Dreamnight: Back into the Future

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

Today the dreamnight was brought forward one day. It was really good right now. At about 12:30 a.m. I left my body and hovered gaily under the blanket. Sometimes it is not easy to keep the two bodies apart. Sometimes you are still convinced that you are still in the physical body, but then you are going to chase in bed, which would not normally be possible. The opposite is the case. As soon as you are intrigued and awake shortly thereafter, you are almost sure to be in the second body, but then you can see that this is not so…

I have already read about letters from readers of my blog that they can not distinguish the two bodies at all. Someone even told me, that he always bends against the wall to find out in which body he is. As I mentioned, I just hovered under the covers.

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Next moment, I’m racing at high speed through the black of nothing. Here I am outside of the camouflage system, which is usually not known to us. We are usually at the core of the camouflage system and are usually known as everyday reality. So I travel outside the camouflage system and fly and fly.

Somewhere around me a new reality arises. A new camouflage is adopted.

“My dear crew,” I heard from a loudspeaker.

I turned around and realized that I was in a large room, certainly about 50 square meters. On the wall in front of me was a huge screen, certainly more than 150 inches in size. Then I saw a man in a uniform. He seemed to me to be a superior. Unfortunately, no update came in at the moment and I could not figure out where I was right now.

With me in the room there were three more people. Two women and one man. We all wore the same uniform, a khaki colored top and a dark trousers.

“We are still on our planet so you have plenty of time to look around on board and say goodbye to your family and friends. Be on time on departure. I wish you a pleasant stay.” The screen turned off. I looked around.

“Well finally! We are waiting all the time for the great speech and then it is only a brief welcome. I’m going out a bit. See you later! “Said the man and left. “Wait, we’ll come,” the two women said, and they left the room. I was alone. Well, then I could look around a little and look at everything exactly. First of all, I need to find out where I am. Is it still planet earth? If so, which city?

One thing was for sure, I was in the future! And I was on board of a spaceship! I could not look at this space ship from the outside, but I was exactly like Star Trek!

The room, or I should say team headquarters, was furnished for four people. I recognized four beds in an adjoining room, which I could easily see. The main room with the huge screen had rather a living room atmosphere. Very cozy. Even a couch stood here. I threw myself on the couch and found it very comfortable. But now I had to find out where I was. If I would wake up again in my bed, I would like to have a clue.

First of all, I will stay here as long as possible. To my right I saw another screen. It was perhaps 30 inches and therefore quite small compared to the other. To the left was a desk. At that desk there was a person sitting! I had completely overlooked this person!

Well, that I had behaved inconspicuously and had not jumped wildly here in an attempt to fly or jump back into my second body. From behind I recognized that it was a young woman with black hair. I cleared my throat.

“What’ wrong?” I heard her saying, but she did not turn around.

“Oh, nothing,” I replied, and spotted a remote next to me.

Hm … I thought, not so bad. I just plug in the TV here and look at the channels, maybe I find a reference to the place where I was. So I grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV. First came a symbol with a lettering, something with a S at the beginning and then came the first pictures. The TV program had not changed in the future (I hope I will not get any problems with the grammar in this report). Shows, music transmissions, movies etc. Not a lot had changed. I could not find any news, probably not the time for it. Then the woman turned around on the desk chair.

“Hey, turn off that thing”, she said cheekily.

Well, I thought, then I talked a little with her.

“You have not been with us to listen to the speech,” I said.

“Why? What does he want to tell me, which I do not already know? “She replied.

Her haircut seemed very French. She had a pony like the pretty Frenchwoman from “Amélie“. Her face pleased me. It looked a little cheeky, but nice and harmonious. I found her really sympathic. I could not guess, how she was thinking about me.

I switched off the TV. We talked on, but we did not talk about anything. In the time of the conversation, I wanted to focus my focus as clearly and sharply as possible and examine how clearly I could still achieve the perception.

Actually, I was very pleased with my perception. I also tried to impress her face. Perhaps I meet some day in the everyday life of a woman who looks like her, then I know right from where I know her.

I found the parallels to the Star Trek TV series astounding. This vision of the future was not so far-fetched as regards the structural and organizational structure of ship and crew. Only the quarters were far less spartan than in the series.

Everything seemed more comfortable and cozy. I got up and went into the other room. There was also a table on which there was a newspaper. Exactly what I had been looking for. I took the newspaper in my hand and tried to read what was up there.

I read several words, but how that it is in dreams, it is not always easy to read. I also noticed that it is really disadvantageous, that you could not make notes, which you could then later in the everyday life read again. So I noticed a word and wrote it several times with the finger on the table surface, in order to be able to remember it better: SUMIA.

Then I left the room through the main door, through which the other three had also gone. There was a long corridor outside. I walked along and marveled at the big silver tubes under the blanket. I could stretch my hand and touch her. They were metallic cool. The walls were mostly held in money and dark green.

On the floor I discovered a dark gray carpet. It was an exciting moment to go through a strange space ship for me. A little while later I discovered an exit and decided to go outside. Not far from the space ship I discovered a market. I suddenly remembered the fragmented incoming update that I had been here many times. I always liked to run across the market. I always visited a kind of informant, of which I always got some news. He also had some  clairvoyant skills and always had a good tip in stock. I decided to visit him.

As I ran across the market, I realized slowly why I thought the Star Trek series was so good. This had been influenced by this life here. I wondered if most of the star-trek fans could be influenced by their life in movie. At the moment, it was not so bad for me that the few million fans could be an appropriate and appropriate percentage of the total population who have such a life in the future. Then I discovered the caravan of the man I could remember.

“Hello,” I greeted him.

“Oh, it is you! What’s going on? “He was certainly more than 60 years old, wearing gray, short hair with gray trousers and a dark gray shirt.

“Do you have something for me?” I just asked into the blue haze, hoping to hear something interesting.

He gave me some hints and tips, which unfortunately I can not remember so well. I said good-bye to him and decided to leave the market and fly around a little.

When I had found a quiet corner, it was far from me to bring this self into unpleasant situations in this life, I jumped several times into the air, until I detached myself from his body. Then I lifted my right pointing finger and said, “Up.”

Then I hovered higher and higher. The last time I was going to fly, I had some trouble, but this time it was incredibly easy for me. Then I moved my index finger again and said: And now go! In the next second I raced up to the sky with an incredible speed. I was so fast that I just saw the market and a few meadows and the space ship from above and then I was already over the clouds. I flew higher and higher.

At some point I left the atmosphere and stepped back into the black nothing. I found myself floating over my body again. I was back from the future.


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