“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people ( Dream spying).

After I entered the dream, I found myself on a huge square. I was able to see several buildings. About a hundred meters before me there were white staires out of stone, which led to a glass house with about 15-20 floors. The windows were darkened and mirrored. I could not see an entrance. But that was not the impressive thing about this building: On the roof I recognized a huge space ship that was about five times more wide and three times higher then the glass house…

It looked like a space ship was docked to the building, even if it was much bigger. I wanted to enter the space ship, but I could not see an entrance to the glass house, so I slowly went upstairs, trying to check if I could enter it from another side.


Suddenly I heard a loud, buzzing sound. As I looked up, I saw that a door had opened from the space ship and something like a gondola drove out. This gondola came from this open hatch, moving through the air, hanging from a kind of telescopic arm. This gondola came from the open part of the spaceship, was moving through the air and was hanging on a kind of telescope arm. This arm moved the gondola till it was close to me. At last a kind of robot leapt out of it and gently pushed me into the gondola.

When I stood in her, a kind of spray nozzle appeared, that started spraying something liquid on my back and that was whirring around me. It seemed to me like it wanted to disinfect or cleanse me. Then the gondola lifted from the ground and I was lifted up to the open hatch were it cmae from before. Once we were there, it disappeared with me in a dark tunnel. For a while I drove through the darkness, until suddenly a huge space came into view.


The gondola stopped and I got out. The ceiling was certainly over 80 m high and in the center was a gigantic metallic column with comparable height. Around it  6-8 more columns were staying, but much slimmer. I walked slowly toward it. Suddenly I noticed something on my right. There I realized that the wall appeared to me silvery and consisted of a kind of slats. I could count a lot of them. I walked up to one wall and touched one of the slats with my hand. It was alive and he place wereI touched it was now recognizable in it. I thought about this astonishing adaptability of this wall, and had the distinct feeling that this technique offered the possibility of material transformation, which means this spaceship could turn into any other thing, if it would like to.

I was sure it could imitate airplanes, helicopters or something else, and no one would notice it. A person who would look up into the sky would just see a normal plane. The ability of these slats was a technical miracle. After I could get rid of the slats, I went up to the large silver column in the middle of the room. Some stairs with only a few steps led to her. I felt completely alone on this space ship. Had it been abandoned or had I found a stranded alien spaceship? When I took the stairs, something appeared in front of me out of nowhere. The shape was very tall and skinny, with long arms and a big head, wearing a kind of brown cowl. I could not see more in the dark. It came towards me, but before it could face me directly, I awoke from that dream.


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Dreamnight: Being alone on a Spaceship