Pineal Gland Activation and decalcify the pineal gland

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Terence McKenna (Part 7)

Yesterday night I was able to experience some strange perceptions which I see in connection with the stimulation of the pineal gland. At first I went back to my exercises and concentrated on my inner screen. If one observes the many light shots in absolute darkness, it is noticeable to them that they do not interfere with, whether they are observed with open or closed eyes. This is because the physical eyes use the same zones to transmit in the brain as the pineal gland. This means that the optical perception can intersect with that of the pineal gland. Suddenly I saw a Spaniard or pirate who stepped into my field of vision. He wore a white ruffle shirt, possessed this classical Spanish pointed beard, dark, slightly curly hair. He stood grinning before me and just looked at me as if waiting for something. Perhaps there is a connection to another life here. Somehow he disappeared again and suddenly I heard voices. I did not understand what they said, just a few words like

“You’re always there” or “Scoring” or “Silence is here.” How it came to these effects, I can only connect with the concentration on the pineal gland. Through several brain scans and techniques for mapping the active and inactive brain areas in the search for extended states of consciousness and traveling in interdimensional realities – for example, through meditation, hypnosis, auditory hemisphere synchronization, rhythm stimulation and the application of psychedelics – it turns out that the brain is quite capable, to create images that do not exist on Earth.

Terence McKenna recommends the hard lobe to activate his pineal gland at a stroke and advises the use of psychedelics such as DMT (dimethyltryptamine).

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“Tryptamines are the last researched psychedelics of the sciences because they are the most common hallucinogens within organic nature. People should be careful at taking psychedelics and understand what is going on at all! No prisoners or excellent students, but mature, intelligent people who should then exchange their experiences.”

DMT is also produced by the pineal gland as well as melatonin. It always appears to supply a certain quantity, just as comparatively also sperm is produced again and again, and use this quantity as reserve, so that in case of a fatal accident or the death by age or illness, the accumulated quantity completely pours out. This secretion acts like a biological administration of DMT, which takes place through the brain. This means that the body has biological mechanisms and processes that not only count on his death, but also in order to guide the indwelling personality to a different dimension. This biological process has been active since the birth of the human brain and is still practiced naturally by the physical body. DMT as a drug is prohibited by law and is not only in the US in the first place for drug trafficking, even before heroin and cocaine, and is punished with absolute maximum penalties. For the reason, the interest is intelligible-at least for those intelligent, needs courageous, and mature personalities, which McKenna mentioned to move the pineal gland in a natural way to occasionally, dispense a certain amount of DMT in a purely biological way. After all, it will replenish the stock immediately, just as it is after a sexual ejaculation.

Scientific tests have shown that the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine also increases the production of melatonin. And exactly this process stimulates the DMT production. This production chain suggests that stress, anxiety, extreme sexpractics and even a psychosis are very supportive. It would be desirable, of course, to use more gentle ways, such as meditation and the use of sounds, to stimulate the pineal gland.

I have recommended nothing else since this is a clean and legal way to make progress in a relaxed and calm way. The complete distribution of DMT would spin the whole personality into the cosmos in just one second, it would spin the personality into worm holes, to other realities like it is portrayed creatively in the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster. Access to the pineal gland via meditation or the manipulation of the brain are two very interesting methods.

The amygdala center in the brain is responsible for emotions and emotional memories – or as I would express it, represents the psychic abilities. As soon as this center is activated, fear arises, which in turn echoes adrenaline. If, on the other hand, amygdala and the hippocampal region are stimulated at the same time, bizarre and frightening images, sexual fantasies and the perception of spirits or those of a presence of God up to the out-of-body experience arise.

In my opinion, it is really interesting, that while the stimulation the feeling is suddenly built up and you have or feel the presence of god almost next to you. Anyone who would be able to speak to the center, using a remote control device, would have to be held for a god. If now the distribution of serotonin is prevented, the melatonin and thus the DMT production understandably increases. This explains why it has this incredible effect when you stay several days and nights in an absolutely dark room. It is interesting to me whether it is also possible to effect the DMT-release independent of the melatonin production or not. The advantage would be given here for those people who have no practice in meditation or have already exceeded the age of 45 – which is to be regarded as the threshold for most people in which melatonin production is discontinued.

Presumably due to the many fluorides or other reasons that exist here, this effect occurs. According to researchers, the pineal gland was once much larger and not so shrunk as nowadays. In conclusion, I present a complete list of the stimulations I could discover to open up other realities and conditions:

  • Fasting
  • Glycosis Disintegration
  • Emigration into the mountains and avoiding any contact with humans perception withdrawal (clogging of the ears, covering of the eyes or the use of an isolation tank etc.)
  • Sleep deprivation or altered sleep rhythm hyperventilation
  • Shock
  • Illness
  • Prayer psychedelics
  • Food supplements
  • Binaural sounds
  • Hemisync regression hypnosis rhythmic monotony (drums etc .)
  • Geomagnetic coordination points (power stations)
  • Meditation
  • Various stimulation techniques

To the point of the stimulation techniques I could discover another. Here, the rhythmic stimulation of the pineal gland is combined with that of the amygdala area. Place your hands on the ears and fingers on the left and right sides of the Amygdala, left and right rear panel. Now you flip with both index and middle fingers, so that they are fast against the back of the head; Middle finger.
I have tried this technique a few times, but you should use it twice a day for 2-3 weeks for about 2-3 minutes each. This is supposed to stimulate the pineal gland. I only suggest the technique, because I intuitively thought it was useful and achieved a very slight effect after only one minute. Due to the delicate pineal gland, another recommendation is not to load it with optical images, such as brutal movies, for example Horror or splatter movies. Recall that the eyes carry the excepted information about the same brain regions as that of the pineal gland. This is sometimes a reason why ghosting, orbs, or other phenomena can sometimes be perceived as normal, while others can not. The old saying: “You hallucinst!” comes mostly from the person whose pineal gland is inactive. This circumstance should be remembered.
“Travelguide to other dimensions”, Ph.D. Jeanette Woldman

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