There are two types of Tesla coils connected to an MWO. One is mostly greenish, closed and a further development of Thomas Brown, Bob Beck and Eric Dollard from Chicago. The original device, on the other hand, has open gold-colored copper coils and are mostly slightly larger than the Beck variety. According to researcher Thomas Joseph Brown, the closed coils are more effective because they do not dissipate some of the applied energy at the edge of the coils like the original coils. Their energy field is weaker, but more focused. With the original coils it is the other way around. But here the minds are still arguing. It should be remembered that everyone who uses the Lakhovsky device acts on his own responsibility and according to the law, at least in many countries, is not allowed to try or use the device on other people. The healing of people, at least that is what the pharmaceutical industry tries to do, is reserved only for the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, the pharmaceutical industry is already working diligently to ban alternative healing methods. Likewise is planned in the long run to abolish the occupation Heilpraktiker formally and to place this activity under punishment. Our planned research with the Tesla Lakhovsky device On the spiritual level, no tests have been carried out so far. For this reason, it is also interesting for me to try, measure and research how the Lakhovsky device behaves in the following applications: Application to seeds, plants and objects. Application of sound frequencies in connection with the Lakhovsky device Application of the Lakhovsky device on different soils of metallic nature Settings and placement of the Lakhovsky device for triggering lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, sometimes also with connectable local hand devices reactions of the pineal gland to stimulation by the Lakhovsky device These points have not been measured or analyzed in any way so far. Therefore, it is certainly interesting to carry out appropriate tests here once and to record the effects. Continue in the next part.
Research Pineal Gland

Research: The Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator – Part 2 [MWO]

Here now my personal research results with the Lakhovsky MWO device are published. This research takes place in Paraguay, because this device was banned in Europe and many other western countries. This ban alone is a distinction for the effect of this device…

Research Program: Lakhovsky’s MWO (Multiwave Oscillator)
Researchers: Jonathan Dilas and Shiva Nicole Schreiber
Location: Paraguay, South America
Start: July 1, 2022, 8 p.m.
Goal of research: Does the MWO really heal? If so, what diseases, ailments of physical and mental nature does it cure? Is it possible to optimize or strengthen the device? What alternative possibilities does the device offer, e.g. treatment of water, food, plant seeds, spiritual use, etc.?
Statement: The participating researchers act self-responsible in dealing with the MWO.

Caution: The article written here is for informational purposes only. This blog in no way recommends the use of such a device. Every user of such a device is responsible for himself. All participants of this experiment has signed a form that confirms their action in own responsibility.


What is known so far about the MWO of Lakhovsky

  • The frequency range is between 144 megahertz – 12.3 gigahertz.
  • The voltage output is from 30,000 to 120,000 volts.
  • The power output is 0.1 to 1 milliampere.
  • Experiments with very high voltages are said to have shown that, when properly applied, physical problems can be handled very quickly and effectively. Likewise, infections and wounds are said to have been shown to heal remarkably quickly.
  • These high frequencies and voltages cannot be applied directly to the body, but should be spaced up to 40-80 cm apart. Lakhovsky therefore invented an antenna system that amplifies the frequencies and sends them to the body in this way.
  • The active field has an approximate range of 2-3 meters.
  • The strong electric field generates ozone out of nothing. It can be clearly smelled. Inhalation of the ozone gas is recommended and comes close to ozone treatment.
  • The oscillator changes the current from the wall socket to a voltage of 10,000 volts. This power, in turn, is ramped up in the device to approximately 80,000 to 120,000 volts.
  • At the same time, the current levels of the Lakhovsky MWO are very low, so the voltage is not dangerous to humans to touch. If you touch one of the antennas, there is a flash and you feel like you have been electrocuted, but it does not feel bad or dangerous at all. You just get a brief jolt.
  • Within these high voltages, the Lakhovsky MWO generates an enormously wide spectrum of frequencies. This creates an enormously strong energy field that is perceptible to most people. If this is not perceptible, the energy field can be seen by holding a fluorescent tube between the antennas. This will then light up.
  • Metals on the body should be discarded, as they become electrically charged or increase in temperature greatly on the body. Likewise, electrical appliances should be kept away from the Lakhovsky MWO. It is also recommended not to expose people with metal implants to this field.

