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Dreamnight: Escape with Angela Merkel (Teleportation in Dreams)

I wanted to share this interesting and crazy dream with you. Here I came across with Angela Merkel. Yes, that’s right, as strange as it may sound to many. What happened next…

During a dream I was practicing teleporting, i.e. dissolving my body, only to reassemble afterwards in another place.

It worked quite quickly, but some invisible force seemed to creep into my teleportation attempts, because I ended up in places I hadn’t targeted at all. So it was a teleportation with an uncertain destination.


Teleporting like in the Movie Jumper

I felt like in the movie “Jumper“, in which the main character had problems to control his spontaneous teleportations at the begin.

After a teleportation I suddenly found myself in a room. It looked like an office or a training room, with many tables, chairs and a script board. At one of the tables sat Angela Merkel with a man in a suit. They were discussing some things that sounded very political to me.

When I suddenly appeared in their room, Angela Merkel gave me an annoyed look.

“What do you want here? Get lost!” she said to me venomously.

“No problem, I’m already gone,” I replied and walked past her and left the room through a door.

Since I had no particular interest in spying on what they were discussing there, I didn’t go back and teleported again….

A short time later I stood in front of Angela Merkel again. And again she looked at me annoyed and instructed me to disappear quickly. As before, I left the room.

After another attempt at teleportation, I landed once again in this training room, as was to be expected, and suddenly stood in front of Angela Merkel.

She stood up and scolded me that it was unheard of for me to just barge in here. But as she said this, it seemed to me, she squinted at the man sitting at the table with her.

I then asked the man to leave us alone for a moment, saying that I had something important to discuss with Mrs. Merkel.

He rose grumpily and said that he wanted to wait outside the door.

After Angela Merkel and I were alone in the room, we sat down and we talked. During this conversation, I perceived that she was obviously being blackmailed and was behaving the way she did in the world for these reasons.

I suggested to her that we could escape after all. After all, I could teleport and would then simply take her with me and look for a safe place for her to stay.

She was unsure about my suggestion at first, but then she agreed:

“I would be so happy if I could get out of here! It’s all too much for me and I just want to be left alone! The sooner I get out of here, the better.”

Teleporting with Angela Merkel

So I took her by the hand and we teleported out of the room.

A short time later we were outside and walking across a meadow. It had become dark by now and she was walking beside me.

“We will now consider where you can be safe. Do you have any ideas, perhaps?”

“I have an estate in Paraguay, but that’s probably where I’ll be first suspected,” she said thoughtfully.

“Is there another place where you know someone and no one would come up with it?”, I echoed.

She was about to answer, but no more words passed her lips. Again and again she opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

With signs and gestures she tried to explain to me the situation, what had happened to her. In time, I interpreted her signs to mean that someone from afar had deactivated her speech module and that was why she could no longer speak.

Only then did I notice her gait while we had been walking side by side like that. She walked a little mechanically. Now I recognized that Angela Merkel was a robot or a kind of clone! That was then for me also the explanation how it could be possible to switch off her speech module.

So she walked a little robotically some meters in front of me, still trying to escape from the people who had created her and to find a place where she could hide…

~. ~

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