Dream Night” is a series in which I consciously focus on entering alternative realities where I also have a life, a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience, or I experience an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories from higher ones States of consciousness have to report.
That night, I encountered many dream sequences that were somehow related. I will try my best to present and describe them as clearly as possible. The afternoon before, I practiced one of my techniques to achieve the dissociative state. In doing so, I achieved good results and could clearly feel how psychic energy could accumulate through dissociation. Since I did not use the energy for something new, it was saved and could unfold in my dreams at night…

In the first sequence, reincarnation memories came into my consciousness. They came from one of my life in the Middle Ages. There I was traveling a lot with a friend. He was tall and strong and had a reddish-brown beard. We had many adventures together. At some point we got information to a magician who had no good reputation and a bounty on him was exposed.
We talked in a tavern if we should pull this order ashore. In the course of our efforts, several other men joined us because they told us that many had already tried to capture this magician, but he was very dangerous and had real magical abilities. My friend and I were a little skeptical, because who had such skills?
After weeks of searching, we were able to locate this ominous magician and found him in a forest hut where he had entrenched himself. We stormed the hut with maybe six men and my friend, the big one, headed. He jumped right at the magician and knocked him down with a blow, but the magician did not stay long on the ground. He straightened up again and created a kind of fog inside the hut that came out of nowhere. Then he just ran into my friend and disappeared! Somehow I knew intuitively that the magician had not only invaded my friend, but that he now had taken possession of him.
It was a tough fight against the magician/friend until we finally defeated him. But before we could deliver him to the authorities, we first had to free our friend. That have had top priority for me. One of the men had an idea for this. He wanted to lock the magician in an iron shed to starve him there, until he would detach himself from my companion and release him.
After a longer walk we came to a place where this supposed iron shed was located. This consisted of six large iron plates, build like a cube, some of these walls were already rusty, and gave a sealed room.
We locked the magician or my companion in there, but when I, the last one, wanted to leave the shack, they just locked it and I was caught. I shouted that they should let me out, but the other men did not answer. That’s when I realized that they had locked me up so I could lure the magician out of my friend, because I was the only one who had a deeper connection to him. So we were both locked up and I desperately tried to speak to my friend, whose consciousness was now taken over by the magician, and bring it out again.
I came up with a lot and eventually the mage actually came out of my friend. My friend immediately fainted and fell to the ground while the magician stood imposingly in front of me. He had a dark aura and wore a dark brown leather vest. His dark eyes fixed on me and before he could attack me, the shack opened and our companions came rushing in. They knocked the magician over and brought my friend and me out. Now we had caught the magician alone in this shed.
At that moment it clicked in my mind and I was in my apartment from one second to the other in the present moment. It was not the apartment I had in my everyday reality, because it seemed to be an alternate reality. No sooner had I reoriented, I heard a very loud roar and noise. It was like a huge river flowing in front of the house.
I went to the front door and opened it. In fact, I saw a raging river tearing trees, shrubs and other objects there. It walked so close to the house that I had to press myself at the wall, so as not to be carried away. If the water was only half a meter away, I would drown, I thought at that moment, pressing myself even closer to the wall.
Suddenly, I saw that a water bubble was forming in front of the open door with a diameter of maybe two meters. Since this bubble was only a few meters away from me, I thought it might be a bubble of air I could get into. So I went to that bubble and then entered her. But this “bubble” was not, but inside was also water, so I could not breathe in it.
Quickly I rescued myself. But time was pressing, because I would not be able to protect myself from the raging river for a long time. So I stood helplessly in front of the big bubble of water and looked for a way out.
In the imminent danger I gained more and more lucidity within this dream, that is, slowly I realized that this could only be a dream. Unfortunately, the lucidity was not enough to be aware of my full abilities at such moments, but it was enough to try again to penetrate the bubble of water. I hoped to be able to breathe in it through my clarity and thus to save myself or to free myself from this situation.
As soon as I entered the water bubble, a female voice suddenly sounded from the off.
She said: “You have to stay in the bubble longer to free yourself!”
I understood! The whole dream was sent to me by my higher self or the wholeness of my self and packaged into a symbolic disguise. The water bubble reflects my matrix shell and the raging river symbolized the vast amounts of energy I had somehow released.
Again it clicked in my mind and I switched to another reality again! There I was in a train station, sitting alone on a bench. Suddenly two policemen came to me and stopped next to a ticket machine that was less than three meters away from me. I thought about what the police would think of me, since I already seemed to sit here for a long time. Maybe they believed that I was a homeless man who planned to sleep right here.
I wondered how to answer them. I could not think of anything! I tried to remember where I was going or where I had come from, but my head was completely empty and I did not have a memory of anything.
One of the policemen looked at me and then asked what I was doing here. I still did not know how to answer, and every time I tried to answer, I lost the thread and could not answer.
Then one of the policemen pulled a ticket from the machine and held it out to me with the remark:
“This is the period!”
This statement irritated me completely! What did he want to tell me? I looked at the ticket and tried to determine the time from a stamp, but I could not see anything.
Shortly after, I woke up. Somehow I connected these three dream experiences with each other. I was sure that they were connected and wanted to give me a statement about the dissociation and matrix capsule in the form of a message.


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