Emmigration to Paraguay El Paraiso Verde

Emigration to Paraguay – The El Paraiso Verde

The El Paraiso Verde – A creative proposal to emigrate that offers freedom and an ingenious option for people with spiritual interests…

In this day and age, many people are dealing with the issue of emigration. In the following there shall be a creative suggestion that offers freedom, independence and an ingenious option, especially for people with spiritual interests.

For people it is not always easy to emigrate spontaneously. Maybe you don’t speak the language that exists in the destination country, you are not sure where you will end up, you don’t have trustworthy knowledge about infrastructure, crime rate, supplies, cost of living and much more. Also, very often one does not know how all this can be organized or one is not optimally informed about who supports one sincerely and without ulterior motives.

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In most countries, taxes are increasingly rising, a kind of pharmaceutical dictatorship is building up more and more, which takes the liberty of restricting the freedom of its citizens more and more and threatening them with horrendous fines in case of violation. This is constitutionally not legal, nevertheless one gets the impression that there is no way out. Even lawyers and courts are powerless here, because they cannot stop the regulations and new laws of the governments and cannot see any effects despite their verdicts.

Man’s highest Good is Freedom

Man’s highest good is his freedom and this is now being increasingly curtailed in large parts, private and business. No herb seems to be able to grow against it. People who claim self-responsibility and freedom are suddenly being labeled as conspiracy theorists, health nuts and egoists because they are reluctant to bow to the new freedom-stealing laws. In such a situation, people ultimately have no choice but to instigate a revolution or leave the country. But where to go when you realize that these restrictions on freedom are sweeping?

Most people who want to continue living in freedom have left Europe and gone to Mexico. In this country, freedom is still written large. Mexico has never closed the borders or required any tests or vaccinations. One can enter freely, without any restrictions. The Mexican president commented that the Mexican people have always been a free people and he does not want to change this. In general, the crisis has shown that primarily only Central and South American countries have continued to assert themselves as very free nations.

The Internet forums are now full of discussions about emigration and massive recommendations to move to Mexico, Paraguay, Tanzania or Costa Rica. Even people who have just reached their majority sold their belongings, packed their bags and left Europe, but people of all ages have also become increasingly aware of the situation and are planning to emigrate as soon as possible. However, while most have chosen Mexico, there is still uncertainty about crime and cultural barriers. Therefore, many are also casting an eye on Paraguay, as there are several German and English speaking colonies and settlements there that have brought a piece of home over to South America.

El Paraiso Verde – A Place of Retreat

The El Paraiso Verde (The Green Paradise) has particularly stood out. This is a  settlement in the heart of Paraguay, near the city of Caazapa. Here, the founding couple, Sylvia and Dr. Erwin Annau, have purchased 16 square kilometers of land, christened it El Paraiso Verde, and have been working for over four years to build a settlement that is spiritually, healthily and constructively based at its heart. It is a community that has dedicated itself to the most diverse topics, such as:

– Live in freedom, independent and self-sufficient
– Protected and guarded private property on 10 square miles area
– Optimal and fast immigration assistance
– The recreation area El Paraiso Verde consists of virgin forest, lakes, canals, quiet rivers and is located at the nature reserve Ilsa Suzu
– Rich wildlife and nature reserve
– Self-sufficient living on own land with title and registration in the land register
– Construction of family houses allowed
– Independent power supply
– Own small supermarket
– Internet fiber with up to 25 Mbit
– Spiritual community (no gurus, no leaders, no sect, no one is converted in any way or has to join any denomination)
– Alternative health
– Cultivation of medicinal herbs
– Cultivation of organic vegetables
– Own cattle breeding
– Fluoride free water from the well from 120 m depth
– No 5G radiation
– Healthy area (no masks, no viruses, no need to vaccinate)
– Clean air and free from chemtrails
– Construction of a health center with ozone therapy, vitamin C treatment, homeopathy, etc.
– Research of Free Energy
– Research of rejuvenation programs (Rejuvenation)
– Research of Anabiosis
– Research of the primeval code
– Permaculture
– Alternative building methods
– Constructive agriculture
– 3D printer for special earthen construction methods for houses

Since the first interviews and information about El Paraiso Verde were in German, initially primarily Germans, Austrians and Swiss were addressed. From 2021 onwards, people from Anglo-American countries are additionally addressed now. In the course of time, an international peace community should develope at El Paraiso Verde. El Paraiso Verde is open to all people who think and feel with their hearts.

Living in Paraguay

In the meantime there are about 50 people living in El Paraiso Verde as well as many employees from Paraguay, who take care of house construction, agriculture and catering. Investors are still being sought who would like to join this ingenious project and the demand is great. Almost daily inquiries come in asking how to join El Paraiso Verde.

The El Paraiso Verde project is not yet open to tourism, for this reason anyone interested in this project, which may one day in the future hold 3000 people, is able to first purchase a provision plot. In this way, you can get a taste of the project for a certain period of time and consider whether you also want to build a house. On the own property it is then possible to live self-sufficiently over own cultivation of fruit and vegetables. The water is also fluoride-free and is obtained from wells. It is praiseworthy to mention that here still clean air exists, i.e. no chemtrails and in addition one sees in El Paraiso Verde still a starry sky, which takes one’s breath away.

The freedoms that one still has in Paraguay far exceed those of many other countries. This makes the project so attractive because El Paraiso Verde is located on a huge property where you can walk for miles. This project is unique in its kind.

Emigration to Paraguay

Immigration assistance is also taken care of. All you need is a certified international birth certificate and a certificate of good conduct, if necessary two marriage certificates, which you then have legalized for legal transactions in the Paraguayan embassy in your home country… and you can start immigrating to Paraguay. Paraguay is one of the few countries where you can immigrate quite freely.

If you are interested in coming to El Paraiso Verde, please contact me and I will give you more information about El Paraiso Verde. The contact address is: paraiso-verde [ät] matrixxer.com.

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  1. Yes I’m interested in living in Paraguay.Im a pro musician for over 40 years.Im 67 and my gal is 60.I would like more info.

    1. Author

      Hello James,
      thank you for your comment.
      If you are interested please visit the website of El Paraiso Verde and get in contact with them. Fill out the contact from and mention “Matrixxer” has recommended you. There you also get all the informations you need. 🙂 Maybe we will see us there soon. 🙂
      Kind regards, Jonathan

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