Education of the Critical Faculties in Lucid Dreams (Part 2)

In the first part explained, that the lack of critical ability in the dream state is due to a deactivated brain zone in the frontal area, which is responsible for critical thinking. This center is located in the front region of our brain, the so-called prefrontal cortex. A study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from the National Laboratory in Rutherford, Appleton, California, has done experiments with the stimulation of this brain area, who were triggering almost uninterrupted lucid dreams on the volunteering people. The volunteers experienced lucid dreams for the whole night. The stimulation stimulated the critical thinking and it was enough to transform all of the usual unclear night dreams into lucid dreams…

The reason why this brain area is deactivated, who would give the dreamer enough criticism to the dream, has not yet been found out by scientists, but is certainly another interesting though. After all, this is actually a strange coincidence and the fact that this brain area is deactivated, while other areas are highly active during sleep, even more while being awake, is very low.

Therefore in my opinion there are several theoretical presumptions on why this state of being is given at all. For me, believing in a coincidence is only a belief that I can not share. So there is certain and specific reason for this deactivation of the brain area needed while sleeping. First I would like to add my own report and also reports from other dreamers, who met dream agents or a dreampolice while beeing in a lucid dream or beeing in specific dream levels. What happens here is that the partner, friend or any other person suddenly changes, not in it’s optical form, but in it’s character. (By the way, I would love to hear about some of my readers experiences who came across such an “agent”).

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For example, your friend, who is usually kind, lovingly or friendly to you, can suddenly become a sneaky and very distrustful character. It is almost like he would feel you just became lucid and wants to expose you. This often increases with a strong threat, but only on an emotional base, but from this point onwards you are gainig the impression, that you should better keep your lucidity to yourself. It is much more useful anyway, to keep the the clarity you won, since this not only extends the duration of the lucid dream, but also leaves the subconscious enough space for more exciting and adventurous surprises. Most lucid dreamers are influencing the dream freely according by their own wishes. They create all sorts of sexual encounters and fly joyously over mountains and valleys. These are of course very tempting possibilities, but such dreams are mostly taking only a few minutes.

The use of passive lucidity, which means achieving full clarity in the dream, but not to interact with its actions, promises a clear extension of the dream. In this case dream characteristics and situations can be opened who are offering completely new possibilities. Not only is it possible to visit unknown realities, that are outside of the normal-familiar dream levels, but also penetrate deep into the psyche to reveal areas and abilities that are otherwise hidden or deactivated. In addition, even dream levels can be sought which have an objective existence, that is, they are real existing worlds with independent people, countries, cities and evolutions. Habitats like ours, can also be viewed as physical or spiritual worlds. The ambitious and intrepid dreamer is free to leave its usual well-known everyday world behind his back and to settle down in another world forever. But this is a very difficult matter and can only be reached by a few.

However, to sum it up, there are different dream ranges for a dull as well as for a lucid dreamer. The dully dreamer just experiences 99% of the symbolic and the therapeutic dream levels. He gets symbolic indications of the subconscious or is exposed to situations in which he can learn and/or treat himself. The lucid dreamer is entering kind of a “playground for dreamers”, which is an area he enters as soon as he has won his clarity, that is freely available for him. There, he can free himself completely and is free of everything towards everything and everyone. I call the direct intervention as an active lucidity, while on the other hand the passive lucidity, describes the procedure I have mentioned earlier which was keeping the own lucidity to yourself, and to not deliberately or interfere with the dreams process, actions or your own extraordinary abilities.

With the passive lucidity, further dream levels can be discovered, who even experienced lucid dreamers can’t find. But to meantion again, for what reason do agents appear who are downloading themselfes into our own partners, friends, or family members, and then become nasty, sneaky manipulating to end the achieched lucidity?


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