“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

David Bowie was a remarkable and highly creative personality with a broad vision, good intuition, and a few other qualities that I will discuss later. That is why I decided yesterday evening to search him on the astral level to see, how he is doing there. When I announced my intention in my “Facebook group”, some members decided to join immediately. We arranged to meet between 2 and 3 o’clock in the night to find a common meeting place on the highest platform of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and then fly together…

David Bowie died in New York, at the age of 69, on 10 January 2016, Just two days ago. He has been suffering from cancer for quite some time, has finally left his body and crossed over to the astral level – or as they say, he has passed into the hereafter. Personally I was not talking about each of his songs, but because of the musical diversity this is not a miracle – but there were some songs that I liked very much. I remember darkly the first song, which I noticed, with the title “Ashes to Ashes”. I liked it and for quiet some time I listened to this song more frequently. I also liked “Heroes”, “China Girl”, “Catpeople”, “Absolute Beginners” and “Space Oddity”.


The last song is a clear sign for me, that from the part of his subconscious he intuitively knew that he was not originally a human being, but an alien. He tried to express this in the role of Ziggy Stardust and culminated this in the movie “The man who fell from sky”. A very excellent movie, in which he left his family on his desert-like home planet and went to the planet Earth, so that he could bring them a few tons of water when he gets back. On his mission, he encountered difficulties and found himself forced to found a company to procure the necessary components for his space ship. But how existential the existence as a human being can be, he identified himself with earth life and forgot more and more his real origin and mission.

How symbolic and how outstanding he had grasped this intuitively is, from my point of view, highly remarkable. Because of this reason, I always felt a little connected with him, which means I had the impression that we shared a similar fade. He had a lot of intuition, because the scenes on his home planet he filmed in the desert at Roswell, in which in 1947 a UFO had crashed and currently had provided for a lot of press swirls. Anyone who thinks Bowie would not have thought of himself will be surprised, because in this movie he takes the camouflage of a human being so that he does not catch attention and calls himself Newton. Because of his increased existence as an alien, he was able to patent some inventions, such as the Polaroid camera. In our everyday reality, the Polaroid was invented in 1947 and in the movie this is his first patent, which he registered. Interesting is the link between the Roswell Crash in 1947, the “invention” of the polaroid camera in the same year, and Bowie’s movie as a cloaked alien with this patent. Last but not least, Bowie was been able to persuade Rip Torn to play the role of the best friend of the him. He was the same actor who played the role of Zed’s agent in the comic film “Men in Black”. Astonishingly enough, only if you realize that he was shooting the film in 1976. Counting these “coincidences” together, one might see clearly that David Bowie had intuitive memories about his real identity and had tried to somehow resurrect them. To what extent he succeeded, can not be said, but as I mentioned, this knowledge of him inspired me to visit him on the astral level. Now I will talk about my little astral journey…:


I went to bed at about 2.40 clock and concentrated on leaving my body. After some time I managed to get into the state of vibration and released myself from my physical shell. Then I flew through the ceiling and teleported directly to the viewing platform of the Eiffelturm. There I saw two or three people who said earlier, they would like to join my trip to visit David Bowie. I was curious which one of them will remember the trip. I do not want to mention names. We flew together and I concentrated on the identification of David Bowie. I wondered if he had already realized that he had died. After all, this is a milestone to be achieved after the physical death. So I expected him to be irritated and perplexing in the interim world, but interestingly I was promoted to the middle astral level. Once I was there, I flew over a huge meadow of a London park, which looked much more beautiful and enchanting than one might have known it from physical reality.

Now a very large crowd of people appeared who were standing around a person who was making air bounces and glowed again and again like a glaring flashlight and then darkened again. As I looked more closely, I realized I had actually found Mr. Bowie! I landed immediately on this meadow, trying to get as close as possible to him. He looked much younger and slimmer now and I must say he was extremely… busy! Many people were standing around him, watching excitedly what he was doing there. I could see how he jumped again and again in the air and spoke enthusiastically about his “light body” and expressed the pleasure of finally feeling healthy again. I found this to be very astonishing, because normally the deceased first landed in an astral hospital, so that they could be spoofed energetically, and some of them will wander around in the intermediate level in the search for more consciousness.

