Assisted Dying - Guide for dying people

Assisted Dying – Guide for old People to prepare for Death

The target persons of this text are those who know that they will die soon and are already at a correspondingly old age. As a dying person, be sure to read this text or have it read to you…

Although our parents and our parents’ parents prepared us for life, how to take care of our bodies, how to attend school and learn, or how to find a job and choose a life partner, get married and have children, and other things of that nature, no one taught us what aging is like and how to properly prepare for death.

Questionnaire for the elderly

  • Do you perhaps feel that you will not live to see the next Christmas?
  • Do you feel dizzy more often than not?
  • Do you sometimes stagger around the apartment more than other days and can’t explain it?
  • Do you sometimes just fall over and are irritated as to how this could happen?
  • Does your body sometimes feel heavy as lead?
  • Do you suddenly lose the thread and have completely forgotten what was the topic just a moment ago?
  • Do you suddenly fall asleep for a few minutes in all kinds of situations?
  • Have you become forgetful and can’t remember many things?
  • Are you surprised that you remember some things so clearly and distinctly that sometimes even seem completely unimportant to you? Or you don’t remember certain beautiful moments at all and at some point you remember a small scene from that wonderful moment, but your memory suddenly goes on strike?
  • Do you no longer dare to go on major trips or leave your home for a longer period of time?
  • Are you ignored by younger people and often feel as if you are completely alone in the world?
  • Do you fear strokes or Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Maybe you even feel that death is already knocking at your door at night and you experience strange dreams or experiences at night that you can’t explain?

What the Doctor advises you

Your family doctor tells you that it’s all related to the aging process and all these things are completely normal. But what is aging anyway? What is the purpose of aging? And what really happens during it? And most importantly, what happens during dying and after death?


First of all, your doctor is in the same position as you. He, too, has not been taught how to age, even though his studies and experience of practice have taught him to recognize and diagnose the symptoms of aging. Thus, he knows about how the body and mind behave during aging, but no more recognizes the meaning of it all than you do. For this reason, this guidebook has been created to give you explanations for all of this that you could not find with your parents, your family doctor, or a nursing home.

The statistical Life expectancy

During the last 30 years, the statistical average age of death has increased. While women died at 72 and men at 68 in the 1980s, life expectancies at the beginning of the 21st century are nearly 30 years higher.

Year – Average age women – Average age men

1980 – 72 years – 68 years
1990 – 75 years – 72 years
2000 – 80 years – 76 years
2010 – 86 years – 82 years
2018 – 83 years – 78 years

Source: Average figures from the German Federal Statistical Office.

The fear of death and the inner desire to live to the highest possible age causes the mind to keep the body alive as long as it possibly can. After all, almost no one knows what to expect when the time comes. You might just fall asleep, or you might detour to the hospital first. The more one resists, the longer the dying process can last.

Marie Antoinette and the Guillotine

In 1793, as Marie Antoinette sat in the dungeon awaiting the guillotine after the French Revolution, she feared for her life. She, too, was never taught what death meant and what would follow. But Marie Antoinette ultimately walked proudly to the guillotine, smiling confidently into the audience. How did this transformation come about?

The Count Saint Germain

In the 18th century, there was a diplomat and businessman named Saint Germain who, as a count, maintained good relations with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. When Marie Antoinette was in the dungeon awaiting her inevitable execution, the Count visited her and enlightened her about dying.

Now she was just in her mid-40s and was not currently in the situation that old people are in. But regardless of that, the Count’s hints and tips ensured that Marie Antoinette walked towards her death with her head held high. Just what might Germain have told her? It was rumored that the count had told her about the life after death and that this life had its laws as well as the present life in our physical body.

What laws are we talking about here and can you really believe in Life after Death at all?

Whether you want to believe in an afterlife or not, I leave to you for the time being, but the following explanations of the unpleasant occurrences I have listed above are now given a clear explanation so that you may understand how little we humans really know about dying and death, no matter how well-read and studied one may be. Finish reading the document and then judge.

Questions about your present Condition

Question: I have a feeling that I won’t live to see next Christmas or my birthday. Why is that?

