Since many people have reported on my research on the pineal gland, there has been so much feedback on the subject and since there were always some new questions arising. I thought about something: The research is all about the pineal gland and its systematic decalcification… (If you want to read the previous parts just click in the category “Own Researches” and scroll down). Part 10 was about the secret Activator-X, which is made from the liver oil of a chimera and is said to have the most powerful effect on the decalcification of the pineal gland…

Personally, I have not been able to test them so far, but I have received letters from people who have been working with it for several weeks. This liver oil is available in tablet and liquid form. The liquid version is a bit unpleasant, as the liver oil tastes very fishy. The results of the people were different. The fastest results came from younger people, students who may not yet have an overly calcified pineal gland. Sudden perceptual shifts have occurred in the sleep-time, the immersion in other worlds, frantic images, which run before the eyes and much more.

I began with cedar nut oil and within days I felt a pressure between the eyebrows, which sometimes stopped for a few minutes. It tastes very good and seemed to help in the decalcification of the pineal gland effectively.


After that, I tested Curcuma for a while. It is very mild, quite pleasant in the taste and can be taken very easily and completely without problems, which means either in capsules or simply as a spice for food. It greatly supports the poisoning of the liver, but it did not show any noticeable effects on the pineal gland. Then I stopped the intake of curcuma and took tamarind to me. It is an oil extracted from the Indian tamarind tree, but it is very mentholic and strongly minty in flavor. It is not easy to take it in liquid form because it is much too sharp for the throat and mouth, so it is supplied in a gel capsule. When this had dissolved in my stomach and I went to bed two hours later, I switched quite quickly into my second body. It was very surprisingly entered and so fast that I had hardly noticed it correctly. But I must say I am absolutely no friend of such minty and menthol-containing substances. I felt as if the whole menthol flowed through my bloods, from my skin, through my nose and from my eyes. In short, it was not very pleasant for me. However, if you are interested in this intense mint, you can try it over a longer period of time and tell me what effect it has shown. Tamarind is also said to promote fat burning and help to lose weight.

On my list are the organic Chlorella Spirulina and the Activator-X. I have tried two capsules of the Activator-X out of curiosity now and must say that I felt very strong and self-conscious after an hour. It came to me quite clearly and abruptly to consciousness and felt the effect as very noticeable, but more did not occur. These capsules should be taken for at least 3-6 months and of these about 4-6 per day. This is an exclusive pleasure when compared with the cheap spirulina or curcuma, because a can of liver oil lasts for about 10 days and is priced at about 35 euros.


I have also been asked what the diet is like and how to change it if you are interested in supporting the pineal gland in its decalcification. In the whole subject one should always think in three categories:

1. The direct decalcification of the pineal gland
2. The avoidance of further ingestion of fluoride
3. The elimination of already existing and accumulated fluoride in the body by the years taken of the influenced food.

The direct decalcification works in my opinion the best with the cedar nut oil and/or the Activator-X. However, the results are still pending. Of course, the very eager ones can use several substances at the same time. It is important to use only legal substances and all products I have mentioned are legally available.

In the avoidance of further uptake of fluoride, the sodium fluoride should be bypassed. For this I have already given sufficient explanations in the previous parts for salts, toothpastes and water varieties. If you want to do it precisely, you have to avoid milk, fish, sugar, sweeteners of any kind, (the exception is Stevia), animals with more than two legs, as well as the substances calcium phosphate, carbonate, chlorin and vaccine (vaccines at all!).

Already René Descartes (*1596-†1650) was interested in the pineal gland and he quickly found out that it is somehow connected with the normal sense of sight. This knowledge has already been confirmed today. Descartes once said that the seat of the soul is the pineal gland or it is much more active than other body parts and soul and body will never stop ending together in that case. It is possible to imagine, that the pineal gland reacts to electromagnetic fields and is able to perceive them and to give them an appearance and a picture. This 6th sense, which every human being has, is nowadays kept passive by the fluoride and can therefore no longer react to extrasensory fields.

There is also a conspiracy theory that has to do with the pineal gland. Since the appearance of the pineal gland is like a cone or pine cone, and is the only organ that does not exist twice within the brain, researchers were looking for clues and discovered an incredible abundance of quite occult, but quite concrete indications around this organ. In occult circles, the pineal gland is called the Third Eye, and because of its described appearance is often used in statues, old drawings and paintings. Already Leonardo daVinci and other famous painters used it to pass on hidden hints to the future. It had always been asked why, in so many cultures, the image of a cone or that of a cone was represented and later the people realized, that it was to represent the pineal gland.

