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Activation of the Pineal Gland: The Activator X (Part 10)

The reactivation of the pineal gland and the fluoride fraud have been regarded as esoteric secret knowledge for many years and have only been passed on in familiar circles. So here we have to deal with a small revelation, which now presents itself. So far, only a few people have been aware of the actual interrelationships and the possibilities of reactivating the pineal gland. Dr. Jennifer Luke, England, found that fluoride has only one goal to calcify the pineal gland. This means, that most of the fluorides absorbed by the body have happily marched to the brain and thus to the pineal gland to gather there. Who knows, how long those researchers were researching to find out what kind of material worked in this way?

In any case, the authority that has come up with it deserves a nobel prize – at least in economic and anti-spiritual terms. Dr. Luke carried out several experiments with animals to prove their claim and was surprised by the result that the pineal gland seems to attract fluoride magically. It seems to behave like cats with cat mint. It is therefore no wonder, why the melatonin production of the pineal gland is stopped at about 45 years, because the entire collected fluoride does not develop until after it has been absorbed for years – and nothing else is done by the human being of certain foods.

Luke: “In summary, the pineal gland has the highest concentration of fluoride in the entire body. Fluoride is associated with the suppressed melatonin production of the pineal gland in prepubertal desert mice and an accelerated increase in the maturation of female mice. The results strengthen the hypothesis that the pineal gland plays an important role in the use of puberty. In either case, fluoride can interfere with the pineal gland function of humans and requires further research.”


“In summary, this study demonstrates that fluoride is found in an aged pineal gland. Fluoride can also accumulate in the pineal gland of a child, since significant amounts have already been found in young children (cf. Cooper 1932, Wurtman 1968, Kerényi and Sarkar 1968, Tapp and Huxley 1971, Doskocil 1984). In fact, calcification occurs in the developing organs. If fluoride actually accumulates in the pineal gland of children, this must be further researched. The calcification of the pine nerve cells will reveal an increased advent of highly concentrated fluorides.”

The leisurely effect of fluoride also explains many of the communications I have received from people who have said that they have achieved very good success with the attainment of lucid dream states and out of body experiences, but they decreased in their frequency over the years, even under the same meditative efforts. In order to animate or stimulate the pineal gland again, so that it can be slowly brought back to activation, it is, of course, necessary to dispense with fluoride. Moreover, because it is necessary, that the existing quantity of fluoride, which has already calcified the pineal gland over all the years, is dissolved.

I have previously shown several possibilities. Among these was the yellow curd Curcuma and the Cedar nut oil, which I personally tested. Curcuma has unfortunately turned out to be less effective. The Cedar nut oil, on the other hand, showed a certain effect and was also clearly noticeable, but was not very prominent or probably required a long period of use. However, Cedar nut oil has other positive effects and is therefore highly recommended.

But now comes the clue at all: Dr. Pete Peterson, who has worked for the US government and is obviously aware of the reason for which fluoride has been mixed into the peoples’ standards, talked about a certain “Activator X” a legally available substance which provides the pineal gland with the best service during the reactivation and protects the teeth from further decay. These are certain oils of a chimera called ratfish (Monstrosa Linnaeus). The best oil is the so-called “Blue Ice Fermented Skate Liver Oil“. This oil can be combined with the “Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil“. These oils are not very cheap and 120 capsules or 100 ml will cost more than 30 dollar.

According to some reports I have discovered, the decalcification begins to affect some in weeks, but it is not necessary to consume the oils until the desired reactivation occurs – and the reactivation can also take about about on or two years. These oils are said to have some positive side effects, for example to get out any heavy metals from the body, it has several vitamins, curb appetite, has the necessary amino acids and strengthens the ability to concentrate. In addition, it is said to be anxiety-relieving, calming, increasing the pain tolerance limit and accelerating the healing of the wound. If these oils are added in liquid form, the dosage is 20 drops a day. A bottle has approximately the capacity for about 240 drops. So you only have to deal with it for just 12 days.

As for the capsules, it is not much different from a dose of at least 4 per day. As a beginner you should take this oil for at least 2-3 months daily. You can now calculate how much this will cost. The mysterious element “Activator-X” is perhaps in spite of the high price in any case worth a try, so I can examine to what extent it shows effect. Interested researchers believe Activator-X actually represents vitamin K2. If this is the case, you could also try to get this vitamin from Norway (see above). As soon as the pineal gland starts reactivating again, different reactions occur. It usually begins with a pressure between the eyebrows, which can last for hours. This is certainly the first phase. At some point, the sensation of holding two magnets to the forehead is followed by euphoric emotions. When one has experienced this, one can follow that one perceives an indigo light in front of his closed eyes. The light spreads out and contracts again, followed by uniform circles. Also the sensation of happiness can be felt, timelessness and the impression of flowing psychic energy. Whoever has advanced far enough, takes the clear emotion that one is now able to travel through time and dimensions, no matter how far they may be. If you open it further, you have the clear perception of traveling through tunnel systems and quickly perceive changing places and scenes. At this point, you enter the Stargate system, a worm hole system, which connects billions of worlds and invites the seers to travel and to get to know them. Thus, the pineal gland is a kind of live radio antenna intended for communication with cosmic neighbors. (P.S.

Attention: It is not yet clear on which fish Activator X is based on. Please refer to the later articles .

About sources and disclaimer to this series of articles see PART 1!


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