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Dream Spying: The old Stargates

Dream Spying is a special kind of dreaming in which you can connect your consciousness to the consciousness of someone else. The person, you are connected to, doesn’t know that it is spied on…

The following dream is probably refered to the two dreams “The Stargate of Yuri” and a dream part of “20 lucid dreams in one night“, in which I could listen to a conversation of a general and someone else, talking about an existing Stargate (these experiences will follow soon). It seems like either a part of my self is living in a reality that has to do with the authentic “Stargate Project” or I occasionally connect myself with the consciousness of a soldier who always works with this project…

I strongly tend to believe the last assumption, but unfortunately I still lack some more detailed information. Anyway, one thing I have experienced often, is that I connect myself to the consciousness of a soldier or scientist who deals with secret projects of the government. After I realized that humanity might has to wait a long time till the governments of this world will tell the people about such topics like parapsychology or extraterestrial contact – and therefore also me –  my subconscious mind has decided in its own way to get to more information in it’s own way.


So far, I have not trained my consciousness directly to carry out targeted dream spying, but simply harvest those informational dreams which appear “coincidentally”.

Exactly this happened also in this night, when “I” lived in barracks and was trained there in the usual militant style. My rank was not very high and the superiors trained us with all the chicanery. There were many obstacles at the military base and a secret project was running. Everyone had to sign an agreement at the beginning, that no one would tell anything about what happens behind the barbed wire fences of this military base. In my dream I spent there a minimum of two weeks. When the service came to an end in the evening, we often went into a sort of men’s home or the soldier’s barracks. At this place you could drink, play darts, social games or simply entertain yourself and get to know each other. This happened almost every evening, and only on the weekend it was worth it, to go home.

On this evening, however, “I” came into conversation with an Asian who knew a lot about the secret Stargate Project. Like all other conversations also in this base, only English was spoken.

“Do you have to do with the project or do you know someone?” I asked him.

“I can not talk about that,” he said grinning.

“What can you tell me then? I will definitely not tell anybody else!” I explained.

This was quite true for the soldier who had listened to him and the role I had hatched, since he was bound by military treaty, but of course this does not apply to me personally.

He jerked his head back and forth, seemed unsure, but then he could no longer keep it to himself.

“There is a team of scientists who research the origin and age of the stargate. The results are amazing.”

“Oh okey,” I replied. “This is very interesting! I think I would have put such a team together too, to find it out.”

“Right. Do you know how old these star gates are?”

I started thinking: “They are certainly very old …”

“Exactly, several tens of thousands of years! It is now assumed that this kind of gate was also used before we even exist” he said, sipping his beer.

“Yes I’m sure,” I replied.

“There’s more to come! Some of our government teams have been commissioned to use the gate and jump to other planets to explore them. But it is not primarily a question of cultivating exploration or diplomatic relations, but merely about getting even better technologies. This is the main thing they deal with! They steal technology wherever they can! And this means, that the diplomatic relations do not always go well. It is also necessary to remember that these teams represent the Earth for other alien or foreign being worlds! If one of them kills an innocent child, it will be published pretty fast, for example, that military people kill children for technology. You can imagine that this kind of thing is not really nice for our reputation.”

“I always thought the aliens were much more developed.”

“No, not necessarily. There are so many races out there, you can not imagine! We have now counted over a hundred races and we havn’t found all of them! Some are much further developed than we are, but many are not. They live very primitively and simply. For them a hand-held weapon or gun is like magic!”

I was very amazed at the details, which he chattered. That’s why I wondered, how he was involved in this project, but I guessed he would not tell me. In any case, “I” was not allowed to talk about what he told me, otherwise we would both get in trouble. He was sympathetic to me and I hoped to meet him more again in the near future.

“It has now been found out, that our teams were not the first ones who have used this gate. That was the realization at all. There were civilizations before us who also used the gate. But another question arises – where does this gate come from, and for what reason someone thought about putting these things up.”

“So there were such teams thousands of years ago? “I asked.

“Correct! There were clear indications of a team that used the same gate a long time ago. It must also be borne in mind that only those who have reached a certain technical level can use the gate. Otherwise you will not be able to activate it! And only those who have this status can send teams. As it appears, thousands of years ago, there was already a team, so to speak the very first team.”

“Were they humans?”

“We do not know. We can not guess.”

“Can we assume, that the human being, as we know it today, originally came from a different country or is it perhaps an offshoot of another distant civilization?” I wanted to know.

“Nobody can say that exactly. In any case, people are not living on the earth, but they can be emancipated.”

“But what interests me the most right now is: What did the very first exploration team do with their knowledge and these goals?”

There was a short rest. He looked directly into my eyes and grinned broadly:

“They created minds.”


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