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Question: “Do you only dream when you are not in a low sleep? If this is the case, then you should not dream lucid dreams every night, because the body can never really recover deeply, right? And if I choose what I want to dream about (and it will work), is the consciousness at all still able to process the day experiences during the sleeping phase? I once heard that through the dreams, processing processes take place. “(Question from Andy)

Reply from Jonathan:

Usually, according to dream research, everyone should experience 17 dreams per night. If it would be possible to make use of three of them as a lucid dreamer, there is still plenty left to be devoted to daily life. In addition, I find it very unlikely that the dreams are intended for everyday processing. Everyday life is rather the processing of dreams. Keep in mind that the subconscious with its thousands of alternative realities certainly has a much larger amount of data than the everyday reality one lives daily. The body, on the other hand, recovers in every case, the dream was lucid, prelucid, turbid, or completely forgotten. Most dreams appear in the so-called REM phase. The peak shows after 4.5 hours sleep in the 4th sleeping phase. Here the dreams are most easily remembered. Non-physical experience, on the other hand, is shown in the non-REM phase, The low sleep phases. From the perspective of the dreamer, it is the best to look after the second or third sleep phase.



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Questions and answers: Is a dream a process for the daily life?