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Collection of unusual and unexplained visual Perceptions

This is an overview about unusal and unexplained perceptions that can be seen clearly and visually with the eyes…

This article contains various and unexplained visual perceptions, which are listed below and explained and illustrated in more detail with the help of graphs. Some of the results have been confirmed by appropriate queries from other persons with very similar perceptions and thus cannot be dismissed as hallucinations of a single person in the sense of a standard, scientific prejudice. The opinions of ophthalmologists, physicists and other scientists are also consulted and considered at the end of this paper. Further explanations for these perceptions could be found so far only rudimentarily in the spiritual area, but do not satisfy the inquiring mind at all.

Perception of millions of Light Sparks

The first inexplicable, but partly also for many people usual perception with the “eyes”, whereby it was not clarified at all yet whether it is then really a perception with the physical eyes, took place for me already in the elementary school.


The following graphic shows that if one closes the eyes, one sees not only blackness, i.e. absolute darkness, but that something else is to be discovered: There are billions of tiny, white, or silver dots, which seem to move around aimlessly. Their behavior is reminiscent of observing single-celled organisms under a microscope. This easily accessible, basic perception of these dots, whether they are of physical or psychic origin, I will refer to in the following as “Common Sparks of Light”…

Figure 1: Perception of the primary sparks of light as seen by most people in the dark.

It is completely irrelevant whether one keeps the eyes open or closed. The perception of the common light sparks remains the same. They definitely cannot be influenced by the behavior of the eyelids or by the eyesight at all!

They seem to react to light at first, because as soon as it is switched on again, they disappear optically. But after some time one can learn to perceive them even if the light is switched on. This is because the light only catches the attention of the perceiver and distracts from the sparks of light. Thus, they are still and incessantly present. They move, often at the same speed. If you look up into the sky, for example, you can also see larger ones of their kind moving at a faster speed, and seem busier than usual….

Figure 2: Light sparks when looking at the day sky

At times, larger moving clusters of light sparks also appear, acting like busy sperm cells and scurrying about wildly. It seems quite as if these sparks of light can combine with each other and then act together, just as atoms can form molecules.

Emergence of the Common Sparks of Light after a Dream

Much more clearly one can perceive these sparks of light immediately after a dream – if one should pay attention to it immediately and have awakened quite suddenly, as perhaps after a nightmare. They appear intensified and in a much larger number. The astonishing thing then is that they arrange themselves in a circle and form a kind of circle, as if one looks through the porthole of a ship…

Figure 3: Perception and observed behavior of the light sparks immediately after a dream

From this apt graphic, one can clearly see the clarity of the sparks of light and how they arrange themselves in a circular fashion. They continue to buzz around wildly and additionally have a higher activity than in a relaxed and normal state during the day or immediately before going to sleep. At the edge of the circle they fade and are less often to be discovered. They concentrate mainly only inside the circle (see above).

These first indications about the behavior of the common sparks of light, which could be confirmed by many people, appear as a rule always when one directs his attention to them.

Hairline contrast Rain

When fixing a detail of the environment, it may happen that it is suddenly covered by a very fine arrangement of lines that look something like rain threads and have a black and white contrast. They move quickly and vibrate, but without losing their thread-like appearance.

These threads are most easily perceived as soon as stone walls or other rough but plain surfaces are viewed. Even in the nicest weather, it appears as if it were raining hair-thin….

Fig. 4: Perception of the threads

Only when you look more closely do you notice very thin, fine threads that seem to fall from top to bottom at an angle slightly shifted to the left. This perception is not sensational, but it can be perceived very steadily if one pays attention to it. Again, it is still completely unclear what sense these ‘threads’ have or what they actually represent.

Emerging Patterns with manual Eye pressure (Light Cascades)

In some playful experiments with the perception of common light sparks and their patterns, one can, with the help of the index fingers, apply a firm, just tolerable, pressure to the eyes. At first, one notices hyperactivity of the light sparks. One perceives exploding colors, patterns and other amorphous formations, but if one looks intently into these patterns, after some time a kind of grid emerges.

This is a black and white grid with a concentric pattern that is suddenly perceptible and visible before your eyes. With a little concentration, it then becomes stronger and is more clearly perceptible. It has a vanishing point and the grid seems to rotate a little.

