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Activation of the Pineal Gland: The World is digital (Part 20)

I thought: There is time again for a pineal gland report. Many of my readers also wish to receive further updates on the topic of descaling the pineal gland. They do not simply refrain from taking up additional fluoride, but try to dissolve the existing one directly on the pineal gland and then discharge it. For the reason it is also important that one proceed accordingly…

You can work very well with dietary supplements to get rid of unwanted stuff in the digestion – I wrote many things beginning with this series with “Activate your Pineal Gland – Part 1“.

However, I am pleased to announce that I am still occasionally receiving reports from people who consistently decalcify their pineal glands. As is reported from the previously frequently stimulated pineal gland, which means there is a pressure between the eyebrows and some people even experience that it vibrates and dribbles electrically.


It can not be a coincidence, because the pineal gland had not behaved so strangely before, but only since the tactical decalcification it suddenly appears. For me personally a very excellent indication that it works.

It is important, of course, that this is done consistently, which means really not taking any fluorides and absorbing the existing from the body. But the good news is that the physical burden of fluoride is slowly evolving. In some districts in Australia and Israel, it has already been forbidden to pour it into the drinking water without a question. The fact that the Israelis are advancing here could possibly be related to the fact that sometimes a wise man claimed that they had subdued the fluoride to the Americans to dumb them.

Well, if that is true, I do not know now, but in this way they would have forgotten it once, but until recently the fluoridation of the drinking water in their own country. Also in my case, I can report that my pineal gland often reacts quite spontaneously. For no apparent reason, it pounds behind my forehead. Whether it is in the car, in the city, in the garden, in the kitchen or at the computer. It is so irregular and sporadic that I could not find any connection, even if I was looking for one.

Before yesterday, for example, it was again so far that I experienced an extensive Pineal-Gland-Flash! In the night I had concentrated on an out of body experience using the dissociation technique. At some point I was slightly nibbled, but seconds later I found myself in the garden standing in my astral body again.

Actually, to be exact, I seemed to be right there again, as I experienced it a few days ago in another experience and it also happened again the same, which had happened before. Which means the complete environment, which was just in my non-physical state in my focus, turned into a digital translation of the same. The meadow, the fence, the gate, the car, the house, and the dark pines that so lovingly guard the gate, seemed to be digitized by an invisible hand. It is hard to describe it.

After everything had ‘digitalized’, which I could somehow perceive, I just happened to look at the five firs standing in the garden, and recognized a kind of aura that surrounded them. It was greenish-white and radiated to the sides. In particular, the front left radiated most of them. It was a very impressive picture and I could not look any further. It was really impressive! So I stood there and looked at the fir trees spellbound, until suddenly a female voice came out of nowhere and spoke to me – the person could not to be seen:

“These firs are heather firs! Look at the front left! It is the strongest of all and has such a strong healing power that it heals everything around it.”

As fast as the voice in my consciousness came up, it disappeared. I know this voice very well, it sometimes gives me tips or hints that might not have caught my eye.

Of course I could already see that the front left fir shone much stronger than the other, but why this was so, this had not been clear to me until then. That’s why I always wished for that nice and friendly helping voice to come back. Also, I realized that this aura of the fir threw a circle on the ground, which marked its extent. For a short time, I had the impression that everything within this circle was cured with its energy. I will certainly try this out in the future.

More happened when I was in the cinema yesterday! I watched the movie “The Hobbit – Part 2“. Really a great movie and it was a lot of fun to watch it. A giant, gold-greedy, speaking dragon, who relishes to scare people and villages. But apart from that, I came back into a higher state of consciousness while driving through the small village. This time it was not like I remembered having lived here once before, but I felt a sense of inner creep.

I can not describe it differently. It cursed me to live in this environment, and I immediately got the glassy look, which showed me that my higher self had tricked me properly so I would go here. At the same time, I felt that this scary feeling was not just about that, I would say, secondary, but it was primarily a cognition that was in my subconscious mind and was about to shoot into my consciousness, and it felt very creepy in it’s subliminal announcement.