Answer: This means that the preparation process or the active dying process has begun. The body and mind are now slowly preparing for death. In this case, one can usually assume that there are still 1-7 years of life ahead.

Question: I often feel dizzy. How does this happen? I am afraid of falling and that is why I got a walker. It makes walking easier and I can hold on.

Answer: For that, first I have to elaborate a little. Every human cell, as you know, is a small power plant that converts our food into energy. Likewise, it is electromagnetic energy that surrounds the cell. Therefore, every cell has an electromagnetic counterpart of itself. It consists, so to speak, of a physical cell and an electric cell.

The electric cell can be measured only very with difficulty, or it was measured so far only its radiation, but it exists. And since every physical cell has an electromagnetic counterpart and forms the physical body, so they form in their totality also at the same time an electromagnetic counterpart in the form of a complete electrical body. Thus, every human body inherently possesses an electromagnetic duplicate of itself, a counterpart that can be called a second body.

This second body is electrical and invisible to the perceptual spectrum of the physical eyes. Only with the help of measuring instruments, which can detect electromagnetic energy, this second body is measurable. Other devices and measuring instruments have no possibility to locate this electric body due to their low sensor range.

Dizzy spells and loss of control

The dizzy spells that occur in old people, the fear of falling or having an unfortunate fall is a result of this electric body being almost fully formed and sometimes taking control. This taking over of control consists only of short periods of time, but it is enough time for the electric body to make the necessary adjustments. In the process, it begins to orient itself in the world that will be the new living environment after death.

So the dizzy spells are the result of short switchings. Once this switching is too long or is blocked by fear of falling, it takes a few seconds longer to switch back and deactivates the safe control over the physical body for a few seconds too much.

This results in the body no longer receiving commands and slumping or simply falling over. If you do switch at the last moment, you can just about hold on to something. Such switchings are necessary, if in the course of the life one did not actively work on the formation of this electrical body with the help of meditation.

In order to be able to check this for oneself, one can pay attention during such a changeover, or vertigo attack, once to where one falls emotionally and where the physical body has fallen in the end. One will notice that according to the feeling one has fallen in another direction than the physical body has actually done it.

This phenomenon is already an indication of the activities of the electric body. At the moment of falling, one was just in the electric body and the physical body was leaderless.

Question: If this electric body does exist, how come nothing is known about it?

Answer: This electric body has been known for thousands of years and is older than any science that exists today. The problem here is that the collective medical profession also owes part of its financial earnings to the elderly. If every old person knew what was happening to them in old age, doctors would have to be consulted much less. For this reason, science from the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals is not interested in researching, let alone proving, the existence of an electric body.

Question: I sometimes feel heavy as lead, especially in the evening and morning hours. Why is that?

Answer: The change from the biological to the electromagnetic and back again can cause a certain inertia if these changes are not yet properly practiced. When one feels “heavy”, a change to the electric body can start to happen, but it does not mean that it will always happen noticeably.

Question: I fall asleep all the time somewhere, be it while watching TV, reading or even at the dinner table. Why does this happen?

Answer: Also in this case the changes in the electric body are responsible. This procedure is necessary to practice fast and slow changes from one body to another, that is, for the whole organism. But if the changes, or switchings in an old person have already become so gentle, it can be expected that the active dying process is already quite advanced.

Question: When I explain or tell something, I sometimes lose the thread and don’t know what to do. Everything seems to be wiped away and I can’t remember what I just said. Why is that?

Answer: This also has to do with very brief changes in the electrical body, which only take place for fractions of a second. The change shifts the consciousness for milliseconds into the electric body and this very short period is already sufficient to interrupt the trains of thought abruptly. The thread that is lost here is, of course, the chain of thought that is broken by the switch. The thinking in the electric body is structured differently and not like our usual thinking.

Question: It often happens to me that I remember so clearly some trivial things and the important beautiful moments, I often seem to have simply forgotten. Sometimes for minutes I don’t even remember the name of my deceased partner or cities I lived in, but I suddenly remember a boring school friend who once gave me a lunch or other things not worth mentioning. I don’t think my memory is what it used to be. Is that true?

