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Activation of the Pineal Gland: Borax (Part 15)

Originally, I had left Borax aside to support the pineal gland, as there are enough other possibilities to initiate a decalcification and this is a cleansing agent. However, I have now researched and found that Borax offers many possibilities, which should not be neglected. Not only does it contain substances which generally help to restore the body in general, but it is also probably the best way to help to get the dissolved fluoride out of the body. Stuff likes certain fish oils, chlorella spirulina, coconut oil, cedar nut oil or barley grasses help to slowly decompose the calcification capsule, which has formed around the pineal gland…

After the lime has dissolved, the fluoride contained therein also dissolves. But the fluoride is now in the bloodstream or elsewhere in the body and with time, the fluoride moves back towards the pineal gland. Therefore, a discharge must take place via the urine, in order also to transport the fluoride out of the body. In addition to melatonin, Borax appears to be quite excellent for this final procedure. It is a mineral that has been sustained and degraded for a long time and includes the vital elements boric acid and boron. However, it has now been banned in most countries and is therefore very difficult to find and use.

In any case, it solves all kinds of lime and helps very well in the discharge, in order to free the body of existing fluoride. It also appears to be a small miracle, because people who have taken this over a period of time reported rapid dissolution of arthritis symptoms, causing problems with the skin, the stomach, intestines, thyroid, heart, kidneys , Teeth, psoriasis, self-vision, and helped to improve memory, stopped arterial calcification, counteracted fungi, viruses, and strengthened the cell membrane.


The key element is the boric acid and the boron, which can also be found in fruit and vegetables and caviar, but unfortunately only in very small proportions. Therefore, if you take boric acid at high doses, the body and many organs are supported. Unfortunately, these proportions are predominantly found only in vegetables and fruit, which is untreated. Processed foods have lost these substances. The Borax can be used easily, but you should be careful not to take too much of it. For 1 liter of fluoride-free water (Evian, etc.), women should add 300 mg and men 400 mg or, if they are overweight, 500 mg borax. In no case, because this is already a high dose, which is necessary for the discharge of fluoride however. Then follows the one liter of water a pinch of fluoride-free sea salt and you have already mixed your drink for the day. I’m just testing the Borax and after this cute recipe I put it into the water of the brand Evian and make my tea with it. Borax is largely neutral to the taste. (Attention: some organic sea and stone salts contain fluoride and iodine, so it is important to research which sea salt or rock salt, if it is free of additives of this kind.)

Initially, the body may readily react to borax, for example with slight dizziness, head pressure, kidneys, skin reactions and the like. Previous symptoms, for example in the event of a disease, can temporarily increase again. If this is the case, the dosage can also be reduced and only gradually increased. These reactions are not at all bad, and after a few days they leave behind. It should be borne in mind that the body immediately uses the borax to neutralize any fungi or the like. On the Internet you can discover the most amazing stories. Of course there are, as always, counter-tones, which advise against an intake.

Anything you can find on Google, it’s just a question of what you’re looking for. The borax taken can also cause slight renal pains or tensions, since it dissolves the fluoride and chases through the blood circulation. Thus, you will experience “healing pain” and as already mentioned, after a few days it will dissapear again. If not, simply reduce the dose or take a break. In any case, after 5 days of ingestion, a 2-day break is important, so that the body can calm down a bit. So it may be convenient to take the Borax from Monday to Friday and pause at the weekend. There are also countless advocates for fluoride who continue to swear that it is good for the teeth and prevents tooth decay. Even well-known economic testers are a supporter of fluoride and also likes to praise salts that are offset with it and distinguish it with “A”. Nowadays, sincere lab tests are no longer required, but rather sponsored and economically oriented examinations, which are then also interpreted in the sense of the sponsors. For this reason, it is extremely important to use independent and alternative sources of information. But even here there are now a few passages which claim that they are independent and unfortunately only repeat the propaganda which has been chewed to them.