With the help of a graphic the grid is difficult to represent, but the following picture shows nevertheless quite clearly how this can look:

Figure 5: Illustration of the grid with vanishing point after strong eye pressure.

Every person who performed this self-experiment came to the same result and perception. Thus, the question arises, how can the physical eye be able to produce such a concentric pattern when pressure is exerted with the index fingers? This defies any scholarly explanation. Thus, this effect is more attributable to the activity of the pineal gland.

Golden Sparks (Primary Sparks)

In some situations golden sparks appear, which, like shooting stars in the sky, briefly pass through the optical field of perception. Their behavior is exactly like that of the common light sparks, except that they are more conspicuous and golden in color. From the vernacular it may be known as “seeing stars”, perhaps when a faint is imminent, but they are not black at all, but bright gold and very obvious….

Figure 6: Golden Primary Sparks 1

As you can clearly see in figure 6, they are indeed very conspicuous once you contrast these with the common sparks of light, and their behavior and direction seem arbitrary at first. They draw a slightly curved path, but only from top to bottom, as if they were dependent on gravity. However, some of them also move horizontally. If they appear very clearly and in large numbers, one recognizes that they appear predominantly at the edge and give a slight semicircular arc, as can be seen on the next graphic…

Figure 7: Golden Primary Sparks 2

Matrix Grid – Yellow Grid

When looking at the blue sky or even already at a white wall inside a room, a very faintly perceptible yellow or green honeycomb grid can appear. In the sky it is perceived oversized, while inside a room on a white wall it is perceived much smaller.

This grid can be perceived by every person who pays a little attention to it and trains the perception of it. It is always there, but it is not perceived by everyone. It is interesting to mention here that this grid is described identically by every person who can perceive it.

A neon yellow Grid

The phenomenon of perception, a neon yellow net or the “Matrix Grid“, occurs more rarely and, to my knowledge, has not been described publicly so far, however, it is probably one of the most fantastic, visual phenomena. It occurs in connection with the light sparks. However, the perception appears later and under certain conditions. For this, a special relaxation and mental silence is necessary, as well as a fixation of the gaze into a gaze-less looking without refocusing.

One can then see on smooth, plain surfaces, or the sky, a web or net of yellow threads. Initially, these threads and strings appear very blurred and diffuse, almost ghostly, transparent or whitish in color. However, during prolonged periods of non-focus, they fill with yellow glow and become more numerous as well as sharply outlined, ultimately yielding a view of a complex, yellow-glowing, honeycomb mesh structure. This has an inherent motion that is very reminiscent of slow sine waves or wind influence. It is precisely this movement, which interacts in a peculiar way with the inner actions and concentration of the observer, that exerts an incredible fascination. They seem almost conscious and intelligent.

An extreme increase of the perception of the grid describes itself perhaps in its complete perception as a sphere, which reaches around the own body and, like the earth, is divided into plan squares, which are limited by the very yellow shining lines or threads. A vast landscape of mountains and valleys formed by this grid structure has also been reported.

Figure 8: Yellow grid in the sky

The neon yellow net can be perceived after an intense dream and could also be observed several times in the sky and on white walls. With closed eyes one can also perceive this net, but then it appears rather greenish to dark green.

Interestingly, the neon yellow net can also be found on the so-called “Holodeck” in the series of Star Trek, but are also associated with the matrix grid, by which the Earth is surrounded. A kind of electric fence, which quarantines the earth and does not allow the deceased to escape. Comparable to electric fences that can be observed in public zoos with their animal enclosures.

Figure 9: Yellow honeycomb Grid on walls

Swirling geometric Shapes

Just as rare as the dark green grid I perceived, I also noticed strange streaks of color moving through the field of view. They seem like geometric shapes, pastel in color, and constantly in motion. Drawing arcs and rotating at times.

Figure 10: Spiral Shapes

These spiral forms do not show any other behavior, therefore their meaning is still completely unclear. Because of all our knowledge about nature, it should be obvious by now, that it did not create anything without a meaning. For this reason also behind these spiral forms a sense or purpose hides which cannot be denied to them because one does not recognize it.

