Pineal Gland Activation and decalcify the pineal gland

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Melatonin (Part 9)

I slowly approach the 3-month limit in which I have taken different measures to avoid the absorption of fluorides and to dissipate them. However, the elimination is a completely unknown quantity, since one can not say how much fluoride has already been stored in the body and how much is already put out. This is the limit I have set to examine my present diet for natural fluorides. In the case of the GESTIS substance database of the IFA and Wikipedia, the remark is that “Chronic uptake of even small amounts can lead to poisoning (fluorosis) which manifests itself in damage to the skeleton, teeth, lung function, skin and metabolic disorders.”

Nothing else happens globally when fluoride is absorbed through the drinking water supply, toothpaste and food. However, the term “chemical fluoride” is used here, which was introduced later by certain companies and the pharmaceutical industry. The natural fluorides, which are contained in nature and thus also in certain foodstuffs, are much more gentle and restrained than the chemical fluoride. However, in certain foods, high levels of natural fluorides, for example in beef, pork, liver, black and green tea, walnuts, fish, prawns and parsley, baked goods, whole grain products, buckwheat, rye, barley, field and iceberg salad, milk, cheese, eggs, peanuts, caviar, millet, spinach, and also in white sugar (better use raw sugar). Also, fluoride lacquer, a coating applied by dentists to teeth, contains a lot of fluoride, as much cosmetics, fog machines in discotheques as well as in tranquilizer, Rohypnol and Valium capsules as well as in neuroleptics and psychopharmaceuticals.

All these listed foods and substances have a fluoride content of at least 100 µg. There are many more foods that have a high fluoride content. Since much fluoride is distributed over the drinking water in the USA and Australia, naturopaths pledge to get rid of this with melatonin. The problem with younger people is that the intake of melatonin could cause the pineal gland to no longer produce malignant Melatonin. For this reason you have to consider what steps you take. This is completely independent, but it is crucial that fluoride also provides limescale deposits on the pineal gland.

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For the reason it may be helpful to get a simple lime shower filter, which is simply screwed onto the shower. Such a filter head costs around 20 dollar and holds for about 100 showers. It filters the lime to the minimum, of which skin and hair benefits, which can be felt after the shower often already clearly. I can imagine that the lack of calcification via shower and drinking water relieves the body also with detoxifying measures. Melatonin is prescriptionable in Europe as mentioned, but in the USA, more melatonin is now being purchased than Aspirin – so one can imagine how the citizen fights against the regulations of the legislative government.

For the elimination of the fluorides, which I have not mentioned in the previous parts, one can choose a basic, easy diet with basic herbal teas. The spice Curcuma, also available in capsule form, stimulates the liver to expel the toxins, including concrete and psyllium husk powder. In addition to the avoidance and elimination of fluoride, meditation is important and/or meditation, which stimulate the abilities of the pineal gland and thus of the third eye. Melatonin is the hormone that supports the accumulation of natural DMT.

The DMT is stored in the pineal gland and hardens there to form a wax-like substance. This melts at about 44 degrees and then only flows into the brain. When a person dies, the pineal gland appears to be strongly heated for a few moments to support the dying process with the melt of the DMT. This provides for a kind of additional fuel to separate the astral body from the physical body and move it into the astral plane.

For some, the internal DMT is enough to just leave the body and others seem to get catapulted into higher spheres. I do not want to say that the amount of DMT is responsible for the fact that detachment is possible at all, but that the body naturally has mechanisms for dying. It is an optimal collaboration between body and mind. It is certainly interesting to find out how to release the body’s DMT in order to use its effect as a catapult or flight speed, in order to be transported into the cosmic collective consciousness and to use the worm hole universe.

Meditation is certainly a variant, but it would be interesting to see whether there is another way to create a more effective DMT dislodgement and recovery circuit, which means that the meditator finds a way to occasionally distribute DMT occasionally partially and at the same time to make the pineal gland produce new again to be prepared for the dying process. It is like comparing with the production of sperm, but I’m sure everyone knows, how to achieve and how to use it. So how do you move the pineal gland to masturbation?
“Caution Fluor”, Bruker, Rudolf Ziegelbecker, 1995
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