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Your blog advertising and blog publications publications:

If you would like to publish one of my articles/posts on your website, e.g. in your blog or in your magazine, this is not a problem. Just let me know and copy the article/post. The condition is that you publish the title you published with at least my name and the name of this blog.

Example: Author: Jonathan Dilas,

Guest article (private):

If you would like to write a guest article/post on my blog, you are welcome to contact me and if it fits thematically, this is not a problem and it will be published shortly (if this is ad-free). I reserve the right to refuse the article/post. As I said, it must fit the topic and have a cross-border background (e.g. science, fringe, spiritual and so on).


Your advertising on this blog:

If you would like to place advertising on my blog, there are the following options and conditions:

Your advertising should have a cross-scientific relevance. You can choose the category if you wish. You will be mentioned in one of my posts with your product and website. No direct reference possible.

  • A banner on top is calculated on the blog and any site/article/post. Cost: $250/month
  • An advertisement in a widget (right margin). Costs: $150/month.
  • Your product mentioned in one article: $195 (one time payment).
  • Post your own article online as a business guest contribution ($395 per year).
  • Banners in all articles/posts: Cost: $200/month
  • Your article/post is always DoFollow then.

Your advertising in my portals

The advertising should of course be thematically correct. Casino, pharma and erotic and other unserious articles/posts are excluded in advance.

Linking to your blog

If you want a link to your blog from the main page of the matrix blog (see Blogroll), it would be visible on every page or post. For this, $50 will be charged monthly.

We push your website or blog!

We are happy to help you with SEO (search engine optimization) and ensure that your blog receives many new visitors. For this we can first analyze your website/blog free of charge and then tell you what effort would be necessary to make your website better known and better placed on Google. Simply report without obligation.

Contact email: jona [ät]

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