The activation of the pineal gland is the activation of the inner stargate! And that is, why the activation of the pineal gland is currently the focus of my meditations, in order to find ways, so that others can use this ability more quickly. I must say, the successes are very good. Even today, I went to bed at 02:00 p.m. for two hours, just to get up, wait an hour and to go back to bed again. The wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) technique is in any case the preparation ritual par excellence…

After I stimulated my pineal gland, I could quickly saw strange threads moving in front of my third eye. They seemed almost as if I were lying in the grass and saw the stalks, not in black-and-white, but rather in a black-silver, very close to me. For more than ten minutes, I looked at these threads, until suddenly strange structures appeared that moved back and forth, forming spirals and circles.

Sometimes faces appeared out of this structures, and one time I saw a really pretty face of a women that crystallized itself out of these patterns, and that flew slowly towards me. It was only her head and when it was close to me, it broke up. Also other faces formed themself, but they seemed surreal or strange, hardly to be described.


Suddenly and in a split second, I found myself directly and without the slightest warning in a bedroom completely foreign to me! I was laying in a bed, and beside me there was a naked, uncovered man! My complete memory had disappeared instantly and I had no idea where I had come from and where I was.

The man looked at me expectantly and while he was joyfully waiting for an action on my part, I got into a state of supreme paranoia. I was convinced, that this man had tricked me somehow, so I’d landed with him in that bed!


He seemed to be lurking for sex, but I was not interested in it at all. Apparently, I was a woman…

“How did I get here? Where am I? Where was I right now?” I shouted,  looking completely disoriented in the bedroom.

Neither did I have the memory, that I had just been lying in my bedroom and had tried to stimulate my pineal gland in different ways, nor who I was now. All my long-term memory was deleted and I did not know anything!

“We won’t do anything exciting tonight, right?” he asked and turned his back to me.

Meanwhile, I thought about why my voice had sounded so strange:

“This is not my voice!” I said loudly, looking around more irritated.

To the right there was a wardrobe and a window with white curtains. As I looked through the windows, I realized it was night. There was a carpet on the ground and also one more window on the left.

As a woman, without memory and overwhelmed by the worst amnesia, I tried to collect myself and simply trust that I would immediately remember everything. Maybe it was just a dream that I had lost my memory or I had a short blackout or I drunk too much.

Suddenly the update (update=memories of the alternative self I am connected to) came in and was overwriting everything I could remember…

Shortly afterwards I awoke. When the update came in, of course, I could not do anything against it and the chance of being able to remember, that I had previously focused on my pineal gland, was lost.

I was very astonished to see the definite abrupt and sudden change to this other reality and body, including the complete temporary amnesia. All this had been done absolutely and directly from the waking state. I had experienced this kind of change quite often, but not so abruptly and with such a clear super-perception, which is at least identical with that of our waking state. However, I was also someone else, a woman who never had anything to do with such things I was dealing with. So deeply frightened as a woman in this other reality, I was so excited and fascinated when I returned to my own bedroom. I was completely inspired by the impact of my technique and its effects. Still not an advantage, was the fact that you loose your memory with this technique. The shift of my focus into another reality is not worth a single thing, when I could not remember where I had come from and why I had done this at all. So exciting on the one hand, so useless it seemed to be on the other.

However, at the end I can say it was quite an excellent result. I still have to think about something, exspecially to get rid of the amnesia… As I continued to think about it, I once again realized what happens to us here in our everyday reality! We had changed into this reality, we forgot our memory of our origins, our real name and then the update came … It filled us with memories of this life, a birth, school time, parents and friends… It seems, that all human beings casted away in this reality…


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Activation of Pineal Gland: Acute Amnesia (3.1)