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Reincarnation reports of Children researched

Jim Tucker is one of the few scientists of our time who has been trying to investigate the subject of reincarnation according to natural science rules for many years. In his recently published book “Return to Life”, he has put together several cases in which he studied children who studied and researched about reincarnation. Tucker’s goal here is to explain the phenomenon of reincarnation, irrespective of whether it actually exists as a natural principle or is created by means of other contexts. He mentions, for example, the boy named Ryan Hammons, who as a child, remembered being a movie director, who suffered a heart attack and died…

His mother ignored these memories of reincarnation and dragged him from doctor to doctor to get an explanation for Ryan’s memories. She simply could not accept that her child could remember other lifes and was therefore hoping to get a logical school-scientific explanation. While the doctors could not provide an explanation for this, and told her that these memories are only childhood dreams, which disappear in an older age, the mother had no choice but to accept this fact and so she began to research a little independently. She borrowed books from Hollywood movies from the municipal library. In one of these books, Ryan suddenly discovered an old 1930s photograph depicting two people whom the boy could immediately recognize and name (see actor George Raft and Martin Martyn).

The researcher, Jim Tucker, has been able to gather more than 2,500 clear cases of reincarnation of children aged up to six years in the University of Virginia for over 15 years, and in his oppinion these cases are truly remarkable and everyone should accept them as a serious thing. Unfortunately, only the fewest reincarnation memories of children are celebrities. For this reason, Ryan’s experience and his memory of the movie director is so interesting.


Tucker says that it is fact that the children have these memories. He is torn as a scientist as to whether this phenomenon of reincarnation is actually existing or if this is only a process unknown to the science of an unclarified form of remembrance transmission. He assumes, that there are connections to quantum physics, which might be responsible for the phenomena of the transmission of memories, possibly particles that were filled with such memories, could be transmitted to other people, especially very young people, who are then triggering this phenomenon.

Tucker’s research is, of course, not sponsored by any company, because there are no economic interests, so he has not been financially bribed to falsify results scientifically or to confirm them to the sponsors. He is simply supported by a foundation. His statistics show that 70% of the children with reincarnation memories died of an unnatural death. Almost 20% of the children even remember the transitional phase between death and rebirth. The reports are very different and unfortunately do not provide clear statements. Some of the children reincarnated as quickly as possible in a new baby body and “went into their mother” while others were waiting for a new body in the world of God. As a cross-section, Tucker can say that the time from death to the new birth is on average 16 months. This agrees with my researches, in which the transitional period from death to the acclimatization of the beyond is nine months on average.

In addition, Tucker explains that the children usually have no interest in contacting their previous parents. You can accept the new parents very well. The reincarnation memories disappear and fade around the age of seven. It is interesting to note that almost every fifth child with reincarnation memories has wounds on it’s body that are related to the type of death in the past. Moreover, none of the children would be conspicuous in any form, be it by a higher ability or special diseases. They are normal children. Many of the parents who have such a child often write down their statements and keep them firmly. This supported Tucker very much in his research. In addition, he explains that children admire their parents very much and when they feel that they do not show any interest in reincarnation, they immediately stop talking about it. In the case of Ryan, Tucker even tested the boy with a series of photos depicting women of that time. Only one of the women had been affiliated with Martin and so he asked Ryan, if he could recognize one of the women. Ryan picked out the woman who had been married to Martyn. That was enough for Tucker’s proof that Ryan actually had the memories of the director. The daughter of the wife was still alive and they traveled together to California to meet her. In a conversation with the daughter, all this information from young Ryan could be confirmed. These included fragments of his former home, neighborhoods and other concrete concepts and situations.


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