The Brain on LSD: Microdosing LSD (Part 2)

In the first part about the well-known psychedelic substance, with the title “The Brain on LSD: Active Brain Scans” on my blog, I have shown that several neuroscientists have discovered with the aid of extensive brain scans that LSD activates the brain in a wide area, that is, unused which means unused areas are suddenly stimulated and push the user of this substance into a time window, in which he is already thousands of years ahead of the other evolutionists. This research result has now split the neuroscientists …

The Movie Lucy by Luc Besson

In the movie “Lucy” a women, gets into a criminal drug thing, which works with a new substance, that enables the brain to higher performance. As an involuntary smuggler, the substance is put into her belly, but the bag were the substance is hidden, is leaking and the substance flows out into her body increasingly.

Through the constant stimulation, her brain activity increases, so that she is capable of incredible deeds, such as a reinforcement of her senses and pattern recognition, but also extraordinary psychokinesis, clairvoyance and the possibility of increased communication possibilities.

Astral Journeys, Lucid Dreaming, Pineal Gland - New Book

Her abilities are increasing until they become temporal relocation, etherodynamics, and physical teleportation until she reaches 100% brain capacity and occupies a superposition in space and time, similar to a super quantum particle. If you only look at the symbolism in this movie, you see that the movie is already referring to LSD and its ability to stimulate the brain. Also “Lucy” is the code name for LSD on the black market.

Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The Beatles already knew this in the sixties, when they gave their song the name “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“. When they asked Albert Hofman, the inventor of the LSD, how he had managed to reach such a high age of 102 years and still remain healthy, he explained loosely that LSD had helped him.

However, he did not have a trip every day and flew around the world as a wild donor bird, but he gave his body a tiny dose every day. This dose was not enough for a trip into the rabbit’s build-up of our subconscious mind, but stimulated only a few brain areas, which are for creativity, vision, body feeling, communication, intuition, spontaneity, curiosity, spatial sensation, concentration, analysis, time sensitivity, cognition, pattern recognition, imagination and language.

Amanda Feilding and David Nut

Take the brain area for “communication” as an example: We communicate with our people, with our language, facial expressions and gestures. They are confined to the use of the mouth, the tongue, and the whole apparatus, which is necessary in connection with it. However, the brain stimulation with LSD, as demonstrated by the scientists Amanda Feilding and David Nut recently with brain scans, strengthens the abilities of the brain to several thousand percent.

In this case, the communication would reach a new level and increase to a higher level of attention, a stronger intuition and empathy. The familiar everyday communication with language and gesture would gain new facets – and this is now only about communication.

LSD Microdosing – Dosage

If, according to Hofmann, you would work with microdoses would give the body only a minimal dose, the subliminal stimulation should increase a whole range of abilities. You do not have to start from a daily dose. A recommended microdosing is 10-30 µg (microgram, not milligram!) Once every 3-4 days. It’s like with the weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, you have more success to keep it as long as you do so gradually, so that the body can get used to the changeover. Once the habituation has succeeded successfully, the newly acquired state can also be maintained. No different is apparently to be accomplished with LSD.

What did the french movie director Luc Besson tell us with his movie “Lucy“? By the way, his first name, Luc, could also be derived from the word lucidity (lucidity, clarity, light-fill) and perhaps demonstrates a little the possibilities for recognizing patterns in physical reality in which it always appears like the processes would occur accidentally.

Pattern recognition is a very important factor that is activated when LSD is administered. Neuronal connections are produced in vast amounts in order to be able to really or finally grasp the physical reality, because with a brain, which is only 10% usable, the everyday life is only 10%.

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