Brain on LSD: From the homo sapiens to the homo superior (Part 4)

Not only in the movie “Lucy” you can see a symbolic reference to LSD, but now also in the new series “Limitless“, in which the main person is transformed from a non-categorized unemployed person into a genius by creating a substance developed by the Army in the form of a pill that he always takes…

His brain suddenly becomes much more usable, the protagonist simply remembers everything from his life and this enables him to recognize patterns and draw links that would otherwise have escaped everyone else.

Terence McKenna – The Biologist and Ethnopharmacologist

In a survey of psilocybin and LSD, the well-known linguist, author, biologist, mathematician, psychologist, consciousnessologist, historian and ethnopharmacologist Terence McKenna even said that if there would be a truth, then the human evolution would make a big leap forward by choosing to give everyone a microdose of psilocybin (or LSD).

Astral Journeys, Lucid Dreaming, Pineal Gland - New Book

It is no longer about geting “high”, as most headless users and critical officials may want to look at, it is about the increasing intelligence, creativity, knowledge, intuition, and knowledge, with these support wheels to find ways to progress faster in evolution.

According to McKenna, the human being will awake from the homo sapiens (wise man) to the homo sapiens sapiens (very wise man) to the homo superior (very wise and superior man) by microdosing, a human who has surpassed himself and learned that his brain should use not only 10%.

The homo superior would have acquired the abilities of telepathy, psychokinesis, and other abilities still called paranormal. However, this also requires a tolerant government that is not deceiving, self-serving, and inhumane, but a new form of government that works for the humans and shapes the world into a better place where everyone can develop peacefully his personality and abilities.

Terence McKenna explained that people are currently being led by idiots, who are also fraudsters and criminals. It is important to them that only they themselves developed and regard the people of this world as simple peasants, who should not develop further, for otherwise they would awaken from their sleep and see through the whole fraud system.

It is no wonder, that the countries of this world consistently forbid the human being from taking any substance that increases consciousness. Even medicinal plants, such as marijuana, which has only a very small awareness-enhancing effect, is declared illegal, so that no one takes it. Alcohol and cigarettes, which are far more harmful, are allowed. This fact undoubtedly reveals to whom the people of this world can be led. Terence McKenna had fully understood this.

Some even go further at this point, claiming that the states had created psychiatrics only for the purpose of sending people who had accidentally broadened their consciousness into therapy to restrain their consciousness and continue to sleep. To what extent this planned concealment is about to go is unclear, after all, it must also be borne in mind that people with limited awareness also find limited solutions.

The Microdose Tester James Oroc

The author and microdose tester James Oroc explains that the practice of microdosing not only increases visual awareness and vision, but also increases vitality, personal energy, and generally increases reaction time, as well as many other effects: “All athletes who learn to take LSD in microdose (tiny dosage) will increase their stamina and abilities.(See MAPS Bulletin, 2011)

Test takers who have used microdoses report that they felt a greater sense of well-being, depression disappeared as well as cluster migraine and an increased ability to solve the problem.

The Experiments of Dr. Ph. D. James Fadiman

Dr. Ph.D. James Fadiman was part of a Californian team working with microdoses of 10-20 micrograms LSD to increase the problem solving:

“According to our results and what the testimonies told us was that they felt much better with what they were doing, they even felt a little better than before.”

(Whoever wants to know about more test results, logs or information can do this through his email address jfadiman [at]

He says that you should take a microdose on every fourth day, only for a month. In this time you would already be able to feel the improvements and have a comparison.

The Professor of Biochemistry, Ph.D. Carl Hart, said:

“The amphetamines that are made on a back seat of a car, which destroy the brain, and for which we can squash other people because they consume such substances, are the same drugs we give thousands of children each morning. (see Ritalin). Why is LSD so condemned?”

Fadiman says about the microdosing of LSD:

“Do not miss a dose and do not try to stop this medication without medical help. It is a very delicate issue because the pharmaceutical industry is not concerned about this issue. The process of ingestion can take place every few days or once a week, it is also possible to take only one microgram. LSD rejuvenates, relieves anxiety and depression and improves cognitive abilities.”

LSD should not be taken daily as a microdose, because like this it will not work anymoreafter a while. You always have to give your body a few days to decompose the active substance. Of course, many people are concerned about using a substance such as LSD when it is classified as illegal by law and in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore one can turn over to Ibogain, if necessary, an entheogen, which is not as effective as LSD but has a comparable effect.

What about Ibogain?

Ibogain is still legal in some countries and is not forbidden from the law. It helps above all to dissolve itself from all kinds of addictions and therefore has a very healing effect. Microdoses are also recommended. For meditation and spiritual development, microdoses are also very worthwhile.

Of course, the microdosing at the spiritual level does not have the effect of a full or a hyperdosis, but is sufficient to ensure a slow and steady development. Some people who had problems that experienced a healing effect through microdosing say:

“After about a month, I began to get a normal relationship with the diet. I was kind to my children and I was not so angry when other people behaved badly.”

Another person said, “I’m so much more in the present. Normally, when I enjoyed something, I always thought that it would be over again, etc., but now, if I do something, I do it completely and only in the present. Microdosing is about in the direction of meditation in the morning, healthy eating and yoga. In addition, sometimes I get small insights. It gives me energy. Sometimes I just clean my house. It feels like cleaning and cleaning up my life and myself.”

After taking it, it is reported that you feel a warm, slightly luminous vibration on your body and you feel happy and talkative. One feels a pure, euphoric energy, a feeling of being surrounded by music.

Albert Hofman discovered LSD

When Albert Hofmann discovered the LSD on April 16, 1943, he accidentally absorbed a small dose over his fingers when he was dealing with some sample specimens. At first he described a kind of uncertainty, which later turned into a pleasant feeling. He perceived geometric patterns and vibrant colors. It is thought that Hofmann had taken a dose of about 30-50 micrograms. 100-400 micrograms are considered as an average dose, in order to experience a so-called LSD-Trip. Therefore, there is nothing to fear in microdosing. You remain, as you are, only slightly better. The use of the brain increases slowly and you accelerate the evolutionary development.

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