I tested the strongest colloid gold (Aurum Potabile)

Activation of the Pineal Gland is one of my research series, with me as a guinea pig, which deals with the decalcification of the pineal gland and in which I report on the results of my progress. In doing so, I take supplements, change the diet or use clues from secret sources to secret means.

I am in contact with a very interesting man who, according to an old medieval recipe, makes the notorious Aurum Potabile, which no longer exists in this form at all. His products have a chemistry-free and absolutely high purity, which was even tested in a laboratory to check particle size and aurum content.

Above all, it is certain that his work is oriented towards the old alchemists of the Medieval Ages and hardly anyone is informed about how to proceed here.

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Colloidal Gold an Aurum Potabile

Unfortunately, most Colloidal Gold and Aurum offerings are either too low or often low in their levels of its real Colloidal Gold, so you actually only consume distilled water. Fortunately, the “Alchemist” then sent me a vial, a flank, with the fabulous content of 8,200 ppm (parts per million or 8200 mg/l) (!) and should thus have set a record for the preparation of an Aurum Potabiles.

In a dialogue he asked me to test this Aurum once in its effect on dreams and the pineal gland. He did not fail to mention that in this case I shouldn’t be too shy, but have to be dare and brave with the dosage – that is, a few drops wouldn’t help, but at least I should take half a vial (about 5 ml) should already be used per session. With the inclusion of such a high dose of Aurum Potabile, I should probably go down in the Guinness Book of Records, because no one has ever taken such a large amount.

The result of the chemical analysis showed:
Parameter – Value – Unit – Method:
Au – 8200 mg / l – SOP OV 201
Particle size – 5 nm – SOP OV 204

Labor Test on Colloidal Gold

On the basis of these values ​​(see complete laboratory test) it can be clearly seen how enormous this amount is, in comparison with all alternative products known to me, to this Aurum Potabile. Particularly noticeable in this laboratory sample is that the particle size is only 5 nanometers (one nanometer is in millimeters 0.000 001 mm). In comparison, a single sperm, with its 0.006 mm, is gigantically large. This is absolutely amazing as many other vendors have much larger particles where you could compare a grain of sand with a soccer field.

In any case, you should only trust vendors who provide a legitimate and official lab report to make sure they have not been tampered with. Most vendors, it is fair to say, offer inadequate products, even those that are very familiar with the Internet. Many of the vendors were tested by the “Alchemist” and the result was really scary. Often not nearly what was promised had been delivered. Some vendors even sell only distilled water. For that reason you should always be sure where to buy the very expensive Colloidal Gold or Aurum Potabile.

In any case, one should pay attention to the color of the colloidal gold. If it is white, silvery, dirt-colored or the like, then one can assume that it is anything but not Colloidal Gold. In such a case, you are even involved in the loss of the invested money and maybe additionally a heavy metal load. So if you also want to test the Colloidal Gold, you can write an e-mail to me. I can convey reputable sources and help with the decision. But, as I said, you should not have a slim wallet. Only this vial of 20 ml should have a value of many thousands of dollars.

Effects of Colloidal Gold (Aurum Potabile):

Colloidal gold (up to 250 ppm) and Aurum Potabile (> 250 ppm) are said to have an extensive effect. First and foremost, it increases cell communication by a thousandfold, does not help the body age too quickly, regulates food intolerances by building up the digestive tract and directly traversing the blood-brain barrier to stimulate the pineal gland and affect the psyche. In most cases, this triggers a greater self-esteem, an improved concentration and an improved dream memory. It generally improves mental abilities, builds up new energies and often resolves depression, addictions, sleep disorders and other mental illnesses. It also increases the intelligence quotient and increases brain performance. It also supports the elimination of free radicals, strengthens the immune system, helps with rheumatic diseases, balances diabetes, resolves allergies of all kinds, supports the resolution of Alzheimer’s and dementia, multiple sclerosis, sustains the effects of strokes and helps well with cancer, as the miracle remedy is said. To do this, you should regularly consume the colloidal gold for at least two months in order to enjoy all these benefits. For more serious problems, certainly longer.

Of course, then I have once tested this Aurum Potabile and I was not satisfied with just a few drops. I have chosen to take a dose of 5 ml to me, which corresponds to an extremely high amount. What happened then, I would like to report, for those who are interested…:

Colloidal Gold Experiences

I took the 5 ml of 8,200 ppm late in the evening and kept it under my tongue for about 45 minutes. After only five minutes, I noticed the first effect! Before my eyes closed it was pitch black and I had the impression that I was looking into a three-dimensional, unlit room. Hundreds of light silver dots danced before my eyes. Also, it suddenly became much easier for me to imagine images in my mind’s eye, which manifested plastically right in front of my eyes. In addition, pictures appeared in front of my closed eyes, which I had not intended to see, i. E. they appeared independently. They showed strange creatures, often of elemental or extraterrestrial origin – if you asked me how I would judge these pictures.

Then a warm wave went through my body, which completely relaxed him, especially in the chest I just felt just warmth and total relaxation. This was very liberating, as I found, because normally one has a constant feeling for every part of his body, not least the sensations of gravitation and tension of all kinds. In this case, however, all this was blown away and the lightness and complete relaxation of the body was very noticeable.

Also, I felt a “sagging” of my mind, that is, it was like going from the physical body to the psychic body (aka astral body). I was literally hovering without meditating or using any spiritual techniques.

My mind became very clear and the focus sharp. This somehow made me think a lot faster and more purposefully. In addition, I had the impression that my consciousness was expanding. On the emotional level, I felt very calm and balanced, there were no fears or concerns about having taken such a large amount. On the contrary, I somehow had the feeling that I was following in the footsteps of medieval alchemists who were eating such cans and observing their effects.

