, but don’t worry, it will not cause any significant changes in the first weeks. Only after three to four weeks you will feel clearly an effect. The pressure between the eyebrows to return to the pineal gland will be a while. If you like pressure as a positive feedback, as in my case, you can take 3-4 Spirulina pills 30 minutes before sleeping. Then you will feel the slight pressure again. Unfortunately, I can not yet report more and will take the next months to me.

The Borax, on the other hand, has to wait for it. However, Spirulina is even more said to be, for example against cancer, also against many other viruses such as herpes and influenza viruses of all kinds, even before the AIDS virus (whose existence is still controversial). It helps the teeth and bones (because of calcium) remain healthy, as well as skin, eyes and the body mucosa.

So I will explore this ancient marine algae, (which is probably around 3.5 million years old), once more closer and as always I will play the test rabbit. The praises are great and when I took them the first days, I had a good feeling about it. Let’s see what is going to happen. Well, how can you find out how far you have departed with the decalcification of the pineal gland or better, how do you know now how much fluoride still hangs around the body and makes problems? This is not a question that would be easy to answer. On the one hand, one can say to oneself that one simply continues so long until one gets positive results, physical complaints and the sleepy pineal gland starts to rain again. Certainly one of the best practices in this point. If you want to be sure, you can also perform a fluoride urine test. But the obstacle you will encounter here is that even the best equipped hospitals do not offer this strangely.

After all, the majority of humanity assumes that fluoride is healthy and good for the teeth. Brainwashing has worked very well here. A lab that exists in Dickson, Tennessee and calls itself the Private MD Lab Service, offers this service for approximately $ 160. However, since this laboratory is located in the USA, it is not uncomplicated to deliver a urine sample there on a quick basis. If you are on the spot, this is one of the simplest solutions, but for us here in Germany it will be quite difficult. In spite of my research, I have not been able to find a place that offers a urine test for fluoride exposure. I would be glad if someone knew more about this.

About sources and disclaimer to this series of articles see PART 1!

Attention! The pharmaceutical industry has the reins in hand and requires an additional product information on the subject of food supplements, which is ordered by law. Use / Application according to (EC) No 1924/2006 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Food supplements are not a substitute for balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. If product reacts poorly, immediately dispose of the product. Consult your doctor if you want to use food supplements and are also in treatment because of a disease and if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament restricts nutrition and health claims to food. As of December 12, 2012, the nutritional physiological effect of food and food supplements can not be ascribed. This article is for informational purposes only. I do not recommend taking any of the preparations mentioned here.

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