Of course, the best solution would be to prohibit further consumption of fluorides. To this end, it is primarily necessary to carry out reconnaissance work so that the competent authorities can also be convinced. In the meantime 40 animals were tested for the effects of fluoride and all had the lasting effects. As early as 2009, more than 2000 official medical and scientific professionals, including doctors, dentists, biologists, professors and many others of this kind, have demanded the ban on fluoridation worldwide. In Australia, there are many demonstrations against fluoride. Several thousand people are always on such demos. Until now it has only been successful in Australia in the state of Queensland. They were able to get 200,000 people free of forced medication. The court has agreed with the argument that if someone absolutely wants to have fluoride, can go to the dentist. The cost savings to provide these people with fluoride once was 14 million dollars a year. These costs can now be saved…

But it was not only in Queensland that fluoridation could be terminated, but applications had been made to achieve this in other federal states as well. The demonstrations have brought about something. Further studies, which have now been organized and carried out, have clearly shown that the original studies on the safety of the use of fluoride were apparently manipulated, or only what was proved. The ban on fluoride as a dietary supplement would therefore not only be a health-boost for adults, but also for children and (domestic) animals as well as a great deal of money. Considering that roughly estimated for a person 50 euros are required to provide them with fluoride annually, it would be amazing sums that could be saved here. If you then still consider the cost savings in salts, toothpaste and other means, also here a lot of further costs could be saved. Also the semi-annual dentistry would be smaller by about 30 euros, after all the fluoride is omitted. Anyway, one should ask the dentist in the future not to use the fluoride. You can tell him that you are allergic to it and get an epileptic seizure. Other excuses are also allowed – or, ultimately, one can enlighten him as to why one has decided to do so. If he can not accept this, go to the nearest dentist. Economic reasons must always be applied, otherwise heads of heads who have sold their soul to the economy can not be convinced.

UNICEF responds very diplomatically to the subject of fluoride: “Fluorides were originally used in the 1940s to prevent dental diseases: fluorides have enzymes that produce a bacterium which, in turn, destroy the bacteria that attack the molten tooth. This observation was valid, but some scientists now believe that these useful enzymes are not related to side effects. Fluorides bind calcium ions and harden the molten tooth even in childhood. Many researchers now regard this as a claim, and no more than a fact, because study observations from India are over the past 10-15 years. They say uniformly that fluoride can cause a loss of calcium from a certain dosage and thus can also destroy the calcium in the tooth matrix. This process causes a dental fluorosis. Some chronic overdoses can also cause an incurable fluorosis of the skeleton. “According to the latest information, there are over 25 countries where fluorosis has dived and appeared. In India alone, there seem to be many millions who suffer from it.


The number of affected persons from the countries has not yet been assessed, but the estimated amount is very high. As early as 1993, figures were in India, which indicated several million and affected 32 states. In Mexico, the figure is 6% of the population, which has been adversely affected by the fluoridation of the groundwater. Some areas in China have also been affected. A rise in this fluoride problem is expected worldwide since the poisoning is so creepy. Of course you should not go crazy now or believe that you would be affected. If no conspicuous signs have been shown so far, one can already start with the elimination and avoidance of the fluoride. Future prevention must be maintained until the state government understands the problem and initiates action.

The best remedy for caries is and remains vitamin D, which means natural sunlight alone is already measure enough and causes more than any other means. This knowledge was also shared by the scientists who were supposed to produce studies that should prove that fluoride is good for the teeth and prevents caries, because they selected a country as a sample study in which the sun appears very often. Thus, the study was positive and proved to be evidence that fluoridation prevented tooth caries. Cleverly threaded! There followed a mad hype and the fluoride was praised all over the world. The main drive went from the US. Many countries have been influenced by this and have agreed to compulsory medication. However, the physical and psychological problems arose only after 20-30 years and remained for a long time unintentionally. The Times wrote last year, “Does toothpaste make bad teeth?”


At first sight this statement seems contradictory, but strictly speaking, this consideration is really to be considered. Unfortunately, most parents are not aware of what they give their children for tooth cleaning, especially in Germany toothpaste is one of the main suppliers of fluoride. The United States is at the forefront with the fluoridation of water and England would like to follow in her footsteps. We can only hope that this will not happen. Scotland, on the other hand, was wiser and refused. Hawaii is also thinking about it, as is Honolulu. The competent authorities for the spread of fluoride are unfortunately more interested in economic growth than in health.

In the Indian emergency of getting the fluoride out of the water, one can not boil it out or the like, but requires an osmotic device, which filters out the fluoride in an elaborate manner and increases the water bill by a factor of four, which naturally absorbs the fluoride and, on average, reduces the water content to about 80%. This is the Tulsi plant, also known under the name Holy Basil. Responsible for this discovery is the Rajasthan University. Experiments have so far taken place in a village at Narketpally Mandal and delivered positive results. The plant is simply put into the water for eight hours, which is the whole secret. Research has just begun and perhaps further experiments will follow with other substances that are faster and more thorough. For India, the fluoride hype is definitely over.

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