“Pineal gland- flash” ‘is a new subcategory, in which I will talk about sudden flashes, or short spontaneous reactions of the pineal gland. It may be that with my consciousness I am temporarily connected to other people or beings and from their perspective perceive the happenings or the environment or people are with the additional so-called 3rd eye.

Further results on the topic “Decalcification of the pineal gland” include not only some of my personal experiences, which show up again and again, but also from readers of my blog and relevant research reports. So many writers wrote to me and shared their experiences with the gradual decalcification. Among them was a woman who had read my book “Dreams, Dream analyses and Alternative Realities” and said that it was the best book on this topic, and at the same time was inspired to decalcify and reactivate her pineal gland. Her measures were daily 300 mg borax, 5 mg melatonin for sleeping, spirulina, chlorella, turmeric and cayenne pepper…

A proud mixture, I would like to say, but it should have been worth it, as she told me. In the night, after some time of ingestion, she began, with open eyes, to perceive different beings in animal and plant form, who sojourned soothingly through her bedroom. Once she even reached out and watched as they floated through her.

She did not dream it, but perceived it in full awareness. In other moments, her pineal gland was activated for a short time and was thrown into a tunnel without any warning, raced through it, kept racing through the rows of houses, and had to adapt to the speed of this experience. After she had oriented herself, the experience was already over again.

In the following, a man told me that he had understood the borax rather as a stimulant and therefore did not take the maximum dose of 400 mg per day (a spoon tip), but a heaped tablespoon! If this amount of fluoride had been consumed, he would probably have died. In the case of Borax, however, there was only a small conspicuous swelling of the throat and headaches, but after that all these problems dissapeared again when no further borax was taken. This shows at least that the borax is by no means as toxic as the pharmaceutical industry would like to believe.


However, it is not the intake of the quantity, but the regular and long-term intake. Such spontaneous reactions of the pineal gland to the decalcification often go hand in hand with such experiences, as, for example, from the woman described above. One should be prepared for everything. In her case she was fascinated by the experiences, but a spontaneous reaction of the pineal gland can also trigger fears.

For example, I wrote to a man who worked a lot with mantras and my CDs to activate the pineal gland. His pressure on the forehead increased every day (I described this phenomenon in the other parts) until a reaction suddenly occurred and he was concerned with the fear. The pressure on the forehead grew stronger and stronger, which then spread to the temporal lobes (temples). There was a constant flicker before the eyes. Days later a piercing pain appeared at the back of the head, but it disappeared again. Once again, he told me, he felt a kind of “distribution” in the back of his head, and his heart began to rush. This adrenaline rush was at the same time accompanied by a strong panic. Later he perceived a glimmering white light, which wanted to take it formally. Then he had the impression that he was moving from the third eye to the extended spinal cord, which then passed into a head print at the back of the head. A few moments later, he felt as if his consciousness would be detached from the body and would rise into the astral worlds.

Such a reaction may also occur, which means the reactivation does not always have to be very pleasant or very interesting at first, but the beginnings can occasionally be uncomfortable, but at the beginning of a great adventure, as one can surely think, there is also some fear. The fears that can arise in this way are only temporary, which means you do not have to believe that you are going to remain like that forever, but the fear is completely natural and emerges only briefly. You overcome fear by simply holding it.

That’s all. At some point, it disappears again. Sounds easy, but is not always easy. One has to take into account that the fear does not feel pleasant, but it has the unique ability to accept paranormal processes as completely real and given. It has no doubt or arrogance, but humility and confirmation. It has two sides, a frightening and an accelerating one. It is only a fear of the acute fear, but not when it is present. So if there are fears or panic, it is completely normal and it is important not to be pushed back by it. It is best to keep the anxiety as long as possible and wait until you have completely detached yourself from your body or entered one of these tunnels through which you will race. To avoid fear or to escape is also the end of experience. Likewise, physical reactions can also occur, such as loss of appetite or sleep disorders. The lack of appetite can be a sign of the body that he would like to eat less – especially if one is not eating healthy or eating substances that the body does not want to have at all.

Sleep disturbances can occur if you practice a disadvantageous sleep rhythm. For the reason, it is important once again to change your habits. I have taken spirulina, 5 mg melatonin and 1-2 tablespoons of cedar nut oil daily. The head pressure, however, increased only after I increased the dose of 15 tablets Spirulina to 25. I think that a dose between 25-30 tablets a day is more beneficial than my originally recommended amount of 15. For this reason, this series is also classified in my blog in the category “research”, which means it can always change times values ??or information or add it if necessary. The aim of this category is therefore to try out more than to theorize. Due to speculations, no battles have yet been made, and the enemy is the fluoride in our body, which with great zeal calculates the pineal gland. The pressure between the eyes in my case is also always longer and more intense, a tunnel is so far only once briefly dived.

You have to remember that I am already a couple of years older and my decalcification can last a bit longer, but at the same time I can also say that I have experienced a lot of spontaneous experiences with regard to the sudden activation under the keyword “pineal gland flashes” in my blog. In any case, it is interesting that the experiences with the decalcification are all very similar. First, there is pressure between the eyes, after which head pressure can appear or flickering in front of the eyes, a cracking in the neck or the feeling of increasing electricity between the eyes, a sort of “brittle feeling”.

Furthermore, amorphous or even concrete forms can be seen in front of the eyes. Often these have to do with plants. In my case, I often perceive a sort of silver grass, as if I would be lying on a meadow in the grass. Experiences can also be gained by acquiring sudden insights or small insights. The climax occurs when you enter a tunnel. This is the aim of the re-activation of the pineal gland, because this tunnel is a so-called “astral canal”.

The pressure between my eyes plunges to the strangest moments and can go on for up to an hour, until it slowly fades away again. It is not only an exciting phenomenon, but also an excellent confirmation that someone is on the right track.


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Pineal Gland Flash: Further Results (Part 19)