Answer: No, memory is perfectly fine, even if it occasionally doesn’t seem so. Memory is localized in the cells and not in the brain, as is commonly believed. In any case, the fact is that the true origin for memory has not yet been found. Areas of the brain have been found which, when pinched off, block memories, but these areas serve only to process memories, not to store them. Memory storage is in the cells.

If one now once remembers the activities of the cell, namely that it always creates an electromagnetic counterpart of itself, this means of course that this created electromagnetic cell also has a memory. In this new, electromagnetic memory all memories are contained, which were ever made. If it is feared that all the beautiful moments of life have been forgotten, this is only a present state description. All the forgotten moments are safely in the new electric memory.

One uses the new memory in those moments when one not only remembers a moment from the past, but experiences it as if one were just experiencing it again, or perceives the memory as clearly as if it had happened not 50 years ago, but only yesterday. These mentioned changes from the physical to the electrical body have as a consequence that the knowledge is slowly transferred from one body to the other.

This memory transfer is important, otherwise the many beautiful experiences would be lost forever and ever. Nature has arranged it so that all memories ever made are stored electromagnetically. As soon as one worries about having forgotten something forever, this memory has already been transferred and now resides in the electric body.

Question: Then why do I remember such trivial stuff?

Answer: Every experience from the personal past is stored without judgment and without any criticism in the new, electrical memory. This transfer from the biological to the electrical memory store often requires the memory to flare up in consciousness. In the process, one can sometimes already witness the capabilities of the new memory. In such cases, one suddenly perceives a memory as if it had happened only yesterday or just now.

Question: I have a walker now and I don’t dare to go outside much anymore. I only watch television and don’t know what to do with my life. What do I do?

Answer: The purchase of a walker or wheelchair results from the fear of falling. The urge not to want to leave one’s home has to do with lying helpless and at the mercy of someone outside, when suddenly there is another change. For that reason, one should not refrain from going outdoors or for a walk. You can hire a student to go for a walk with you, or you can learn to trust your body more and dare to go out anyway, despite the danger that hovers over you.

Question: What could I have done beforehand to make the dying process less difficult for me? I find my complaints unpleasant, they don’t make life particularly worth living.

Answer: It helps a lot to support this electric body in its work. You can’t start early enough with this, because the passive dying process actually begins when we are born in this world. But the active dying process, which normally starts in old age, needs support or one just accepts the unpleasant side effects. Above all, no medication, or as little as possible should be taken. They complicate the changes on the one hand, which can then bring such unpleasant side effects, as already described. There is also literature on this subject, which is listed below.

Question: I often feel very alone. Although I still have some friends and acquaintances, they also come over less and less often. My family also visits me very rarely. This makes me very sad. And when I go for a walk outside, I feel as if I am invisible. Nobody pays attention to me. Especially younger people seem to avoid me. They ignore me. As soon as I talk to younger people, they try to end the conversation quickly in order to move on.

Answer: This is no wonder in our world. After all, death is feared. Doctors do not believe in a new life after death any more than many young people do. They fear to talk to old people because then they feel closer to death than they necessarily have to be. But at the same time it is also a lesson for an old person, because as soon as the final change from the biological to the electric body has taken place, one will be very alone for a while. One will wander around in the streets trying to get one’s bearings. Or one will be eager to resume one’s daily routines, although this cannot function properly in the new body. The new body is invisible to those people who are still stuck in their normal physical bodies. The feeling of being ignored already in normal life is the precursor to what will follow.

Question: The nights are especially bad. I then get the distinct feeling that I am going to die at any moment. I then have such fears that I have to sing or cry because I am so afraid. What can I do?

Answer: When this feeling arises that one is about to die, and in most cases this is an unpleasant feeling of dissolving or being switched off or the like, then the electrical body tells them that the active dying process has been successfully completed. This is why the ancient Indians were able to go to the mountains to die.

They felt this very feeling and knew that the change to the electric body would take place shortly. They then allowed the feeling in the mountains and no longer resisted it. The result was the final detachment of the electric body from the physical organism. This is called the entrance of death in the western civilization, but in reality it is the transition from one body to another.

Question: I have strange experiences at night. Sometimes I wake up startled because my bed has shaken or there was an earthquake that only I witnessed. Sometimes I dream that I fall down from a great height and plop into my body, and sometimes wake up screaming. Or I wake up and can’t move a bit. I am then paralyzed. I then think that I must have experienced a stroke during the night. How can this be explained?