However, extensive independent tests have been carried out, for example by Jennifer Luke, who used rabbits to provide them with fluoride and then watch what happened to them. In the middle of the trial period, they gave them Borax, and the fluoride could be easily removed again via the urine. The objection why fluoride is not advised, but is given to Borax, since both are toxic in large quantities (after all, fluoride is a rat poison and borax is a very excellent ant poison) is unfortunately not justified.

The fluoride is enriched in the body and leaves the body no longer voluntarily, but the borax is completely self-contained. For this reason, it is also important to take Borax over a long time until the fluoride is rinsed from the body. In order to make a comprehensible comparison, the commercial tablet salt is normally 50 times more toxic than borax. If you are afraid of Borax, you can also try fresh fruit and vegetables, because there are trace elements of boron. But here you have to eat a lot of it and when cooking, the vegetable soup can not be poured away, but additionally be drunk. This would be an alternative to the body for curing. But it does not suffice to support and decalcify the pineal gland. The chemical fluoride is really attacking the pineal gland and onlyfresh fruit and vegetables wouldn’t be enough. Concern is, however, unfounded because accidental poisoning has occurred with over 80 grams of Borax and the people have survived it. If the same amount of fluoride is inadvertently taken, perhaps in a bet, which is to eat as much salt as possible in the shortest possible time, would lead to immediate death.

It is really hard to get Borax. If you order it outside the EU, it is fixed by the customs and you have to pay a fine. The goods are then stamped. Within the EU it is forbidden, but there are still a few places where you can order it. In addition, Borax is really cheap and  you can use one kilo several years. Also, domestos or any hydrogen chloride and caustic soda are far more dangerous and highly toxic. However, a sip is sufficient to poison the body irreparably. These are, however, still freely available on the market.

Borax, however, is only slightly poisonous, but was nevertheless banned. It may perhaps be understood at this juncture that substances are not prohibited because they are poisonous or cause problems for the human, but they always have economic reasons, or whoever uses them more. This is an interesting case, as borax is the only viable source of boron for the body, and is nevertheless banned worldwide. Whoever has only a slightly stimulated pineal gland will certainly focus his attention on what has been banned or enforced not only locally, but globally. Therefore, if you were successful in taking Borax and taking it for an extended period of time, you should at the same time take magnesium and calcium after about four weeks (after the Borax has been discontinued). Borax also dissolves these two substances in the body and therefore it is perhaps favorable to take these in addition. Apart from that, Borax is not only an all-round remedy but also a cost-effective all-round decalcifier for the pineal gland.


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Attention! Use / Application according to (EC) No 1924/2006 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Food supplements are not a substitute for balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. If product reacts poorly, immediately dispose of the product. Consult your doctor if you want to use food supplements and are also in treatment because of a disease and if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament restricts nutrition and health claims to food. As of December 12, 2012, the nutritional physiological effect of food and food supplements can not be ascribed. This article is for informational purposes only. I do not recommend taking any of the preparations mentioned here.

About sources and disclaimer to this series of articles see PART 1!


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  • Jibran Khan


    Great article I have just started taking borax. and also wanted to infoirm that if you want me to send borax I can you can drop an email to me.

    Thank you

  • Sebedee

    I am very concerned by your advice to take 300mg-400mg Borax a day, this seems way too high. By your own admission, it can cause pain in the kidneys?!!! Sounds dangerous to me. Do you have sources for your information? And can you please cite them?, so I can decide for myself the reliability of the information presented. I am interested in de-calcifying my pineal gland but I wish to do so safely and not in a way that hurts my kidneys. Thanks.

    • Matrixblogger

      Hi Sebedee,
      thank you for your comment.
      Yes, it can make pain in the kidneys and maybe in the teeths. It is good to apply magnesium and calcium additionally and to drink more water, to avoid such pains. 🙂 Some recommends even one full spoon a day, but I don’t recomend this. 300 mg for women and 400 mg for men is a good advice. If you feel pain in kidneys or teeth then half the dosage to test by yourself. 🙂
      Best regards, Jonathan

  • Mark

    I was wondering if you can just take borax to remove calcium / fluoride from the pineal gland, or do you have to take other things first then the borax?

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