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NASA Disinformation – What are lies and what is not?

NASA is the space agency of the USA and provides the world with information about the sent probes, observations with tele- and radio telescopes as well as information from astronomy and astrophysics, but what is true and what is not? Does NASA always tell the truth or does it also give out false information…?

NASA is officially run as a private company. In reality, NASA is an agency controlled by the government. The chairman of NASA, Bill Nelson, is a former intelligence chairman of the CIA.

NASA is controlled in terms of what information it can and cannot release to the public. The censorship here is so enormous that one can hardly imagine how much disinformation this censorship contains. But not only censorship, but the output of direct misinformation regarding most of the things that are taught in schools and universities.


In the further some clarifications, what from NASA deliberately passed on as misinformation to the universities and public and the corrected statements to it:

How many Planets exist in our Solar System?

Disinformation of NASA: “There are 8 planets in our solar system. Pluto is too small to be a planet, so it was removed from the list.”

Correction: there are actually more than 12 planets.

Is Pluto the boundary of our solar system?

Disinformation of NASA: “After Pluto there is no planet for a long time. Only after 4.5 light-years the next solar system appears, which perhaps also has planets.”

Correction: Within our solar system, if one puts Pluto as the outermost border, still three further planets exist. Beyond Pluto still further planets exist, which one can count to our solar system.

Did the moon always exist?

Disinformation of NASA: “The moon originated most likely from the earth and is the satellite of the earth since billions of years.”

Correction: the moon suddenly appeared in the sky thousands of years ago and then remained there.

When did the first moon landing take place?

NASA disinformation: “The first moon landing took place in 1969.”

Correction: the first moon landing took place in the 1920s or 1930s.

What exists on the moon?

NASA disinformation: “Only boulders and moon dust exist on the moon.”

Correction: there are massive buildings, towers, antennas, platforms, gigantic entrances in the craters, etc., some of which are millions of years old.

NASA doesn’t visit the moon anymore because there is nothing special there?

Disinformation of NASA: “The moon is boring, therefore NASA has no more interest in visiting it.”

Correction: The living beings on and in the moon have forbidden the astronauts further visits.

Is there only life on Earth?

NASA disinformation: “In our solar system, life exists only on Earth.”

Correction: just about every planet in our solar system is inhabited.

Is Life only possible within the Habital Zone of a solar system?

NASA disinformation: “Life can arise at most on the planet that is within the Habital Zone.”

Correction: life can arise on any planet, regardless of its distance from the sun.

Does the Sun heat the Earth?

NASA disinformation: “The Sun provides the necessary heating for the planets located in the Habital Zone. The Earth is at the most suitable distance from the Sun and therefore receives the optimum heat. Planets that are too close have liquid atmospheres and planets that are too far from the Sun are ice or gas planets and no life is possible on them.”

Correction: the surface of the Sun has a temperature of only about 6000 degrees and, because of its distance, cannot warm the orbiting planets in the usual sense of how, for example, a heater warms a person. Thus the sun does not supply heating warmth in the usual sense, but supplies each planet with an individual warming radiation dose, which it needs, in order to be able to form life. Each planet is stimulated, so to speak, by the sun in the correct measure and thus nature is able to let life develop on each planet. The nature, also active in the universe, creates the most optimal conditions for every life, it does not create planets to let them trundle around unused, dead and without life for billions of years in the universe.

Are there extraterrestrials?

Disinformation of NASA: “Aliens cannot exist, because the next star, Alpha Centauri, is already so far away that a spaceship would need many years or decades already for the outward flight.”

Correction: With the help of portal technology, space curvature, hyperspace and wormholes, it is possible to cover such huge distances in minutes.

Have aliens ever visited Earth?

NASA disinformation: “Aliens can’t have visited Earth yet because the distance to Earth would be much too far.”

Correction: Earth has been visited millions of times by extraterrestrials in the past and is still being visited at present.

What is the moon?

NASA disinformation: “The moon is a normal moon, like other planets have.”

Correction: the Moon is too perfectly rounded to be a normal Moon. Also, the moon is too intelligently positioned – see solar eclipse and corona. The moon is artificial.

Is the moon inhabited?

NASA disinformation: “The moon is uninhabited.”

Correction: the moon has many millions of inhabitants inside the moon.

Why have we still been flying rockets for 50 years?

NASA disinformation: “The current state of technology only allows the construction of rockets and space shuttles with extremely low locomotion speed and very limited range.”

Correction: secret space projects exist in which spaceships capable of flying many light years through space have been built for decades. Many of these are occasionally in Earth orbit.

Is Mars inhabited?

Disinformation from NASA: “Mars is a desert and rocky planet. No life exists there. If it does, it is at most on a microscopic level.”

Correction: millions of inhabitants exist on Mars.

Have humans ever been to Mars?

NASA disinformation: “So far, only probes and computer-controlled rovers have been to Mars. Man has never been to Mars.”

Correction: man was already in the 50s the first time on Mars.

Is there already a station on Mars?

NASA disinformation: “It will be decades before humans are able to establish a Mars station on Mars.”

Correction: a Mars station with humans exist since the 1970s, if not earlier.


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