Answer: A stroke is an all-too-sudden change from one body to another. People who have not trained themselves to change into this electric body can experience strokes.

Think of it as the physical body and the electric body being in the same place at the same time. It is as if the electric body is stuck in the physical body and sometimes sways in it, which may then be perceived as dizziness. However, in the normal state, both bodies are in the same place and the electric body keeps connecting with the physical body and supports the physical body in its work.

But if such a change has been too strong, it can lead to the fact that certain areas of the body are no longer accessible to the physical body and this has the consequence that they are no longer supplied with electromagnetic energy. It can then happen that you can no longer move an arm or other disabilities occur.

This is of course very unpleasant and makes the further life very difficult, but it can happen if one has neglected to train the change between the physical and the electric body during his life, either by meditation or by accidental encounters with this electric body (e.g. by accidents, operations, shocks, illnesses, nervous breakdowns etc.).

Question: Can growing old be more pleasant than it is for me?

Answer: Also on this subject, it can only be said that it is a consequence of not having dealt sufficiently with one’s electric body beforehand. But now that it may be too late, one can only try to make the dying process as pleasant as possible by becoming well informed. This writing, which is now here, is already the first step towards a better understanding. Otherwise, I can only recommend not to believe everything that other people tell about growing old. Everything can occur, but does not have to.

There are many people for whom diseases do not occur at all, and if they do, then only for a short time. If you are afraid that you have diabetes and then run to the doctor, the doctor can only determine the present condition.

Many people, even young people, once had diabetes without ever knowing it. The body has cured diabetes by its own power, because it has created it in order to switch certain body processes and plans to reset this process in some time. Only the knowledge of the existence of a momentary diabetes can turn this problem into a life project, running to doctors and getting prescribed medications to do the body’s work.

Question: What happens during dying and after death?

Answer: First there are severe dizzy spells, sometimes accompanied by ringing in the ears or a “buzzing in the head.” Afterwards one feels a strong tiredness and thinking is very difficult. Often it is even so that one can hardly keep on the legs. Lying in bed, a body rigidity occurs at some point, which makes it impossible to move. At most, one or the other finger can still be moved. After that, one switches to the electric body permanently.

It is best not to take any medication here, as this can prolong the switchover. After switching to the electric body, you can stand up normally again and stand next to the bed and look down at your old physical body, which is still in the bed. For some, however, they may fear death so much that a blackout occurs first. After the blackout, one may find oneself in the kitchen, living room, or on the street. You can move normally and feel light, but you are very distraught because these people don’t know what just happened to them.

No one has told you that there is an electric body. You will probably wander around for a while looking for contact, but from now on you will only be noticed by those people who are also in this state after a completed dying process. The active dying process is therefore completed at this point and life in a new body has begun.

The new body no longer needs food or clothing. In some cases, you can even make it fly, but this is not so easy at the beginning. One should start with getting used to this state. One can assume that all body problems have disappeared. If they are still present, they are only in the head, because the electric body reacts very quickly to thoughts and feelings.

So, should one continue to think that one is terminally ill, it is possible that one will still feel the discomfort for a while, but since the physical body has now been discarded forever, the discomfort will disappear quite quickly.

In time, one meets people who are in the same condition, often those who are familiar with it. Here it is possible to exchange ideas.

Question: What about my family and friends?

Answer: These can be visited in your electric body, but one should not get one’s hopes up that they will perceive one. They are still in their physical bodies and their eyes cannot perceive the electric body. For this reason, it is better to say goodbye to them inwardly and explore the new life. Sometime you will surely meet them again. Their time is not yet ripe. You can think of it as vacation time.

One explores the new world while being sure that the family will eventually follow. The time in the electric body is quite differently structured and different in flow than the time in a physical body. Therefore, the time until the family follows need not be as long as it appears.

I thank you for your attention and wish you a good journey.

Jonathan Dilas

Recommended books for the curious:

Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel and the Pineal Gland

Journeys out of the Body“, Robert A. Monroe

Projection of the Astral Body“, Sylvan J. Muldoon

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