A second Bible says: Jesus never got crucified!

To the displeasure of the Vatican, a further 1500-2000 year old Bible was discovered in Turkey and is now located in the ethnological museum in Ankara. This old Bible already was taken into custody in the year 2000 and the discovery was kept secret until today. It contains the gospel of Barnabas, who, contrary to the Christian Enlightenment, asserts that Jesus was not nailed to the cross, but instead Judas got crucified…

Barnabas explained in his gospel, who also converted to Christianity, that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the Son of God, but rather a prophet. In the following, Barnabas describes the Apostle Paul as a deceiver, that Jesus had risen to heaven alive and that Judas was crucified instead…

Now it is not so absurd to look at the seven famous crosswords “Jesus“, in which he had always wondered why God had left him. As a son of God, this was certainly not the question. According to the report of the “National Turk“, the Bible was confiscated in the arrest of a smugglers’ band in the Mediterranean region. This gang owned stolen antiques, illegal excavations and various explosive materials. The Bible is now estimated to be worth about 35 million dollars. According to experts and religious experts from Tehram, this Bible is absolutely authentic. The book consists of dark brown animal skin and the sides are offset with golden writing in Aramaic. The text gives a more Islamic background which is somewhat contradictory to the teachings of Christianity.

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Jesus, for example, predicted the future by saying that the Prophet Mohammed’s will come. It is assumed that the Catholic Church has compiled the Gospels in retrospect and formed the Bible as we know it today. However, several gospels were not chosen for the Bible, including those of Barnabas – in favor of the four principal apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, who were far more in harmony among themselves. The Vatican is not very enthusiastic about this discovery and asks the Turkish authorities to do researches with this Bible in their own homes in order to be able to comment on this.

The question here is whether the Vatican acknowledges or rejects this second Bible. The Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ertugrul Günay, said that this ancient Bible could indeed contain an authentic version of the gospel and that the strong parallel to Islam was then suppressed by the Church with complete intentions in which the Barnabas gospel had vanished. Thus, Islam would not be a contradiction to Christianity, but could be considered a later expansion by the Prophet Muhammad.

Barnabas was born at Jesus‘ time in Cyprus under the birthright name of Joseph and came to his new name after becoming a disciple of Jesus. His story was also mentioned by Paul. Barnabas death has not yet been confirmed, but it is thought that he had died a martyrdom in Cyprus, in Salamis. In Cyprus, he is known for being the founder of the Cypriot Church and in his honor the 11th of June has become a holiday.

Despite the confirmation of several experts, some believe that this gospel is a fake of the 16th century. After all, Barnabas denies that Jesus was the Messiah. The Protestant priest Ihsan Özbek replies, that this old work can only be a fake, because Saint Barnabas lived in the 1st century after christ and not as in in the fifth or sixth century like the gospel says.

For Özbek, this copy was written in Ankara by devotees of Saint Barnabas, as well as 500 years between Jesus’ history and this Bible. Muslims might have once thought that the information contained does not reflect what they like and so they changed it.

Theology professor Ömer Faruk Harman says that we need to carry out a scientific investigation of this “Bible” in order to be able to determine the age exactly. A copy of these Bible pages is currently traded for 1.3 million dollar.

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