Scientists interpret the existence of the Common Sparks of Light

Opinion of Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists claim that these sparks of light are the result of growing defective vision in old age. They call them ‘floaters’ and suggest that with age the number of these floaters increases and is responsible for defective vision.

Counterpoints – according to Jonathan Dilas

However, the common sparks of light are also clearly perceived by children and also blind people, where in these cases the number of floaters cannot have increased at all in such a way. Moreover, they do not disturb the field of vision very much when the attention is directed to physical objects in light. Moreover, for the most part, the common light sparks recede immediately in light and do not reappear in the foreground until dark. This suggests that the light sparks are perceived through an additional “sense”. I personally consider indications of the activity of the pineal gland to be the most obvious.

In a personal conversation with a totally blind person, he explained to me that he naturally knew the common light sparks and could perceive them clearly.

Of course, it could happen that a scar or a little hair or fuzz could settle on the eye, which would then be perceived from time to time, but these are then always stationary perceptible and as soon as one moves the eye, the fuzz or similar slides along with it in the direction of the eye movement. The common light sparks described here and the other listed occurrences do not interest the eye and/or eyelid movements, also not whether one possesses an eyesight at all!

Opinion of the Physicists

According to physicists, the Mean Sparks of Light represent residual light that accumulates on the retina, as soon as, for example, the light is turned off and concentrated on darkness, this residual light decays and can appear in points.

Counterpoints – according to Jonathan Dilas

The sparks of light can be perceived even after hours of sleep (see Figure 3). Moreover, blind people are unlikely to be able to perceive residual light, since they have not had eyesight for years or since birth.

Prana and Common Sparks of Light

In the book, “The Stages of Pranayama” by D. Harald Alke, one finds an equation of the Common Sparks of Light with the so-called “Prana“, an energetic primordial substance, if you like:

“Together with the air we breathe, we absorb prana. These are free energy particles that reach the earth with the solar wind. Prana is absorbed into the energy body at the root of the nose. From prana we build our astral body. Those who live constantly in gloomy rooms, factories or underground must either draw the necessary prana from food or they wither away like a green plant without sunlight. Prana cannot be replaced. Prana is not simply light, it is a specific energetic substance that has existed since the origin of the universe. Some prana is consumed in our spiritual life processes. It is transformed into apana. We exhale apana, along with the stale air and the carbon dioxide it contains. Apana is the negative form of positive prana. Apana is polarized prana that lacks dynamic energy.

Prana we can learn to see. Although the prana particles come to us on earth from the sun, they are not subject to gravity. When the sun is shining, you should take a look out of the window. It is best to look at the blue sky, but not at the sun. Concentrate on nothing. Direct your gaze into the empty, blue sky. Fix your eyes on an area in front of you, not too far away, as if a bird were flying by 50 meters above you. In this relaxed state, you will quickly spot tiny, glistening points of light bouncing around like water fleas. Once you know what is meant, you will be able to spot these particles everywhere. Only the concentration density will be different. So prana is everywhere. We are just not used to paying attention to it.

In dense smog fog, there is almost nothing. This is why many people are so exhausted in smog. It’s not just the dirt, it’s the acute lack of prana. The soul begins to suffer because it is no longer getting nourishment. These little particles of energy bounce up and down. They are not subject to gravity, they jump around merrily and are everywhere when the sun is full. This is why we are drawn to the mountains or the sea, not so much to the jungle. All life forms need prana! Many breathe it in and build their energy body from it. Others only get it by feeding on other living beings. What the food has in value is by no means only the good matter, for example protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. The most important thing is the energy reserves that are still in the substance?

If we live normally and well, then we also have enough sunlight. Already constant stay under fluorescent lights weakens our energy body, because in rooms with high concentration of fluorescent light prana is degraded. This is the reason why many people who work under fluorescent lights go home in the evening completely empty. It is also the cause of the often very unpleasant climatic conditions in department stores, where a sensitive person would prefer to run away quickly. The miserable air in such rooms depends on several factors. The air is always positively ionized. We humans need negatively ionized air. Our breathing air must be fresh to make us feel comfortable. This is the case everywhere by the sea or in the forest, and after every rain, when the air is fresh and humid. Dry, warm air is bad for our bodies. Corporate leaders should provide their employees with a healthy climate for optimal performance. I cannot work freely in an office that exhausts me without a handshake. The thinking capacity decreases, the brain works only reluctantly. In a department store, where sensitive customers get sick from the climate, sales will never reach optimal levels.