What you currently feel when using Lakhovsky MWO

  • A tingling sensation in the body allows to feel quite clearly the vibrations to which the whole organism is exposed by the Lakhovsky MWO.
  • Old, former wounds (scars) or problem areas can be felt.
  • Energetic blockages can be felt by pressure or pulling. After a few treatments this phenomenon disappears (the blockage has dissolved).
  • A pleasant calmness in the head develops, which is often described as a kind of trance. It is usually a pleasant and relaxing feeling that manifests itself throughout the body.
  • One feels fresh and energized. In addition, one possesses a feeling of inner peace and serenity.
  • There is a new energy and zest for life.

Recommended sessions with Lakhovsky MWO

As a rule, 1 session is recommended every 2-3 days. After the first four sessions, a break is recommended for those who have major construction sites on or in the body. After a break of about 2-4 weeks, another 15 sessions should follow. After that – at will – another 10 sessions to bring the treatment to a conclusion.

Application of different Antennas for the MWO

There are two different antennas that can be applied to the Lakhovsky MWO:

1. The original Antennas (l.) – These are open, made of a mixture between aluminum and copper. They focus mainly on the health of the body, have a higher conduction, but also scatter the field very strongly into the room. They can influence equipment.

2. Bipolar Antennas (r.) – These antennas are made of copper and fiberglass, are closed, a little weaker, but concentrate the power on a more limited field of about 2-3 meters. In addition, these antennas also trigger spiritual and mental effects up to shallow paranormal effects (see below). These antennas hardly influence surrounding equipment.

Some users swear by the original antennas from Lakhovsky MWO, others prefer the further development. There are also said to be tuned devices with original antennas which, when switched on, reach for miles and cause interference in the power grid. Such devices require isolated rooms. This gave rise to the rumor that any Lakhovsky MWO would cause such wide-area interference, sometimes even in the broadcasting area, and its operation was then generally banned. Such really interfering devices are said to hardly exist nowadays and there is hardly any experimentation with them.

Effects when using the MWO

People with many physical and also mental problems report severe fatigue after using Lakhovsky MWO. They need rest and relaxation afterwards. It is also recommended to drink a glass of water before and after use. Others report an electrifying alertness and more inner strength and clarity. One can think better, disturbing thoughts disappear and the head seems much emptier than usual.

Strange effects when using MWO

In our own research so far, there have been strange occurrences that may be interesting to mention:

1. One person put down her quartz watch so as not to burden it with the Lakhovsky MWO. However, she did not put this watch far enough away and therefore remained in the field. After the session of 15 minutes, it turned out that the watch was still working perfectly, but it was exactly 1 hour slow. This may have been a coincidence, but it raises the question to what extent the time factor is possibly influenced in a light-hearted way here.

2. Once a cell phone was carried into the field while the device was running. This resulted in a massive influence on the cell phone, i.e. it made itself independent, apps were called up, various screens were displayed, etc., without anyone having touched the display.

3. One person used the Lakhovsky MWO for over 60 minutes right at the beginning. After that, problem areas on her body started to appear more massively than usual. It took her two weeks to get back to normal. Therefore, for the time being, it turned out that a session of 15 minutes is quite enough.

4. Switched on routers, for Internet connection, are disturbed and suddenly do not connect to the Internet during the active period of Lakhovsky MWO.

5. The fact that the activity of the Lakhovsky MWO generates ozone from nothing is physically very easy to explain, but leaves much room for speculation, i.e. what else can generate such a strong electromagnetic field? Here is an example: An antenna, which is constructed in a spiral, like a snail, suddenly generates wind in an otherwise completely windless room. To what extent can antennas with different patterns cause which side effects?

6. Placing normal drinking water in the field for 30 minutes produces an interesting effect. The water is much softer afterwards and tastes slightly rosy. A similar phenomenon has been registered in experiments with pyramid energy. Nothing remarkable has been noticed so far with the placement of food (fruits).

7. The disturbed internet connection (see point 4) could be an indication why miniature plaques are gaining popularity, so called Lakhovsky or Tesla discs, and could be helpful in lowering harmful radio emissions.

To be continued in the next part.

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