Today, I have learned that curcuma, in combination with pepper, is a hundredfold in its effect. For the reason, Curcuma might still be a post in order to degrade the fluoride stones or livergries in the body and thus indirectly support the decalcification of the pineal gland. So far, Curcuma does not do anything with me. For the reason, Curcuma may still be a factor to consider. In addition, it should help to support damaged areas in the brain during reconstruction. This property makes it very interesting. It can easily be added as a delicious spice for eating. Since many people follow my research on the pineal gland (about 500-800 people) I called all of you in part 13 for a feedback, and that it would be awesome to receive short reports from all of you who like to. For this I have selected a few reports and would like to publish them here…

I think, it is also important to let other people say what they think about all that. After all, the decalcification of the pineal gland is just as interesting as any calcification could be. First of all, I will start with the report by Christian to start with the first interesting feedback:

“After a few months, in which nothing happened to me, that has to do with out of body experiences or lucid dreams, and the dissatisfaction grew, I came upon your Blog and have started taking spirulina on the 24th of january, I also used fermented cod liver oil, cedar nut oil and much Volvic naturelle (water). Since then I have been able to experience two out of body experiences and three lucid dreamss (for a long time nothing happened, which was caused through unhealthy food). For the night I will take an additional 350 mg DMAE (food supplements). Twice I could feel the pressure between the eyes again for a few hours. Last year it was like this for a while, when I had fasted for a while, renounced flesh, meditated and practiced yoga. For a while, I had a lucid dream every two or three nights, and for a few weeks, short  out-of-body experiences, and I often woke up in the middle of the night in the middle of the vibration condition. Somehow I then got back into my old patterns and that’s it with the experiences. I’m pretty surprised that the release seems to work so well – especially so quickly. Maybe this is because my pineal gland is not too calcified yet. I am now 26 years old. Let’s see if the effect remains , or if it could still improve. I hope that the experiences have not just happened like that, because it is a fairly expensive matter with the whole dietary supplements. I will probably go through the program for three months and then do a summary.”

As I suspect, the decalcification of people under 30 years of age is much faster, since in the meantime as much fluoride could be absorbed by the pineal gland, but certainly not so much as in older people. Of course the statement of a few people is not as representative as a group of 50 or 100 persons, but it has some logic. The time of the test phase of three months planned by Christian is optimal for beginners. Surely you need more time to get more and more extensive results.

The second report I would like to quote is from Ole, a student:


“Through Jonathans dream blog series to activate the third eye, I have come to the attention that a fluoride-calcified pineal gland has a negative effect on perception and also on meditation. That is why I have tried to take the same measures as Jonathan described. I had already heard of the fact that fluoride is a strong poison which can damage the body in many ways and for this reason, has not used a fluoride-containing toothpaste for a long time. I was not aware of this particularly drastic effect on the pineal gland and so I am now taking care of not drinking water that has a lot of fluorides in it. In order to get rid of the fluoride already implanted in my pineal gland, I have added cedar nut oil, of which I now take one tablespoon daily. As far as my other diet is concerned, I can say with a clear conscience that I have been living well and consciously longer. Therefore, possible loads such as fast food or conventional fruits and vegetables ( no organic quality and thus contaminated with pesticides and fluorine) are low for me. After doing these practices for about two months, I suddenly felt a pressure on my forehead, which often felt like a light throb. Sometimes I also believe that my subjective perception of quality of perception has intensified. This can of course also be due to other factors, but I will not completely rule it out that it is related. Now after half a year I can feel the strong pulsation of the pineal gland when meditating. This sometimes even goes so far that it almost feels like a kind of headache, but it is less unpleasant. Recently, I had an interesting and exciting experience: From my evening meditation, an electric shock suddenly struck me, which seemed to have come out of my head. At this moment I had a picture in my mind, or felt as if I would be in my head and could observe my brain, when this extremely strong electrical impulse occurred. I am on the basis of these experiences in any case motivated to eat as less fluorides as possible and I will also try to continue the decalcification further.”

