The Brain on LSD: Active Brain Scans (Part 1)

Recently, in the public-accessible research on the intake of the consciousness-expanding substance called lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), it has been found out, that it activates almost all brain areas over a large area. The graphic shows the daily or normally activated areas of the brain of a person in the everyday life, while the bottom row demonstrates how extensively the brain works with lysergic acid diethylamide. The orange and red fields reveal the sudden activities and expand the use of the brain…

Up to now it was assumed that the human being alone is not able to use the brain with more than 10% because of its slow evolution. The much larger remnant can’t be reached. Now scientists have made it clear: “With LSD, you get access to the normally unused brain areas. It makes the brain more complete!”

This statement has now caused controversy in the scientific community. It was thought that LSD would make you hallucinate, but how can that be if the otherwise unused areas of the brain are activated? Isn’t a person who has activated more brain areas, more creative, and even more intelligent than everyone else? While a normal mortal human uses about 7% of his brain, Albert Einstein was told that he used 1-3% more.


Now imagine you activate the brain up to 60-90%! What incredible possibilities are revealed to this human being? Are there really hallucinations or are the scientists, who use only 7-10% of their brain, simply irritated by the reports of those who have taken LSD and thus know their perceptions only as hallucination?

Who is really hallucinating, the LSD consumer or the humanity who has till no only used a part of all brain areas that could be used? According to scientist Robin Carhart-Harris, who has been researching LSD for 40 years, this substance breaks the barriers that normally block access to the other brain areas. He says:

“The access to these areas opens, which usually keeps several functions seperated, such as vision and movement, and creates a more integrated brain. We also found out that some other areas of the brain that are responsible for vision, not the visual cortex, are activated. Normally, brains insist on forming independent networks and separates specific functions from each other, like imagination, movement and listening, as well as more complex areas such as attention. Our results show that these effects of consciousness-expanding states, as people reported during an LSD experience, spoke of an I-resolution, which means that the normal perception of the self is broken and is expressed by a sense of reunion with oneself, with others and the natural world. This experience usually has a religious or spiritual context. Our brains become much stiffer in age and have their fixed patterns, but LSD frees these patterns and not so determined.”

Carhart-Harris’s statements about LSD, in addition to his colleagues with similar research results were pulished in the journal “National Academy of Sciences”.

The researcher Amanda Feildings, director of the Beckley Foundation, is also researching the effects of LSD and explains, “We are deciphering the brain mechanisms using LSD, not only to heal, but also to deepen our understanding of consciousness.”

She was a friend of Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD. Before his death, she promised him to take care that the LSD would be explored again. In the late 60s it was forbidden due to flashbacks when driving. Hofmann became 108 years old and said that he owes this to regular microdoses of LSD, which has driven his cures and encouraged his creativity. Feildings has succeeded in fulfilling its promise and, due to her new studies, she demonstrates a way to move the brain into a multiple achievement.

ProfessorDavid Nutt, Director of the Neuropsychopharmacological Imperial College in London, says:

“Science has been waiting for this moment for 50 years – the discovery of how LSD is changing our brain biology. For the first time, we can really see what happens during a psychedelic condition in the brain, and can better understand LSD how it has such a strong influence on self-confidence, music and art. This can also lead to major implications in psychiatry and help patients to overcome conditioning such as depression. In the meantime the latest research has shown that LSD can bring the brain to peak levels. It can lead a human to build new knowledge, mentally and possibly physically heal, overcome depression and other psychological disorders, to quit alcohol addiction and other addictions by breaking through the retracted patterns and providing new patterns.”

Once you look at the brains on the graph above, how can you say that the user of such an active brain that exceeds the brain of each average person by an estimated 800 to 1000% is talking about worthless hallucinations?

Amanda Feildings has teamed up with David Nutt and Carhart-Carris to form a science team, and their controversial study was published in the journal PNAS. In this article they said, “We are the first to present such a study!”

They received 20 volunteers for further trials and gave them an under-average dose of 75 micrograms (which is one thousandths of a milligram). When the LSD started working, their brains were recorded using the fMRI and MEG procedures. The result was astounding! Many unused brain areas were activated, even those who were once declared completely dead…


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Picture: Dr. Carhart-Harris


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