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PMO: Seeing demons – A rare disease or shape shifting?

PMO – Prosopomethamorphosia, “seeing demons” is now suddenly becoming known worldwide in the mainstream media. A very rare disease, but it gets a lot of publicity now

You may remember Tiffany Gomas, the crazy “Plane Lady”, in which a woman claimed that a person sitting next to her on her flight had suddenly transformed from a human into a different creature. She ran around the plane screaming, shouting, “That motherfucker over there isn’t real!”

While keeping this in mind, the mainstream media now wants to draw attention to a new but very rare disease in which those affected suddenly identify other people as “demons”. This means they transform into another being before their eyes.

PMO – Prosopomethamorphosia a Disease?

In the mainstream, this is interpreted as: “PMO – Prosopomethamorphosia – A rare disease makes people recognize monsters in other people’s faces.”


What’s interesting here is that a “disease” that only has about maybe 100 known cases worldwide is suddenly being mentioned so frequently and so strongly by the mainstream media within just a few days.

For this purpose, a certain Victor Sharrah is called in, who explains that he suffers from this “disease”. Because, normal human faces sometimes transform into a demonic or reptilian appearance. He is 55 years old and has never had any problems with this “disease”, but suddenly it appeared in 2020. People are turning into demons before his eyes, as he explains to CCN News in an interview:

“I woke up on the couch, I had fallen asleep watching TV, when my roommate came into the room and looked at me. I looked at his face and he had transformed. I was shocked and tried to explain to him what I was seeing, but he thought I was crazy. Since then, I’ve noticed these faces on people all the time.”

He explained that to him the faces look much more elongated and wider, with pointed ears and deeper skin folds.

The explanation of psychologists and paid studies

The psychologists explained to Sharrah that it is a rare mental illness called PMO, Prosopomethamorphosia, a cognitive disorder by brain or mental, maybe.

The publication’s study states here: “The patient stated that the distortions – highly elongated facial features with deep furrows on the forehead, cheeks and chin – occurred in every person he encountered, but he reported that he had no “Perceived distortions when looking at objects such as houses or cars.”

The study also found that Sharrah’s distortions only appeared when he looks at people in person – but not when he looks at people in a photo or on a television or computer screen. In this case everything remained normal.

Seeing demons PMOWith the help of the researchers at Dartmouth College, he was able to recreate the faces he sees through digital representation. Sharrah said the distortion of the faces changes when they move their heads or speak.

PMO is extremely rare, with only maybe 100 published case reports, according to this study. The researchers suspect it could be a dysfunction in the area of ​​the brain responsible for processing facial images, but they aren’t sure exactly what the real cause is.

Some cases have been linked to epilepsy, head trauma, stroke or migraines, while others have been seen in people with structural brain changes. In Sharrah’s case, researchers identified two possible triggers: First, he suffered a serious head injury at age 43, and second, he suffered carbon monoxide poisoning four months before his PMO symptoms began.

The study’s lead author, Antônio Mello, a graduate student working at Dartmouth’s Social Perception Lab, told NBC News that other people with PMO have recently contacted the lab, but that their reported symptoms differ.

“Some people have seen facial distortions when they were a child. For them at least, it is impossible to find a single event that is responsible.” Mello said.

A review of other literature on PMO found that some patients reported a so called “funhouse mirror” effect, in which another person’s entire face appears distorted. Others reported seeing dragon-, reptile-, or fish-like faces instead of human faces.

The Dr. Brad Duchaine, one of the lead authors of the Lancet study and a professor of psychology told CNN News that he set up a website to gather information from other people who may be experiencing similar symptoms. He said they had now, all of a sudden, heard from at least 80 more people.

More and more people suddenly have PMO – The Demon Face Syndrome?

“We find that people from all over the world report the same symptoms without knowing anything about other sufferers. Because the disease is so rare, misunderstood patients are sometimes diagnosed with schizophrenia or other hallucinatory disorders. Sometimes they are institutionalized admitted or treated with antipsychotic medication.”

This information about PMO at all was published within 5 days (!) by mainstream media news websites and on TV everywhere. You can find some of these in the sources below. Not to mention the conformity of the media canons, but apparently a targeted order from those who can afford such a thing.

What is very interesting at this point is that some sources now explain that this is “preprogramming”, i.e. the implantation of certain interpretations of an incident so that when it occurs more often, every person already has a preconceived scientific explanation for it , but should be distracted from the actual circumstances.
It is also interesting that almost no alternative media is reporting on it at the moment. This article is probably one of the only ones here at the moment.

“They live!” A documentary and not Science Fiction?

Some also explain, in the style of “They live!“, that more and more people around the world, due to slowly increasing awareness, are able to perceive reptilians or other creatures that pose as humans. This is called shape shifting, the ability to take on the appearance of people even though you are not one. One indication is that people who have “PMO” only notice this in “people” who meet them live. PMO does not appear at all in videos and photos!

PMO or failures with Shape Shifting?

What does that tell us? That this perception only occurs during living encounters and this would be the only weak point for a shape shifter. As soon as a human, for whatever reason, temporarily or permanently raises their perception frequency, they are able to see through the disguise of a shape shifter – regardless of whether they are demons, reptilians, Anunnaki, Martians, Alf or anyone else acts.

It can be assumed that the leading politicians also don’t like it when you look behind their mask – hence the PMO. “Take this pill and this “disease” will disappear again.”

Tiffany Gomas, the crazy plane lady, may have been sitting next to one such shape shifter and when he fell asleep on the plane, he may have briefly lost control of his ability to maintain a certain appearance. When she noticed this transformation, she jumped up and ran away.

However, the whole thing is definitely strange when you think about it.

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