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Dreamnight: The Scoper

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

It was evening. I stood in front of a very large villa with a huge forecourt and several garages. I counted ten of them, in which there was a different car. I passed the gates and sometimes glanced inside. A vintage car, a Porsche, a pickup, a Harley-Davidson…

There was something about every type. The owner of this property was certainly not destitute. I was able to remember clearly that I was invited to contact a group of young people who had carried out some paranormal experiments, and one of them needed help. I was told that I would find them in the billiard room. I found the way intuitively, and when I found the room, I entered it. I had already heard the clicking billiard balls in the hallway. The room was quite smoky and there were about five teenagers. They drank, smoked, talked, tore their sayings and had their fun. The teenager, who was actually the reason why I came, greeted me, but somewhat stealthily, like he did not want the others to hear about the conversation.


“We have discovered something for us that has released a very strong energy in us…” he began to tell.

“And what is your problem? I mean, I’ve been sent to you to help you in a particular cause.”

“The problem is that somehow we have kindled more energy in us than we can control. The others still deal with it, but since I’ve discovered the scopening I’m screwed!”

“Scoping? What exactly is that?”I asked.

That was also the moment, when I realized I was dreaming. But I did not change the dream, I continued to play my role that has been given to me within this dream.

“It’s not difficult to explain. It happens almost by itself, if lead the energy in the Scoping. Then the body begins to change. The feeling is not only very dissuasive and disgusting, but when this cracking and bursting begins, which means  the bones and the skin are changing, that is really bad! I think I do not want to have anything to do with it!”

I could feel clearly that he spoke the truth. At the same time, pictures came into my head, which showed me his transformations. There were some who were not really controlled. I could imagine very vividly that someone would be frightened to death when an arm or the legs begin to transform.

To be honest, I found his descriptions very  interesting at the same time, because I had just read this afternoon in my everyday world that monoatomic gold, at least according to David Icke, that a transformation by is possible with monatonic gold. I do not personally believe that this is true in any form, but perhaps within this dream I would be able to gain insight into the art of shape-shifting. Such an approach is much more important to me than influencing the dream actively instead of creating something to deliver my to my hedonistic ego like having sex or flight hours through the sky. So I stayed lucid and tried to get information from my subconscious mind.

“Does this happen automatically?”

“You must know, we have found a way to consciously trigger telepathy, telekinesis, and all the other stuff of paranormal stories. I have just discovered the scopen. It’s crazy! I do not want that anymore!”

“How did you manage to activate these abilities in you? It does not sound like you’ve been meditating for years now?”

“That’s right,” he replied, “I have not meditated, but we have an inconceivable energy. With energy, so much became possible for us. It’s really all just a matter of energy. If you have enough of it, there are no limits. You only have to find a way to activate this energy, then everything will happen by itself!”

Suddenly he began to change a little. His arm deformed and I could now observe live as the cells received the impulse to initiate a transformation.

“Please help me! I do not want that anymore! This is too much for me at once. What should I do?” he shouted.

“Relax!” I demanded.

“Just leave it. Your body and your cells know exactly what to do. The process is now initiated. If you try to intervene actively, the transformation will take longer and maybe even go wrong.”

“But  I … I dont want to change! I want to stay like this… ”

I placed my hand on his solar plexus and helped him calm his energy. He became more calm and the transformation went back. Obviously, the impulse to carry out the transformation to completion was not strong enough.

After he had calmed down again, he said, “Look, you, that’s what I mean. From my point of view, it happens by itself. The one with the telepathic effects and the psychokinesis was still cool, but the Scopen is to much!”

I could understand him pretty well. Many people want paranormal abilities, and when they actually occur, most escape and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. For some “more harmless” abilities such as lucid dreaming or even astral travelling, it is more of an adventure for most people to experience it, but there are abilities that are highly desirable in theory, but a bit scaring if someone is practicing them. The scoping, as he called it, is actually the transformation, the art of shapeshifting. For this purpose, an impulse is given to the cells, which exchange the conventionally stored human image with another one.

Within our DNA there exists a full range of possible forms for example all animals and human images are stored in it and rest there. Anyone who could find the key to address these forms within the DNA would be able to transform himself. How had he managed to open up this energy source so far that such energy could immediately and instantly break out such abilities, which still await their evolutionary activation in the brain? Over these thoughts I slowly awoke from this dream. When I was laying awake in the bed and looked out the window, I thought about it. This boy was absolutely right. It’s all just a matter of energy. If you have it, everything is possible…


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