Reinforced concrete structures create enormous electromagnetic fields. Iron grids in the ceilings act like antennas if they are not grounded by chance. Employees and customers stand in stressful magnetic fields that they must struggle to maintain concentration against.”

Dr. Harald Alke’s description is quite reminiscent of the visual phenomena I have listed here and of the Mean Sparks of Light.

Leadbeater and Besant

Another work on this subject can also be found in the book “The Chakras” by Leadbeater and Besant from 1920. In it they summarize some points in connection subliminal optical light phenomena, which remind of the Common Sparks of Light:

1. Vitality Globules

These golden-white dazzling and shooting around spots of light are called “vitality globules” by Charles Leadbeater and Besant. They postulate that their term is so justified because the energy body (see 2nd body) feeds on the energetic excitation of these “globules.”

2. Primal Atom

Furthermore they state that these “globules” consist of an accumulation of seven so-called primal atoms (Leadbeater and Besant are said to have observed all known elements with their clairvoyant abilities and to have published them in their work “Occult Chemistry“. In it is mentioned that among other things our protons are composed of 18 smaller vortex structures, just the mentioned primal atoms.

3. Energetic distribution Process

They express that the subtle spleen center of the human being (spleen chakra), through a kind of “resonance coupling”, absorbs the energetic excitation, the “golden-white quality” of these “spheres” as they call it, and “spectrally” decomposes it. Furthermore, a kind of distribution process takes place in the subtle body.

They claim that one feels better at the change from darkness, i.e. the gloomy weather phases, to sunshine precisely because this is related to the increasing energy supply by these “globules”. Fog, on the other hand, absorbs very strongly.

According to the well-known medium Edgar Cayce, a connection is even drawn here between fertility and the accumulation of such “globules”. He said that without an influence of the sun there would be no reproductive organs.

Floaters and Mouches Volantes

In the more contemporary literature there are also described the so-called “Floaters”, which are transparent falling structures in the eyes. According to science, this is a consistency change in the vitreous body of the eye and can be treated surgically if it reduces the quality of life. These are called “Mouches Volantes” or “Floaters”.

However, the common light sparks and other phenomena described by me are by no means “Floaters”, since they are perceived by most people as visible or invisible at will and are then no longer a disturbance in the field of vision. Thus, the common light sparks can by no means be regarded as a disease or a problem. Also the enrichment of these structures with yellow glow was described above. See also the following link:

The website of Floco Taurin, book author: here floaters and other phenomena are treated in an esoteric way and the knowledge of the self-proclaimed seer “Nestor” is put up for discussion, who describes them as rudimentary perception of an energetic “basic structure” of reality. Other links on these pages lead to material about floaters, scientifically as well as esoterically interpreted – see German portal for sufferers of “Floaters“.

Forum post by William J. Beaty, who presents a common interpretation of the glowing sparks as blood cells in capillaries:

“As my blood pressure changed with each heartbeat, the dots moved quickly and slowly. The moving dots seemed to wander randomly, but many of them performed a typical maneuver: a wiggling, sinusoidal path. Apparently, there are many capillaries in the retina that are shaped like a snake, a sinusoid, and when a leukocyte travels through this channel, it performs a sinusoidal “wiggle” motion.”

Forum post with medical perspective that lists and tries to explain many phenomena.

Concluding Remarks

All the forms that these Common Sparks of Light can take in any way, be they grids, nets, or other sensations, are presumably perceptible to any human being, entirely independent of his or her vision. The assumption that these are intelligent, microscopic life forms or particles, which are coupled in some form with the perception, is close to me personally, even if their sense and purpose is not obvious at first.

On the basis of my primary and the already existing secondary information, the theory can be set up quite, it is about an intelligent life form, which actively cooperates in view of the creation of the matter, as also in view of the construction of atoms and molecules.

How this is to be explained and represented in detail, however, still appears too speculative. However, direct references to the pineal gland and its function of a “higher” sense of sight is by no means to be excluded and is also very obvious. Here I assume that over the pineal gland a further “sense of sight” is present, which is however basically inactive; comparable with a television, which transmits just no channel.

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