Dream Research: Is our Everyday Life also a Dream?

The question is: Is our everyday reality also a dream? Can we get lucid in this reality?

I am not really a big fan of techniques, because in my opinion, once all the important connections have been understood correctly, it is possible to become often automatically lucid within a dream. Unfortunately the understanding requires a lot of thinking and questioning and a continuous questioning of yourself, in order to crack the camouflage, which is our everyday reality and for billions of people extremely successfully veiled the fact that you are also in this moment within a dream. For the reason, it is not so easy to understand, because the camouflage that everyday life is also a dream, is so vehemently hidden, that it seems almost impossible to recognize it as such. Many people would never admit that all this is just a dream.

However, not only holograms can obscure this, but the largest part is contributed to it. Whenever I tried to convince a person that we are in a dream in our everyday life and we simply dreamed to wake up in the morning, we never fell on fertile ground, but rather on strong counter-defense. We have lived this life here for many years every day, so who would like to admit that all the personal achievements are just a dream suddenly?

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Life is just a Dream

When I first realized that my everyday life is just a dream, I literally got into trouble with a massive fear. No joke! The fear I was experiencing at the moment was the worst and greatest thing I had ever experienced in my life. The immense threat, or rather the danger of death, which I experienced at that moment, was not based on an object outside of myself, but it referred to a realization that I received inside. Not only did I felt that I was really someone else, with my own life and my own reality, but I understood that my everyday life is only a very plastic and slowed dream. All the friends I had met, my professional training, my partner at that time, my knowledge… all these things were only dreamed.

I realized that I was only a projection of a self that someone had automatically sent after sleeping in. So I looked back at my life and had to admit that I had not found a way out of this misery in my childhood, because I was still not awake and I am still sleeping! Jumping out of my everyday bed in the morning, also this was only dreamed! So I have been dreaming every morning since my childhood that I woke up in my bed, and I am fond of assuming that the everyday world is my growth.

I was asked why techniques are only secondary and why you can invent and practice a thousand different techniques without realizing the really great success that you might wish. Why this is the case, I would like to explain by the following example: There are two very well-known standard techniques to effect a lucid dream:

1. Simulate the Dream State in Everyday Life

You only need to walk through the room several times a day or two minutes during the day or walk through nature and try to imagine as much as possible that you are in a dream. Youcan pretend to float above the ground or look at flowers and trees and always think of how wonderful it is to be in a dream. The aim of this exercise is that this behavior is reflected in the dream and will emerge as an action strand. The more you practice it, the higher the probability to become lucid in a dream.

2. Simulating Reality Checks in Everyday Life

A very well-known technique is to carry out a so called “Reality Check” or reality test in everyday life by critically assessing the daily reality, whether it is a dream or, in fact, actually the environment of the accustomed everyday life. Of course, you know you are in your everyday life while you are doing this exam, but the sense is that this behavior should also show up in the dream, since dreaming likes to pick up and use elements from everyday life.

Making Reality Checks

It is advisable to look around at least ten times a day and carry out a reality check. It only takes one minute to complete, which is spontaneous. So you can try to reach through a door or read a text or jump into the air to watch how long it takes to land back on the ground or drop a pencil or ask yourself if the door you cross, is really a part of your everyday reality etc.

In any case, it is very important, even if it does not correspond to the fact that in this review you should come to the clear conclusion that you are in a dream. It is not an authentic or scientifically-based exam, but a simulation, which is supposed to bring the effect to reappear in the dream as a simple action routine. For this reason, the result must always turn out to be within a dream.

It is, however, very interesting to consider once more why these two techniques make it so important to question the extent to which everyday life is actually a wakefulness and, above all, that the result should always be positive in a reality test, which means you must necessarily come to the conclusion that you are in a dream – even if you are still at the moment of the exercise in the daily life and when you are awake and know about all this. This technique only works sensibly if one declares the everyday life, despite opposing views of all people within his personal environment, it as a dream. This also has a very clear reason, because this technique can only work if the subconscious mind is finally fully consented and honestly admits to itself, that you have recognized, you are within a dream. At this moment, it is admitted that everyday life is also just a dream, and you are ready to gradually bring this to realization.

About Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Our ego defends itself with everything possible against the realization that everyday life is only another dream and for the reason the becoming dreamer also has problems to become lucid in a clear and rational way in his dreams. Techniques therefore serve only to conceal or slow down their fear of this realization. Thus, techniques work, but they ultimately leave you sneeking into the process. That is why lucid dreamers, who are automatically dreaming lucidly every night, are also extremely rare. Of course, you can get the techniques of lucid dreams with the techniques, but most of those who started with it have also stopped again and were satisfied with the one, two, three or perhaps even ten lucid dreams they have experienced. The ego has thus recovered the scepter and successfully passed the seemingly scientific proof that everyday life can not be a dream.

Techniques or not? This is the question. Of course, techniques are good and they help to bring the ego step by step and with less fear to the subject, but the ultimate leap to the above knowledge is ultimately concealed in the visualization of the self and in those who conceive of the ever-recurring dream.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Much to ponder. Btw how its going with your book? The one you are going to translate into english.. My Latest lucid dream 3 weeks ago was very profound because i did remember to ground myself properly.. When i becomed aware that i was in a dream i looked at my hands and said 3-4 times with strong will and intention Awereness NOW! Awereness NOW! AWERENESS NOW! pretty instant the realness, awereness and stablization of the dream become very high.. I also gave up the thoughts of the physical reality and accepted this new dream reality as my ”home”.. Then i took off and i did fly really really fast near the trees with a big smile on my face and a thrilling senseation of speed in my stomach 😀 Never have ive been avaible to fly that fast.. And it lasted pretty long the dream.. I guess its the higher awereness from grounding in the beginning thats is important. The dream will accept your commands more easily and it become more ”real” higher quality.. Sometimes in the middle of the night after i had have a lucid dream i wake up in a semi-vibration state and when i vizualize my astral body being above of my physical body i feel that i move upwards.. but as soon as i stop focusing i get sucked back in my physical body.. I guess i am near to achieve a OBE. /Alex

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