Pineal Gland Activation and decalcify the pineal gland

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Sound Stimulation (Part 6)

From an age of about 45 years the production of Melatonin by the pineal gland is going back and in some cases it even completely disappears. At the very least, these statistics are most likely to affect those who have never taken great care of spirituality and the expansion of consciousness. The production of Melatonin certainly goes hand in hand with one’s own convictions and orientations, which one possesses individually or are the product of the collective beliefs in our society system. This is why this research project is being carried out to check how strongly fluoride affects the pineal gland and what happens when you circumvent it. In any case, I have taken the following steps in my research project “Mission Pineal Gland” to stimulate the pineal gland more strongly:

1. As far as possible, do not use products with fluorides in waters, tap water, toothpastes and salts.

2. Before going to sleep, take 5 mg Melatonin and 100 mg vitamin B6. Increase the dose of Melatonin every week with 5 mg until you reach an amount of 100 mg and keep it. Do never start with 100 mg if you make a break.


3. One to two tablespoons of cedar nut oil daily for the removal of existing fluorides in the body as well as decomposition of the lime capsule around the pineal gland.

4. Bedroom windows sealed and darkened, so that at night no light falls in and at the time of the noon sleep it is also as dark as possible.

5. Suggestions and the techniques mentioned (see part 4).

6. Before and after sleeping, I hear the MP3 “Activate the pineal gland”. In addition, I recently discovered a MP3 by Suzanne Lie, allegedly channeling a being from the planet Arcturius, which has come to provide moral support at the opening of the third eye.

(The video can be viewed free of charge on Youtube under the title “Activating the Pineal Gland: Opening Your Third Eye”)

It does not work with Hemisync and therefore it can be heard quietly over the PC. If necessary, you can also convert it to MP3 and download it to its MP3 player to hear it in bed.

In any case, when I listened to this MP3, I felt that there was also pressure between the eyebrows. I must admit, however, that I was very impressed by the woman’s impressive, clean and perfect pronunciation. I have not yet encountered such perfection in the language. This is already a small pleasure!

Since the voice does not fit into Suzanne’s appearance (in my opinion), I am almost inclined to believe that this is actually a channeled Arcturian – but perhaps a professional speaker was also engaged. So far I have not investigated, because it is understandably not very relevant. On experiences I can record with regard to the stimulation some events, which I havealready mentioned.

In the meantime, not much has happened, as I have a lot to do right now and have to prepare several manuscripts at the same time, some of which will be published soon. I hope this will calm down shortly, so that more energy can be put into the stimulation. The best and most exciting experience ever was when I suddenly felt my brain! Normally, the brain has no nerves, so it’s completely pain-free, but I could sense it clearly, and it immediately followed with a strange spiritual experience that I can not describe in words at all! This was extremely strange, but at the same time phenomenal! I hope it will return.

It was as if I saw several different brains that exist in the universe and that the human brain has a certain (rather small) class. Likewise, each brain is a kind of network interface across the universe, and I could sense how the pineal gland tried to connect with its cosmic consciousness with its interface – otherwise I can not formulate or express it. As if my brain would be connected to a kind of device that connects billions of brains to each other for communication and itformally energized me. This would allow me to build up a connection with other species of the universe. On the other hand, the well-known channeling would definitely be a childbirth day. So I could imagine that one could communicate with any being who has a brain and is not human or makes communications with hollow or alien beings possible.

It was definitely an imposing experience and I felt clearly that this was just the tip of the iceberg! A kind of connection attempt, nothing more. What may follow, seemed to me almost life-changing. I could feel clearly, if the connection of this interface at some time completely succeeded, then one can adjust to a whole new life. I believe that, on the other hand, anyone who does not have the patience and dare to use Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) could have exactly the same experience as his brain is directly connected to this all-embracing consciousness. Of course, I always get feedback from readers of my Matrixblog, which partly also try my techniques with regard to the pineal gland and have so far achieved pretty good results. To this I received reports of experiences in which voices were heard, were called by name, or heard very fine music, or even threats and frightening commentaries. Also reinforced tracer remembrance and pre-lucid or lucid moments have occurred with them.

The pressure between the eyes, which can occur over time, has been felt by some people as well. Since I am no longer the youngest in the round, I can guess that I still have a lot of fluoride in the body and all of it has to be dismantled first. I have noticed that the reactions of some readers to my techniques were mostly younger persons at the age of 20-25 years. For this reason, I am assuming that I have to carry out this program for a year, in order to achieve clear results.

However, I am still looking forward to the experience of my readers, who try one or the other technique. In the next time I will certainly continue to report.

I also can recommend the sounds and music of the website Brainwave-Binaural-Beats for stimulating the pineal gland.

About sources and disclaimer to this series of articles see PART 1!


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