It was as if I was deeply shocked as soon as I realized what all this was all about. It was really a strange feeling that I experienced at that moment. One shudder after another ran crawling over my back, and I searched my consciousness to get to that realization, but it was still well shielded – as I thought.

Interestingly, however, I found some links that were at least in my consciousness or could be ‘fished out’ by me. For the last time I was so intensely involved in such a state of consciousness, I had just come out of the cinema. This was the second time that I had left the cinema and then, when I entered the village, was once again immersed in this state.

So here is a strange and hitherto unexplained synchronicity. Sometimes, Pineal-Gland-Flashes appear, which completely extinguish my everyday life and show me things that are very strange. This at least for others, as I can sometimes read from the e-mails to me, who then believe I have a psychosis, schizophrenic perceptions or I have sold my sould to the devil or simply have a gossip. In addition to these expert diagnoses, I have to disappoint the scribblers, because in my everyday life I function perfectly normal, can talk with other people about the weather and my work, have a regular merit and am a diligent member of the society.

Neither was I ever in psychological treatment, in a psychiatry (just to visit someone) nor I wear a long kitchen knife in my boots. So how can you deal with such psychotic things without being psychotic?

This is quite easy to explain: A psychosis is only when one feels as a victim of the whole and runs to the doctor to get rid of it very quickly.

In fact, the dissociation and, of course, the activation of the pineal gland is a highly spiritual process that is beyond the games “search-the-victim-psychology” and the “housewife esoterism”. In reality, it is the many clever books that try to give the whole subject a negative mood, and various horror films with their blackening of such abilities, as well as the many warnings from the parents and those of other teachers are not entirely innocent.

There will, of course, always be exceptions to the resistance to consciousness and to their personal spiritual path, which will have unpleasant experiences, but they will be at most 5%, if at all. Of one hundred people who write to me, there is perhaps one who has experienced problems and believed that she was dependent on psychological help. But in such a person it was very soon apparent that this was programmed into this way of thinking because of its environment.

Opening oneself to the expansion of consciousness sometimes requires that you also have to open your awareness for it. At such moments, one is much more receptive and much more sensitive to the environment. As a result, dealing with people who are fully aware of the extension of the world of consciousness and who are programmed according to the moon has an unfavorable, if not a bad influence. You can transform a spiritual experience into an unpleasant one as soon as you have no understanding or concern, something does not agree with you, and suddenly you initiate any preventive steps.

Then I heard from parents who had their twenty-year-old “child” because they had behaved strangely or pumped to the hospital to make sure that no drugs were in the game. For this reason, there is also a certain “separation” between the spirituals and, I say, average human beings who have no knowledge at all. But I’ll end here the unpleasant side of the whole and also report times of the pleasant.

However, I also receive e-mails that tell me what new energies they have gained by dissociation in their daily lifes, and how well and healthy the body suddenly feels, since the fluoride is continuously discharged. I also read from parents who together with their “child” explore my blog and look forward to new articles every day. Others find a new happiness in their lives, learn not to consider their own reality as a sacrifice, but as a creator, and they are able to achieve entirely new deeds, to which they had never previously felt themselves. You get more creativity in art, more “happiness” in love and in your profession. Some experience spiritual encounters with their own inner self and their dreams, which they can use to experience their lifes more creatively and fulfillingly.

The list of benefits and positive experiences that I am allowed to hear every day in e-mails and personal conversations is really endless. And I can say that are far over 95% of the cases and is an excellent cut, I would argue. I do not believe that any psychiatry in this world can have such success. What is the reason? One must not fight against spirituality, either with worries, anxieties, psychopharmacies, strange psychiatric theories, compulsory statements, hospitals or punishments and restrictions of any kind. One can not stop the expansion of consciousness and therefore it is absolutely necessary not to fight against it to show the person concerned how to control it and to be the master of its own abilities and/or phenomena.

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