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SleepTalk and DreamTalk: New apps for dreaming

Anyone who remembers my article about the sumptuous and luxurious device of a voice recorder, with which you can in the middle of the night simply loudly talk into the room and the dream will be directly recorded, as well as the nightly murmurs in sleep, now gets the possibility to transfer this service to your smartphone. Two apps have been introduced to the market, called “Sleep Talk” and “Dream Talk”. Both apps have almost identical features:

They will record your dreams at night, when you just woke up and too lazy, to turn on the light or to get a pen to write them down. Just download the “Sleep Talk” app on your smartphone and start. Now you can activate them and after a period of 30 minutes, they start with their work and record all the noises in the room. As soon as you talk oudly into the room, whether consciously or unconsciously, everything is recorded.

The next morning you can follow exactly what was spoken, snored or sniffed, the cat leaped to the bed, or even if aliens were visiting. Especially interesting in “Sleep Talk” is also the possibility that all user of this app are able to upload their nightly recordings to a server. In this way you can hear the funniest and most sinister dream recordings of other people, wether they are from Germany or from other countries. That’s the reason why I like “Sleep Talk”, because you can upload your own recordings or listen to the other users recordings. Among such records you can suddenly find weird calls in the night, wild insults, dreamy comments, or lascivious moans. For the low price of 99 cents (you can not complain about that), especially if you know that a voice recorder starts around 99 euros. I have not yet tested “DreamTalk”, but it has similar possibilities and is even available free. Really a small bargain if you are interested in recording your dreams easily and quickly. In addition, if you want to quickly put your smartphone into the flight mode, to not let the radiation disturb the dream life, the app still works.


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Dream Talk (Android)

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