The Brain on LSD: Microdose Psilocybin (Part 3)

LSD is the leading agent that increases the brain activity from an everyday 10% to about 70-80%. This determining was clearly demonstrated by the latest scientific studies..

However, not only LSD has this amazing effect, but also the active ingredient psilocybin, which can be found in some mushroom varieties such as, in the pointed conical head (Psilocybe semilanceata) or the Cuban bald head (Psilocybe cubensis).

Psilocybin Mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis)

The first one is native in Germany and likes to grow on cows’ meadows. Like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms are very similar in microdoses, which means they activate the normally unused areas of the brain, although not as much as LSD, but still very striking.


At the beginning, users of such substances may not be able to cope with the abundance of information that suddenly flows into them. They perceive things that have escaped them before, and the information also seems confusing and illogical. In this phase, the brain first begins to collect information that comes in an apparently random order.

Once enough information has been collected, the brain begins to form patterns. For this reason, the first income can be a bit disturbing, especially in people who have not previously accumulated knowledge of the sciences in their lives. Most people have no need to continue taking such a substance after the first dose.

LSD Microdosing an Psilocybin Microdosing

LSD and psilocybin are not fun drugs, but their job is to expand the awareness. Knowledge and self-knowledge, extended perception and highly creative thinking and feeling are the result. But of course, I would advise against such experiments, and this series of articles is, of course, for information purposes only.

Above all, we are talking about the microdosing of LSD or alternatively psilocybin. For this purpose, someone has to take very tiny doses, which can not interfere with the everyday life or trigger a so-called trip, because the small amount causes a stepwise and very delayed activation of the brain areas lying behind. For this reason, microdosing is so attractive to many people. They can function normally in their daily lives and the new perception elements and the slowly activating brain areas sneak in gradually. No sudden changes in perception, instability, fear, no irritation, no misunderstanding and other possible consequences occur.

The three Monkeys Experiment

Some of you might have already heard about this experiment, which was done with some monkeys. Three monkeys were placed in a cage with a ladder, and at the end of it a banana hanging from the ceiling was reached. But as soon as a monkey climbed the ladder and wanted to grab the banana, the other monkeys were sprayed with water. After some time the monkeys prevented each other from climbing the ladder. Then one gradually interchanged one monkey after another, until none of the original ones (who were there from the beginning) were in the cage anymore.

The amazing thing was that none of the new monkeys dared to climb the ladder, even though no one of them was really aware of what might be the result. Nor did any of the monkeys assume that there might be moments in which nothing would happen as soon as they climbed the ladder. The monkeys beat every new monkey, who wanted to come up and head up the ladder, although no one knew why.

Psilocybin mushrooms were consumed almost daily by the Indians in Central America. When the Spanish people invaded and forcefully imposed on them new rules of behavior and a new faith, a few generations later no one knew why there were no mushrooms for dinner anymore and why they actually went to church and had a cross hanging on their wall at home.

Mushroom ceremonies were regarded as a pagan ritual, as a devil thing, and was no longer welcomed. The parents and their parents have teached them this way and no one questioned it any more. And even if someone questioned it, they were verbally and perhaps even physically attacked as heretics, or excluded from the community. Why all this was actually handled like this, was forgotten after a time.

It is also not very different with substances that increase consciousness such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. They were sometimes banned and generally classified as harmful drugs that could cause accidents, mental problems, horror trips, flashbacks, hallucinations, personality disorders and all that stuff.

However, these problems only occurred in 1-3% of all users, and as a result of the generalization of these, the next generations believed that they were harmful. They are even equated with narcotics, such as heroin or opium, which cause a physical dependency, although this is not the case at all.

The best example is marijuana, which was originally a medicinal plant. It eliminates arthritic problems and successfully combats cancer. Some people managed to defeat their cancer with cannabis. But how could it happen that marijuana was classified as harmful and later as illegal, even if it is just a medicinal plant? Here, the pharmaceutical industry has done a great deal of work and claims that this is a harmful drug that makes people sick and crazy. They say the pharmaceutical industry knows that, because, according to the state, they should be experts in this field.

Nowadays, the enormous healing power and versatility of marijuana is becoming more and more popular and a legalization is being considered. LSD was legal in the 1960s and freely available everywhere. Everyone who took this substance to himself suddenly inclined to regard the people in love and peace, and they resisted resolutely against violence and injustice. In the end LSD was banned because a few people reported that they had a flashback during car driving and had almost caused an accident.

LSD Flashbacks

Flashbacks are defined as a brief, immediate resurgence of the consciousness under LSD, without taken it. Some people say, it was instigated by the highest position to continue to divide people into groups and thus to incite them against each other. Wars and ruthless procedures are absolutely impossible under LSD. Even the secret services experimented with unsuccessful soldiers with the help of LSD for years. After it was determined that this did not work, it was probably uninteresting.

Psilocybin has similar properties as LSD and which was shown by so-called fMRI scans (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The brain intensified the pattern formation and recognition for the perceptive a lot. Everyday life was no longer an inscrutable reality, which was accepted as it was, but clear connections between life experiences in everyday life were recognized. It can be compared with the regular watching of a Daily Soap (see soap opera, TV series).

As a viewer, someone can easily recognize that the individual episodes or scenes have to do with each other, build on each other and reach a goal. The characters, within the sequences, can not get this overview because the actors know the script, but not the roles. In this way, the increased pattern formation, which means the perceiver receives a certain distance from his usual everyday reality and becomes a spectator. Only in this way is it possible for him to understand everyday reality. As soon as the effect of the substance has diminished, the overactivity of the brain diminishes and you fall back to your old patterns. But this is not quite correct, because this involves a certain learning process, so you can keep a certain part of the acquired perceptions and new perceptual patterns.


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