Such”Flashs”, as I call them, can occur as a spontaneous effect and I have also experienced them too. In these flashes, for a few seconds, there are some extraordinary perceptions that can occur so suddenly and spontaneously that they act like small shocks and in which one either looks at something from a different perspective, suddenly feels something extraordinary or “sees” with the inner eye. The flashs are completely unpredictable and not for the faint of heart. There is no danger to them alone, but they can have a disturbing effect at short notice. For this reason, a step-by-step derivation is the safest variant. Of course, who wants, can also use several tools at the same time. As previously reported, cedar nut oil, barley grass, spirulina and Activator-X (a particular fermented fish oil) seem to be very beneficial and have proven to be the best.

The pineal gland and the so-called astral body seem to be connected on an electromagnetic basis. Ole was allowed to experience this on his own body, when his pineal gland reacted and this electric discharge appeared. This at least explains the “electrical” phenomena that may occur. On closer examination, I therefore decided to use the term “psycho-psychic” to connect the psychic component to the electricity. This results in a clearer description and determination of the electrical phenomena that may occur. The term electromagnetism is “occupied” and defined in our physics. This does not create any confusion. In spite of all this there is a distinctly tangible connection between the pineal gland and the electromagnetism. Certainly, it would be of great interest to conduct tests with electromagnetic fields to see how they can affect the pineal gland. Unfortunately, my physical understanding of such devices is not enough. If someone wants to make something in this regard, I would be very happy about a message or about the results. In my opinion, electromagnetic stimulation should therefore be a good and promising approach. I also thought about another energetic stimulation, possibly about crystals in combination with electromagnetic fields. There should be no limits to the creativity and the spirit of invention, because whoever heals is right.

Simone from Munich writes:

“I have now spent about three months on not taking any fluoride and always used curcuma and cedar nut oil. I saw flashes a few times before my eyes and pictures emerged. I was really frightened, but it was not bad. My dreams have become clearer and I can remember them better. That’s how it seems to me now. It is already striking. And somehow I feel better when I know I no longer take the toxic fluoride. I do not understand, as you said, Jonathan, why there are no companies to advertise, now without fluoride! ‘. This would be nice! All people would only buy this stuff!”

For me, it is only very perplexing how much influence the personal diet can have on health and the pineal gland. I must admit that I had neglected this many years. My basic diet has now helped me to lose weight automatically, without having to eat less or to exercise. So a nice side-effect, I would say. The basic organic diet amounts to salad, potatoes, vegetables, whole grain, poultry and fish. This is all or anything else should be avoided. People who, for example, have the blood group 0 can very easily digest and process meat. You do not need to be afraid of high cholesterol or to think about becoming a vegetarian. Certainly, it is an advantage to stop eating meat in the evening, if you are planning an extensive meditation or a sleep break, regardless of the blood group you are listening to. For all blood groups however, pigs and cattle or four-legged animals should be avoided at all. People who do not have the blood group 0 should definitely consider becoming vegetarians. For these people, meat would tend to create energy problems and delay the spiritual development.
This is linked to a superior perspective, as humans are reincarnated again and again, and their bodies are always selected on the basis of an overriding model, which means what the body has learned in one life, he takes into the next. The blood group 0 belongs in the context for example more to the hunters. These have a more adapted digestive system due to their selected ages, but are also more susceptible to allergies when they try to adapt their diet to a vegan or vegetarian variant. For no other reason, there are people who are experiencing out of bodyexperiences and lucid dreams despite the enjoyment of meat. All other blood groups can easily switch to a vegetarian or vegan way of life and it is also recommended. In any case, a big thanks to Simone, Christian and Ole for their reports.

(Attention: For interested people I have a link HERE to my list of nutritions and other recommended support.)
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Activation of the Pineal Gland: Reports from my Readers (Part 14)