Auric Googles Test No. 2 - Aura Glasses

Auric Googles – The Aura Glasses Experience [Part 2]

In my article “The big secret – Dicyanine dye lets you see ghosts” I described a so-called “aura glasses”, see also Auric Googles, which make it possible to see ghosts and the aura of a person. I promised my readers that I would test a copy of these aura glasses and here it continues with the 2nd test in the dark…

Auric Googles – The aura glasses in the dark

Aurabrille ErfahrungThese aura glasses, a copy of the original glasses, are said to be able to recognize a person’s aura around them – at least in twilight or candlelight or in a dark environment. These glasses are also said to be able to see “spirits”, which actually means that they increase the normal visual spectrum of the eye and you may be able to recognize out-of-phase people who are currently on the astral plane or in the 4th dimension.

It once worked particularly well with the original aura glasses, whose lenses were treated exclusively with the genuine dicyanine dye, but it is very difficult to get hold of one. So far I have not succeeded. These aura glasses are therefore a replacement for the original glasses, so you can’t expect great results straight away. It was therefore interesting for me to test a copy of these original glasses first. The copy of these glasses also works with a dye that is said to have similar properties to dicyanine. It is also claimed that the tinting of the glasses blocks the electromagnetic light spectrum.


Aura Glasses test No. 2 at Candlelight

Looking through them makes the surroundings, e.g. by candlelight in a room, simply appear with a violet tint, almost like a filter that you can use to edit photos on Instagram or in other apps. One press of a button and voilà, you have a selfie in purple tones. Initially, not much more changes if you use the aura glasses during the day or in low light.

It can therefore be assumed that you will have to use these glasses more often in candlelight or dimmed light in order to achieve results. Only with time do you begin to perceive a glow of light around people. This is very interesting, as it creates a link to the human aura.

In any case, the change in perception that you experience through these aura glasses when you put them on is very exciting. Over time, the perception changes. If you take the glasses off again after a while, this also has an interesting effect on your perception.

Aura Glasses test with a Lighter

Aurabrille test-feuerzeug flamme

If you light a lighter and look at the flame through the aura glasses, you will see a shimmer around the flame. This shimmer is slightly more visible through the aura glasses than with the naked eye. This shows that a heat source in the form of a flame already has a kind of aura. It also looks very interesting and fascinating to observe a flame through the aura glasses.

Unfortunately, this photo does not show this effect satisfactorily and is more pleasing to the eye. A candle flame has the same effect.

However, it is also advisable to use these glasses more often in order to achieve positive results. The more often you use these glasses, the more perceptions can be revealed.

Aura Glasses Test at Sunset

Aurabrille test bei Sonnenuntergang

A sunset also looks very exciting through the glasses, even if you can’t really reproduce it through a photo. There is a noticeable difference between just looking at this photo and watching the sunset live through the glasses.

The colors of the sunset are darker, a lot of indigo and violet, but somehow also fascinating for a certain period of time until the sun has disappeared too far. It is a beautiful trippy play of light.

Clouds illuminated by the setting sun are fascinating to look at for a long time. It’s fun to watch the sunset with them. However, there is no perception of elements, objects or beings from the 4th dimension. Nothing of the sort is perceptible.

How this will develop over time, i.e. if the aura glasses are used more frequently, is uncertain. But I think that a gradual change in perception and also elements that normally completely escape the physical eyes can be perceived.

Test Aura Glasses and experience Aura Glasses in the Dark

When looking at people with these aura glasses, you only recognize a very slight shimmer around a person for a few moments. However, this shimmer can also be perceived without the aura glasses.

Looking at a person in complete darkness with aura glasses, on the other hand, has no effect at all and an aura is not recognized in the slightest. You don’t even recognize that there is a person in the room. This means that the aura glasses require a certain amount of light to be able to perceive an aura.

Conclusion Aura Glasses copy

For this reason, this copy of the original aura glasses does not help very much at first. However, frequent use of these glasses should certainly produce effects. One user of these aura glasses wrote to me and said that interesting effects appear after a certain time.

The conclusion for this test with my aura glasses is therefore mixed, as it takes a lot of time to achieve reasonable results. I would not necessarily advise against buying these aura glasses, as it is fun to play around with them, but serious results will certainly not appear or be noticed immediately. You have to be patient.

The real Aura Glasses with Dicyanine

Someone has now written to me personally and explained that he has discovered a genuine pair of aura glasses with authentic dicyanine dye in the USA. I am therefore still considering whether it is worth investing so much money in another attempt with another pair of aura glasses. Especially as the buyer cannot be 100% sure that the authentic – and illegal – dicyanine was used here. However, based on the photos I have seen, these “authentic” glasses appear to be more effective than the copy I tested. However, other sites claim that, despite the advertising, these are not the real dicyanine. I therefore assume that someone here is offering the copy of the aura glasses for more money in order to give this impression.

For this reason, I will report back with another test if I ever get my hands on these “authentic” aura glasses.

Thank you to all the readers who took part in this interesting but short series of tests and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

The mentioned copy of this auric googles you can order HERE!

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