Count Saint Germaine and Alchemy

I strongly believe that the famous, immortal Count Saint Germainè had experimented with Aurum Potabile. Based on some research I had done, it was clear that he was not only interested in alchemy, but also in spiritual ways.

The next day I felt a greater peace and serenity than usual. Even against the fact that I had a purple saliva all day long. Most likely because the color of the Aurum Potabile had a deep violet and I had kept it in my mouth for so long.

After about three days, all effects were gone.

I’ve had pure Aurum Potabile a few times before and the effect was actually as intense as consuming significantly less. I am strongly suggesting that it is not about the amount of the dose, but rather that you even eat it. In my estimation, even 10% of the dose is quite sufficient to achieve such effects and effects.

For the next self-experiment, I decided, I wanted to wait a few more days. However, I also have contact with a man who also agreed to test such a strong Aurum Potabile. His report was very similar:

“On morning, after getting up, I took a full tablespoon of high-quality Aurum Potabile (AP) exactly the same amount as half a 10 ml vial and on the following days I did not take an AP because the effect was close to four

After I took it, I kept the AP in my mouth for about 10 minutes before I swallowed it, and even in those first few minutes, I could feel the effect wafting in. It almost felt like a strong espresso On an empty stomach, I also noticed accelerated thinking, how the mind starts up, increased drive, and I felt a little cranky, and the mood seemed to get better quickly, but the effect was not as pronounced as I would have secretly expected.

However, I did not perceive any special or outstanding effect due to the amount / concentration that I applied at once – I was almost a little disappointed It does not happen anymore, but rather a common effect, as I was used to from a strong AP and a much lower dose, but marginally more pronounced than usual.

Noteworthy then was the course of events during the day, it came to me then as if the effect seemed to continue to increase. There was no trace of fatigue, I felt very alert and clear in my mind, thinking was accelerated and my concentration increased. I felt extroverted, talkative and had a lot of energy. Sometimes it seemed to me that I was standing next to me watching every action or every thought.

I already knew this special inner observer attitude in the past from strong doses of AP, but also from one of these elixirs. In addition, I also felt an increased self-confidence in my actions, made statements and decisions without having to rethink or question them again.

Towards evening, I was still slightly inwardly turned up, talkative and drive-up. It seemed to me, until bedtime, as if the thoughts and my mind just did not want to settle down. This inner clarity and alertness did not feel uncomfortable at all, yet I fell asleep quite soon.

The sleep felt restless the first night and I dreamed a lot. It was exciting and exciting topics, many changes of scene. I dreamed so intensely, as I have not done for a long time. With a smartwatch I drew on my sleep profile, this testified to a well-balanced sleep with many deep sleep phases, which surprised me, however, because the sleep felt rather restless and agitated.

When I awoke in the morning, that feeling of the previous day still seemed to stop, as if I had relented from the AP again. I was just as fit and alert after waking up. Over the course of the second day, I had the feeling that the AP was still working, I could feel that particular mental clarity and self-assurance, but a little less than yesterday. The second night after ingestion was as conspicuous as yesterday. Feeling like I slept restless, dreamed a lot and woke up an hour earlier than usual.

My sleep protocol showed a similar sleeping profile as in the night before, changing, long periods of deep sleep. Although I felt restless asleep, I felt very well rested and fit after getting up, active and in a good mood, even more than the previous day and on the day of taking it. On the third day, I slowly felt a diminution of this increased feeling, yet there was still a noticeable effect.

In some places, positive emotions came over me that I have not felt for a long time. It was enough already a song on the radio, fleeting thoughts or pleasant conversations, which then wave-like positive emotions triggered. I sometimes had the impression of being more aware of my surroundings, of observing and feeling better.

Usually, my mind blocks a lot of emotion, so I can usually look at the things around me relatively soberly. The sensations in the last 3-4 days were apparently much more intense through this AP, on the emotional level, noticeable in the otherwise trivial everyday situations and requirements, which I found to be very impressive and positive.

The following night I slept halfway back to normal, hardly any dream life or that I felt particularly upset as in the last nights, also I woke up again at my usual time in the morning. These hints signaled to me that the effect of the AP seemed to be abating.

Overall, I would say that the special sensations and the psychic effect of this attempt with such a large intake sustained until the 5th day after ingestion, but after the 3rd Day already flattened significantly and on the 4th Day were barely noticeable , I believe that a high dose of 5 ml of this AP was not absolutely necessary. But that 2 ml is sufficient, because the intake through the oral mucosa in a smaller amount of 1-3 ml is more efficient than equal to 5 ml, with which one has the mouth full and most swallowed even only.

I found the nights particularly impressive as I dreamed, as never before, so intensely and scenically, besides, I also slept very restful and deeply. For the next two days, I often had wave-like sensations and an increased awareness of myself and the environment, which was very pleasant.”

Many thanks for the successful report. In any case, it can be clearly seen from his report, and my own report, that the effect has been very similar. In that sense, a smaller amount might actually be just as effective. The question that arises here is at what dose this effect can occur – and, above all, what happens when it is consumed over an extended period, i. periodically. Are there perhaps a few drops, dissolved in distilled water or where is the threshold? All this can certainly be answered in the near future.

It only has a low percentage of colloidal gold (5 ppm), but it can be used very well and maybe in larger quantities. 1-3 tablespoons a day are quite good and can cause similar effects. Since you can already test vigorously and watch the effect. After all, 25 euros/dollars for the beginning are certainly much cheaper than if you would start with the expensive Aurum Potabile. If you are interested in using stronger colloid gold or Aurum Potabile with much more ppm, feel free to contact me.


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