Reincarnation Memories

Reincarnation Memory: Monk Johannes

I am out on a forest path on the way to a house. The house is rather a large wooden hut. It is rarely inhabited and is a well-known meeting place for groups or people who want to walk or celebrate together. On the way there are two young men. One of them sat on a motorbike, the other stood beside him, and they were talking. The latter made some carats and wanted to show off his art. When he saw me, he shouted, “This monk right there, I’ll catch him.”

I thought, why he spoke of a monk and looked down at me. It was correct. I wore a brown monk’s coat!

The hood was wide in the face and you could not see my face. I held my hands folded in front of my stomach. Then the man came to me. I avoided him. Then he was constantly doing some fighting tricks, but I was pretty clear now in the dream and knew that he would certainly not have a chance against me now. So I walked towards him confidently, without taking my folded hands apart. He still did some of his karate movements, but did not attack me any more, but backed wildly. Somehow he ran past me and then ran away.

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Shortly afterwards, I heard the motorcycle spur and they drove away. I turned around and went back to the hut. When I arrived, I happened to hear two men talking on the other side. They seemed to be doing something secret and how it always is in a dream, it was certainly something interesting and I listened secretly. I could see that it was a project that had to do with a strange device. That was all.

When the two men had disappeared, I was approached by two others. They told me that they would also listen to these two men. I joined them and we followed the two men. They led us to a large house on a slope. We waited until they had disappeared into the house.

Then I ran up and wanted to sneak in inconspicuously. It worked quite well and shortly afterwards I managed to get into a fairly large room, perhaps 40 m². There was no furniture in it at all, but in the middle of the room was a strange, elongated device, which I had never seen in my life. It was about one meter long, 50 cm deep and perhaps 2 inches high. It seemed to consist mainly of metal and at first glance seemed like a forgotten drainpipe. Above was a large opening with a kind of silver lid. To the left was an opening, which had a brilliant surface.

I could not find out more about this device and because the top cover appeared as a cover, I turned curiously around it. In fact, the lid could be removed and I could look inside. It was just a hollow space, in which there was a simple, hand-sized ball. This ball looked like plastic or plexiglass, which had been formed into a sphere. I took out the ball. Ít looked feathery, but at the same moment a white ray came out of the opening at the side, creating a kind of gate at about three meters. I was surprised. The device seemed to be a kind of transportable dimensional gate. It opened a gate into another world or a more distant space. In any case I did not want to go through the gate because I did not know what to expect at the other end. So I put the ball back into the cavity. At the same time, the dimension gate re-opened. Then I took them out again. The game was fun.

Suddenly I shot out of my body and found myself under the blanket and could see for myself. When I put the ball back into the device, the room separated into two halves – only visible to me in this out-of-body condition. On the one hand, I saw myself standing, and on the other there were several people in front of the unit. They seemed to be excited because on the other side an unauthorized person was playing around the unit.

Then I went back to my body. As soon as the ball was again in the device, a white-lighted hole opened inside the cavity and a hand reached for the ball! The device was therefore usable from both sides. That surprised even more. Intuitive, I grabbed the bullet again because I wanted to prevent the others from opening the gate. I feared that they would have control over the device and maybe send me somwhere.

Inside the cavity, we argued about the ball in the fiddly hand. Then, in the room I was in, a door opened and I let the ball fall. In front of me stood an alien! It was certainly 2 meters tall and had these big, black eyes, as you know them from many movies and videos. Only it was much bigger. It’s skin was very metallic, but it’s black eyes were the same. Something was wrong with this extraterrestrial, however, so I noticed immediately.

It was a robot! Probably a helper. A helper sent out to eliminate the disturbance at the other end of the dimensional disturbance! That would mean that it should get rid of me.

Suddenly my two helpers rushed in and attacked the robot with their weapons and fists without hesitation. But their attack was quickly broken. They were bleeding on the ground within seconds. This showed me that an open fight against it would be quite futile. Then I ran around the alien all the time. As it moved only slowly, it could not grab me. On it’s chest I discovered a round plate with an octagonal emblem. It did not look metallic, but from the same material as the ball. I once hit the emblem with full force.

The robot stopped short, but then it moved again and hit me. I ran around it again and then outside. In the hallway I discovered a table with scissors. With this armed I ran again to the robot alien, ran around it and at the appropriate moment I rammed the scissors into the emblem. But again nothing happened. There was not a scratch on the emblem to see.

On my next attempt, I simply grabbed the emblem and could then open it by chance. It broke open and the robot paused. It did not move anymore. I suspected that opening this flap put him on reception. Behind this emblem I discovered a circuit and a silver button. This time I pressed it, in the great hope, it would disable this dangerous thing. It worked. The robot hung it’s head down. Now I turned around and turned back to this unit…

I woke up shortly afterwards in my bed. The dream had been very exciting. Although I’m still wondering some elements here, but it was quite exciting. The eighth emblem was somehow much more complex and thicker than in the picture above. It even looked as if it had been woven or twisted, and there were eight bulges.

Shortly thereafter, I remembered that a friend had dreamed of me a week or two ago, she met me in her dream as a monk Johannes. In the dream reality I still looked like Jonathan, but in the meantime had renounced all secrets, and would have done this alone for my secret research, which I should not discuss with her. The church would be a good sign to be able to practice my plans and my attitude undisturbed. It is amusing to see that many of my other selves in other realities often begin with the name Jo….

Once I dreamed that Joachim Bublath (a german talk master) who makes science sentiments) is a brother-soul of mine. However, he is exploring much more the skeptical realm and is strictly scientific-believing, so different than I am. For me, science is only a secondary aid, but not a religion. If I relate this dream to Brother John with my dream of today, then there might be a connection here.


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