Obviously, however, he had succeeded in recovering at a furious speed and also to realize that he had died! Most of the deceased I met are taking days, weeks, or even years to recognize their condition. This could partly have something to do with his prominence, or there are mentors who have a special interest in ‘arousing’ well-known personalities from the deathbloom. It could also be that he had devoted himself to spirituality during his lifetime.

I could not tell exactly at the moment. So I looked at him for a while as he shuddered so happily and liberally, waiting for a suitable moment to speak to him. After a while I could actually get very close to him and asked him how he is doing:

“I am very wonderful! I am very relieved that I have found this beautiful place! This light body is awesome. What you can do with it!”, explained David Bowie.

“How did you manage to be aware of your condition so quickly, then skip directly to the hospital at the entrance to the middle astral level, and at once to be able to put in such incredible transformations?” I asked curiously.

It was not easy to get his attention, because he was always distracted by anyone. I mean, who am I for him? Only a traveller who had crossed his path for a tiny moment. But then he looked at me briefly with a broad grin and said:

“I’ve been on the earth many times. I originally belonged to a team that was killed on an earth mission thousands of years ago, and since then I’ve been here!”

Somehow, I was very familiar with what he said, but at the moment I was not clear enough about what he said, to get a clue.

“Do you have a message for the people on earth to tell me?” I asked.

“Tell the living that death is liberation. He does not liberate us completely, but it is a wonderful release and liberation from our sufferings and the stupid limitation. And I can tell you: Look exactly at my movies and especially into the music titles. Then you’ll find something…”

Then he turned back to his audience, who clapped partly, while he once again put a capriole in the air. It was amusing to watch him. Somehow he seemed so happy, playful, and free from his firm form. It was nice to see him in this state, far from his illness and the struggle for life. I was really baffled, because in his lifetime he had to deal with spirituality, maybe even secretly. Otherwise, he would never have succeeded, or that he had reached the middle level so quickly.

I’m sure there had been more behind it than I could capture at the moment. I decided to do a bit of internet research later in my physical body. So I watched him as he also joyfully took on different forms, changed oneself, sometimes became colorful or transformed into one or the other being. Then loud stars burst out of his hands and hissed up into the sky and so many times were also luminous balls with it…

I knew immediately that he was an alien and fortunately one of the good. I would have never believed, that I ran around with him on the same planet for decades and only now, after his physical death, I was able to recognize that he had such interests and abilities beyond his show image. I was very happy for him and thanked him for his attention. When I had returned to my physical body I got up and made a hot herbal tea. Then I researched on the Internet and took, to look at his movies and music titles closer and what I found there, really amazed me! Already a close look at the titles of the movies in which he had played – and I would like to remind you that because of his musical success he was not dependent on any role offered to him, and was therefore often able to choose – draw a message for himself, which tried to draw his personality spiritually and symbolically. He often took on interesting secondary roles that suited him very much, such as the role of Nikola Tesla in “Prestige – masters of magic”. Or as the Kobold King Jareth in “Labyrinth”, where he lured a young girl into a maze because he had kidnapped her little brother. Then also as the famous artist Andy Warhol or in “Houdini” and “Twin Peaks” as well as in “Dream on”, “Desire” (as an Immortal), “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars “and of course” The man who fell from sky”.

I was super amazed while looking at his song titles, because if you put them in the right order they seem to be what I always thought:

“Blackstar”, “Tin Machine”, “Station to Station”, “Space Oddity”, “Space”, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,”, “Earthling”, “Outside,”, “Reality”, “Heathen”, “The Man who sold the World.”

Really amazing! Now I could string together all the information I had received from him. None of this had been a coincidence, neither his song titles nor his references in the movie he made, but served among others. The realization that I received about him at this moment was incredile! If you look at the songs only from the title, this is proof enough for me.


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Dreamnight: I met David Bowie in the Beyond