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Conversations of Kids: Rechargeable Birds

“The little Jonathan would like to be picked up from the children’s paradise…” – Conversations with children are sometimes very funny, versatile interpretable and creative. I do not have any children and I do not want to have any, but when I sometimes meet some kids, some interesting dialogues appear…

“Why do the birds always sit on the power cables up there?”
“Think about it.”
“I have no idea… Maybe because they have a better view up there?”

“No what nonsense!”
“Then tell me why.”
“That’s obvious! They charge themselfes.”
“With what?”
“With the electricity as you can see.”
“I don’t believe you!”
“Have you ever seen a bird with a battery?”
“You see, that’s why they need direct electricity, because if they don’t charge themselfes they will be emptyone day and fall on the ground.”
“What? So birds who are lying dead on the ground aren’t, dead but just empty?”
“That’s it! Now you finally understand it.”

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