The ancient Sumerians, on account of their extensive knowledge, were the first to take the trouble to provide such indications, but also the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Babylonians. They all wanted to point out that it is the connecting point between mind and matter and should be taken into account in the expansion of consciousness. Nowadays, we find the symbol again in the hands of the doctors as well as in the Vatican and in the hands of the pope. Many fountains, statues and decorations on villas as well as gates and doors, have these pine cones and it is assumed that the influence of the Templars, which used the symbolism for their own secret messages, developed over time. In the Vatican, there is probably the largest version of the statue, because you can see a huge statue that shows not only the cones but also something very similar to a sarcophagus found in the royal chamber of the great pyramid. Some researchers know that the church has been very much abetted by the Egyptians and then turned to practice their own religion. The Egyptians wanted to make it clear that with the fully activated pineal gland, death can be defeated in any form.

Interestingly, in order to return to the conspiracy theory of the whole, it is claimed that the Church has always been aware of the use of the pineal gland and has actively helped disguise this knowledge to the public and provide support in order to collectively deactivate it in the bodies of the people. But whether the church is now a fellow-runner or the cause of the whole plot is still to be maintained. Those who are extensively concerned with the decalcification of the pineal gland may also notice a decrease in libido. After testing for a few days, which helped the decalcification, I immediately felt a rising libido. Then I have found that an overproduction of melatonin inhibits the testosterone and thus the desire for sex can appear, but I would not generalize, because I simply do not have confirmation of others. I could only discover some sources on the Internet that pointed to this fact. Animal experiments have been made in these sources and it has been found that increased melatonin production inhibits the mobility of sperm cells as well as sex drive. Independent of this, however, there should also be a study with only unsignificant results. Unfortunately, it was not possible to see from the studies how long it had been checked.

In my case I can confirm this however. I mention this point only for my readers, who might lead a relationship of love at the moment, and could enlighten their sexual partner in the appropriate case. My personal estimation is that the interest in sex could generally subside in the time of decalcification, but with the right stimuli, everyone can surely quickly become active again. Not only have animal experiments shown in addition that the pineal gland pulls strongly the fluoride in the body to itself, but that 60 Hertz fields can damp the pineal gland in it’s activity. Unfortunately, this is the same frequency that also emits our electricity fields, which surround us in our homes and at our workplaces so naturally. If this is the case, there is a new problem, which would only be secondary, because after the decalcification of the pineal gland, one can go out to the countryside if necessary to escape these fields. It is also open to the question whether a completely decalcified pineal gland is still interested in the fact that the electric fields familiar to us have a secondary effect.

Furthermore, it is still being investigated whether other radiation fields could also act on the pineal gland which weaken them in their function. As the English Dr. Jennifer Luke has confirmed the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland, however, it does not yet apply specifically to radiation fields such as those emanating from HAARP plants. However, it can be assumed that someone who is very influential is terribly afraid that the peoples of this earth are going around with an intact pineal gland. Thus, it is obvious that this body was formally afraid of anxiety and wanted to secure double and triple, since few people should be able to restore their pineal gland activity completely, so few seem to be able to change much in this world – which is probably not desired at all.

I’ve been thinking for a long time whether such a global conspiracy could actually exist, or whether it is just a foolish coincidence, and the pineal gland is just a small mimosa that responds to all kinds of things, and that drinking water additives like fluoride are simply administered from the motif, so that the pharmaceutical industry earned a lot of money, and no one thought even remotely about the fact that it might be a strain on the pineal gland. But whoever believes this must stand before himself, that we live in a universe of inadvertence and chance, in which most actions are carried out arbitrarily and only test-wise, in the hope of doing something…

Personally, however, I have to rely on my findings to say: We live in a universe of intent and this allows no coincidences. If we are not dealing here with an over-zealous and accidental chain of fateful circumstances, humanity obviously has an adversary who has not only a global influence, but also distribute fluoride throughout the world, geo-engineering and powerfields that radiate precisely at this particular frequency, but has a mad interest in slowing down the spiritual development.

If you continue to think about this, it is certain that this person knows about the enormous benefits of a fully activated pineal gland that allows him to conduct cosmos-wide communication and to obtain the most advanced and influential information, power, wealth and an extremely long life promise. How easy would it be to obtain information that would give him the means to enslave entire peoples? But probably this is just another conspiracy on the long list or simply a stupid coincidence under the slogan “Shit happens!“.

Everyone should definitely decide for themselves. However the decision fails, the fact remains that it is worth trying to decalcify the pineal gland.

(P.S. Attention: It is not yet clear which fish is actually based on Activator-X. Please refer to the later articles.


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