Dream Archive: Lucid Dreaming and Sex

“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Dream Archieve – Sunday, March 7, 1998:

As it has been often before, I became aware of my situation in front of a mirror. I immediately remembered that my very first lucid dream started by recovering in a bathroom and looking into a mirror. This is also a good symbol for self-knowledge. When I then became aware of myself, it was like a veil had been thrown from my eyes. Everything became crystal clear like I would be in my bathroom as always. But in this case, it was not mine.

So I left the room and went to the hallway and then into a living room. Here I found several people who were talking and they did not even noticed me. A wave of sexual arousal overwhelmed me so suddenly that I could not resist it. Many times I was in comparable situations, but sometimes it was so strong that a counter-defense was almost impossible.


Emotions can be stronger in the dream than in the filter of everyday life. On there was a really pretty woman, who was sitting all alone, watching the others. She looked at me and I quickly turned the scene.

Suddenly the sofa turned into a bed with a heavenly tent, many pillows, cloths, and dull light. The woman was now lying in pretty lingerie invitingly. The other people dissolved and the light became pleasantly dark. I quickly went next to her in the bed and we kissed. Men (lucid) dreams came true.

Sexual Energy in Dreams

Sexual energy is closely linked to dreaming and can even be used as a motivation to become lucid in a dream. In a lucid dream you can meet your wishes and experience the direct body. You can quickly be with a dream partner, an old unrivaled love or an actor or musician, to spend a wonderful evening together. Many lucid dreamers or Oneironauts told me about their most crazy sexual activities, and that they created everything they wanted in their dreams. Some dreamers are doing whatever they want within their dreams.

The accumulated sexual energy, which has not found a valve in the everyday life, can be experienced in the dreams or used very well, in order to reach lucidity. The ego can be motivated so well, since almost every human being has sexual desires that are unfulfilled. In a dream, such things can be lived out and they have nothing to do with the everyday life.

In a lucid dream I have once been in a hotel. Everywhere there were people, and there were many porcelain vases and jars around, there was a huge mirror on the wall, and the floor was out of whit marble.

I created a ball and some players so we could play football there. Half of the furniture was broken in the end. It rattled and everything broke, but it was so much fun. After the whole foyer was almost shattered and it looked like a battlefield,

I slowly headed toward the exit to see what would happen to me outside. When I looked back, the whole foyer was neatly cleansed again, like nothing had ever happened. What happened?

At that time, I had been thinking a lot about why the foyer had been cleared up at the end of the football match. Also in some other dreams I sometimes observed the same behavior. There are many lucid dreams in which it can also happen that you have little influence on the objects or difficulties that are known from everyday life.

Thus, many variations are experienceable. Every dream reality is an alternative reality, in which a part-self of the true and unified self lives. Consequently, I found myself in an alternative reality in the hotel as well. How could it be that I could at the same time disassemble the furniture and then it was intact again? Each existent alternative reality consists of a physical and an etheric layer. In a lucid dream, you can switch from the physical layer to the etheric, at favorable conditions. This is a temporary copy of the reality and of the people, which can be used arbitrarily for its purposes.

Dreams and alternative Selves

In a dream the consciousness of the dreamer is docked in that of the alternative self, in the reality of which you are at present. For this existent self, this reality is the physical environment and the reality of the dreamer the alternative version of his world. Do not forget this. We do not want every x-alternative self to come into our everyday life, to dock into our consciousness and to split our apartment into a thousand pieces, because he just likes it. For this reason, there is a kind of security precaution, called the etheric level. It copies the alternative reality 1:1 and this can be changed, used or transformed arbitrarily.

In another dream, I focussed on the alternative reality very strongly and remained strictly in the alternative self to which I had just been docked. When I wanted to interfere with his reality, I was decoupled and then stood invisible next to the alternative self. This happened because my interference was not tolerated because it would have influenced the free will of the alternative self. For this reason, the etheric level is changed so that the lucid dreamer, if necessary, has a kind of playground. I was laying there with a pretty woman on the beautiful and comfortable bed and we did whatever we wanted to do.

As I looked concentrated at her face, she turned into an old swarm, which I had admired in her younger years, because of her appearance and her interesting charisma, but she always remained unattainable for me. Nowadays it can happen that I get a sexual wave, but over the years I have learned to control it, so that I can restrain myself in a lucid dream and do not switch to the ethereal level.

Highest Art of Lucid Dreaming

Personally, I think that you can explore and experience a different alternative reality only when you are lucid but passive at the same time. This also prolongs the dream experience a lot. The purpose of this approach is also to play a spy, to get many interesting or also necessary information from the surrounding alternative realities. This ensures a better assessment of subconscious material and which of these realities has an influence on our personal everyday life. The once whole of the self has been divided, it has drifted apart, and it is up to everyone to become aware of the scattered parts and to reunite them. This is the highest art of lucid dreaming. Of course, you can always have fun and meet women or men. A self can only be manipulated if it is not aware of its other parts.

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