Pineal Gland Activation and decalcify the pineal gland

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Side Effects (Part 13)

If you have not read the previous parts, you should do, in order to be able to follow up the following posts. Since I know that some of my readers have not only followed the advice on decalcification and stimulation of the pineal gland, but also have taken appropriate measures in their diet, I would be very pleased to have a short report. This I would perhaps then show here in the blog as an example and it could appear synonymous in my next book. So, no false shyness: Just write. My previous efforts to avoid fluoride through the diet and to gradually break down the already collected fluoride cause very slow but noticeable changes. I admit, that for many years I have experienced lucid dreams, out of body experiences and extended states of consciousness, but I have never looked for a direct and conscious stimulation of the pineal gland (3rd eye). It has always been stimulated by my experiences. I think the topic about the fluoride is interesting, that it conveys the whole theme of the pineal gland from an abstract to a concrete level..

The ego of a human or everyday life regards the third eye as something abstract, a kind of energy center (chakra) that nobody can see and touch. However, the term “pineal gland” is a biological organ in the middle of the brain and the fluoride is a substance that exists on the physical plane. Thus, the whole subject receives a concrete and direct address for the all-material self. Moreover, the pineal gland also represents a connecting link between astral and physical reality.

Last but not least, one must also remember that it is a very strange coincidence that only fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, otherwise no other substance, and that this is present in the basic food and worldwide in many countries, it is even poured into the drinking water supply.

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Some people say, they recognize a global conspiracy of certain groups behind such actions. To what extent, however, a conspiracy of the highest order, or simply human stupidity, is effective, everyone has to decide for himself, the fact remains that fluoride is present and is chemically produced every day and got brought to humanity.

However, I can not only recognize in myself, but also in some communications that the renouncement of fluoride begins to stimulate the pineal gland gradually, without having to meditate for it. Someone who meditates daily and regularly, of course, will also stimulate his pineal gland.

Yesterday I was on the trip to a customer and on the street my pineal gland suddenly opened and it was abruptly, as it often happens in the last time. There was a part of my consciousness during the journey in a changed state of consciousness, in which I saw myself from the air perspective, as I drove along the road. Then I saw not only me on the street, but all the many cars, buses, trams, motorcycles, scooters, bikes and all of the other stuff. Simultaneously, something inside me clearly crossed the human cells.

It seemed to me as if the cells were the cars and the people the mitochondria that were sitting in them. Like the cells, people are busy to reach somewhere or gain something and when they get there, they think about their next goal. Perhaps also to compare with sperm, which provide a constant races, only to get to the uterus first.

This drive to have a goal and want to arrive somewhere seems to inhabit all life. When the flower, which strikes the surface through the soil and tries to grow and move as fast as possible towards the sun, ceases in the cosmos when the planets and suns act as a cell or an atom, but in a much slower speed.

At all, as I realized once again at this moment, the velocities of size were adapted. A cell moves much faster, as seen from the air perspective, as a car with a man in it, or the solar system that winds through the universe. At the same time, I remembered that our solar system with its planets and the sun at the center equals an atmospheric, and it moves even more slowly, in comparison. The more mass the slower it moves and the more time is required.

In schools it is taught that the sun is a fixed star, which means it does not move, but only the planets orbit it. This is not quite correct, the sun and also the whole solar system moves. It moves spirally in line with the speed of the galaxy. To this I have seen a few months ago a very interesting video, in which this was excellent presented and explained. Thus all galaxies like cells are on the way to a goal. You do not know what it is, where you want it, and why you do it at all, but you do. But I “saw” at the moment even more: I saw that people were thrown into the physical world and no one really knows what is going on. They are simple and do not really know what they are doing, but the desire to arrive wherever they go is rooted in them. It is rooted in everything and they can not stop because the whole universe does so. They learn by looking at others as it is done. They let themselfes be trained, adjusted, marryed, dismissed and die.

All are in the river … the one more, the other less, but they are all in this river. So in micro as well as macro cosmos. The whole universe, with its centillions of planets and suns, comets and mists, suddenly appear as the interior of a gigantic body that is in motion. Where does he want to go? Where did we come from? Who were we before we entered the physical world? What do we do here? Where is the journey going? What is our real name? Where are our true memories? What is our actual identity? Where have our friends remained who we knew before all these reincarnations? Being is full of magic … and we have apparently abandoned it, only to materialize us physically. All this must have meant a lot to us, which we could persuade ourselves to do, or we were caught like moths by the light… Who can say this with absolute certainty?


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