The Youtube Channel “Matrixxer”

The Matrixblogger in collaboration with Nicole Schreiber have a Youtube channel called “Matrixxer”.

There they have now published almost 200 videos on many spiritual topics often with English subtitles.

There are several playlists, which are ordered by numbers, so that one can be introduced more and more to the topics for lucid dreaming, astral travel, activation of the pineal gland, leaving the matrix and spiritual dissociation.

The Matrixblogger and Nicole Schreiber (formerly Shiva Suraya) do not rely on outside sources for the information and techniques they share in their videos, but primarily they only pay attention to their own applied abilities and compile their videos about them.

The PSI Abilities they use in this are:

  • 1. Dreams and Lucid Dreaming
  • 2. Out-of-Body Experiences or Astral Travel
  • 3. Hypnagogic States
  • 4. Pineal Gland Flashes
  • 5. Higher and expanded States of Consciousness
  • 6. Spiritual Dissociation

The following is an overview of the videos that the Nicki and Jonathan, aka Matrixxers, have already published – german with english subtitles and voiceovers: