Reincarnation Memories

Reincarnation Memories: In the Camp of the Prisoners

I had a dream last night, where I have been in a prison camp. At first, I thought it was the same camp, as in another reincatnation memory, but it was not. This time it was another camp with another commander… I still remember that the regime was on the verge of collapse. We had managed to defeat the supporters of the regime in many places. In my confidence, however, I was so enthusiastic that I fought with the front groups against the remaining groups and was caught foolish. I was thrown into a cell where there were already some other prisoners. They had been in this prison for some time. Political prisoners. They told me, that political prisoners were not treated very well here. But my appearance in this prison, with the joyous messages that the regime was soon to be overthrown, filled the prisoners with hope and new optimism.

Once the regime was overthrown, they would be released again. Quickly I developed into the prison of hopes, wishes and prospects of freedom. This did not appeal to the commander of the prison. He wanted to break me and show the other prisoners that I was not a leader and a hope-bearer, but had lied and wanted to be important. He kept calling me over and did the most reckless things with me. In one scene he pulled out a pair of healthy bred teeth with a pair of tongs.

Another time, I once again took hold of his subordinates and practiced carat kicks at me and enthusiastically used my head as a goal. In the night I was awake again and again and thought about the last cruel scene that had been done with me. Then I fell asleep again and landed in this prison and went on with the torture.

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I certainly have awakened three or four times and re-entered this prison. The tortures had an advantage, even if they were cruel and unpleasant: they helped me to be aware of my situation. Somehow I became clear in the dream and recognize that I was dreaming.

At that moment I could finish the torture immediately. I was even able to rewind the dream. It was my plan to advance to a scene where I could find an important letter or note somewhere, so that when I awoke again I would have a clue as to the time and country in which I was. The plan was simple, though multidimensional. If I could get a reference to the place and time, I would be able to research later, where I was caught here at all.

At some point I found a sort of notice board in the hallway. There were various pieces of paper hanging on it. There I looked for a reference to a regiment designation or perhaps a date… but all I found was a piece of paper with a slogan. I thought I could just remember this slogan and later when I would wake up, I could search it in the Internet. I stamped on the slogan that appeared to me somehow Serbian, and left the dream.

In my bed, well-guarded, I thought about all the memories of this other life. The fight against the regime, my capture, the torture, the consciousness and the search. I personally think, that this stay in the prison might have lasted for a year until the regime collapsed. In any case, as a dreamer, I probably spent only a few days there, perhaps the most emotional ones. I have fallen asleep again. The next morning I still had the memory of many scenes, but unfortunately I forgot the slogan. Even as an experienced dreamer, you are not immune to such errors.


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