Booking the Matrixblogger as your Adviser

Jonathan (The Matrixblogger) likes to give advice on health, spiritual development, nutrition, dream interpretation, physical problems, coaching, communication, dreams,  parapsychological or traumatic experiences to disposal.

Every day I receive between 30-50 e-mails, messages and occasional calls from people who need help with important life issues, try to solve problems, tell me about their illnesses and suffer from them or are faced with important decisions. Through my decades of work on my consciousness and accumulated knowledge, I have been able to view people on a multidimensional and holistic level, learn much about the psyche and inner abilities, and use a strong intuition to help many people can. Therefore, I can access a large pool of knowledge that most people are not aware of.

In many cases, I have already been able to help people who have subsequently recovered, resolved and identified psychological problems, resolved and overcome parapsychological or traumatic experiences that required counseling at all other levels, or simply sought someone who understand their experiences.

Please give the following information when requesting advice:

1. Send me a photo so I can capture your emotional signature.
2. If you have any illness or mental health issues, let me know what it is and since when it exists or what you think may have been the trigger.
3. When it comes to other topics, please describe exactly, your age, gender and a brief description of your character can be helpful for me to find a contact with you.

Also, the opportunity to receive advice by email or chat and well suited to ensure your anonymity, if this is important to you. Usually a chat is used for this purpose, such as Facebook or Skype.

To book a consultation use the email adress: jona [at]

*But always remind: Any decision you make to make another person for yourself does not relieve you of your own responsibility for your life. The life after the decision can be changed again at any time and thus come into situations that you have created accordingly. One is and remains the person who ultimately made the decision!