Dreamnight: Dream Power

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I listened to one of my meditation CDs to prepare myself for an of out of body experience and lucid dreams. While I was not able to get into an out-of-body condition while listening to the CD, because listening to it was way too physical for me, but I knew it would certainly have a later effect. After I put the MP3 player aside, I turned to the side and let my body fall asleep. The effect came quickly…

I had a visit! Someone grabbed me by my right arm and tried to pull me out of my body rather roughly. Then I felt an iron-hard grip on my right side of my neck. I thought it was a man, at least I thought that. The grip became more and more firm and it now hurt violently. It was unbelievable that you could hurt someone if you were half-obscure, I thought, and asked him, to be more gentle or to let it be. Meanwhile I was sitting in my second body on the floor, trying to communicate with my visitor, but he did not answer. I wondered if there were any bots (see: robots) that just travel through the area and pull people out of their bodies, only to quickly disappear again. It can also have been someone who has not often pulled someone out of the body and therefore he was a little bit rough … Then I remembered that before I went sleeping today, I felt that someone was in my room, and I said to the person


“Hey, if you want to pull me out of my body, grab a bit more tight so that it can work out.”

Well, you should pay attention to what you tell visitors, they might make it faster as you believe. Meanwhile, hovering over my body, I shift my consciousness and, in the next moment, I was already in an airplane that had just landed.

“Please get off. We’ll be flying in a few hours,”I heard from the loudspeaker.

Apparently, this was just an intermediate stop for the flight. So I got out and looked at the surroundings. Where I was now, I could not find it. As soon as I was on the runway, I saw a huge rock face nearby. Actually, right where the plane landed. I stood in front of it and looked up this breathtaking rock face. There were several indentations and even hints of niches artificially carved into the rock.

Still lucid, I just ran into the airport building with the others. I wanted to know again where I had landed here, and followed the dream. A few minutes later I met Esther, a friend of mine. I stood in front of her and said:

“Hey, it’s great to meet you.”

“Ah, hello!”

Before I asked her where we were at all, I wanted to draw her attention to the fact that she was dreaming:

“Do you maybe recognize something here? Look around! Something is different than usual, isn’t it?” I said.

She checked the area. Time to the left, then to the right, but the next moment she got a fixed look and then something very strange happened! It seemed to me, that she was leaving her body.

Suddenly she disappeared, but in the place where she had been, the place was not empty, but there was now a corpulent man with a round face, presumably of Turkish origin, with short black hair, a beard, and In the uniform of the flight crew.

“Hello? Are you still there? “I asked.

Though the strange man looked at me irritated and then went away. I thought about what had happened…

In the movie ‘The Matrix‘ you could see an old woman and the next moment she was taken over by an agent of the Matrix and turned into one. The encounter with Esther was similar to me, just the reverse. It seemed to me as if she had simply taken over this man in the suit of the flight crew, and after I had spoken to her and pointed out that she was dreaming, she had let go of the man’s clutch and quickly got out of the dust. So the strange man could turn back into the one he had been before. The behavior I felt was very strange.

I decided to speak to her later in our everyday life. Then I heard someone saying that we had to go back to the plane. Shortly afterwards, we stopped in a locked area and waited. We were at the 30 people and I faced a few teenagers, who were annoying all the time. One of them, with the biggest mouth, did not want to stop, and then I made a short gesture with my right pointing finger as he looked at me, and his mouth was locked in the next moment. Frightened, he retreated, trying to get some sound from his body, but he could not. He got more and more scared, but after a few minutes, he let go and he could talk again.

“What? What was that?” he said, looking at me with his chalky-pale face.

Obviously, he had realized that this came from me.

The other people had noticed all this and started debating how I might have been able to block the boy with a small hand movement.

“He seems to have some super power, like the ones on TV!” another teenager said.

A man with a stick at a later age emerged:

“It may also be that he has a kind of power in this world and can exert it on us. Perhaps he is from another world and can command us whatever he wants. Or it is for him only a game play, which he can freely use to create everything that he just likes! He could order every woman to undress here and now, or he could kill us all at once, just as he liked…”

At first I did not know much about it, because the man was right. I was a dreamer who had fully consciously entered this world and therefore had powers that the others did not possess.

I had to think about Superman, who can also fly or look with his x-ray through walls. Then I thought Superman was the only superhero to wear normal clothes from everyday life so as not to betray, while all other superheroes, such as Spiderman, Batman, and all of the others, did not have these powers from birth, and had come much later. They, on the other hand, first sewed a suit to demonstrate what they had become. Superman did the opposite. There was a strange situation with them standing there as they broke their heads, what a strange being I was. I decided not to come aboard and wanted to see the rock face from the air. I ran a bit and then jumped up into the air to make the feeling of flying.

A few seconds later I flew over the airport ground and looked at the rock wall. But then I got problems with the flying. It’s kind of strange with flying. There are dreams in which it is very easy for me to fly decently and quickly, but then there are again dreaming experiences, in which I do not really get off the job. I reached a maximum of 50 meters. Then I tried several flight techniques, but it did not do much. Well, as a Superman I would have to practice for a while, I thought, and woke up in my bed.

Then I straightened and looked at the clock. Oh man! It was already 11:49 a.m. I had dreamed half the day, I thought, and got up. Suddenly I knew it was a dream. Not because of the time, but it was an inner certainty. I just woke up, wrong. Everything looked exactly the same as in my everyday world, but I was still dreaming.

Often, I had been thinking about why every human being does not always know automatically that he or she is dreaming when he or she is dreaming. It was only rarely a feeling that betrayed you that you are dreaming and rarely a rational conclusion, but primarily it is the inner certainty, which communicates to you. For this reason, I thought at that moment, it is also so difficult to recognize it again and again in any dream situation. It is because of this inner certainty. It is the pivot. This certainty I could experience again and again in this night and it showed me the many different dreams that I dreamed. There were many other experiences of this kind. In some of these lucid dream experiences I practiced again in psychokinesis. I would just like to know if it is possible to train in dreams often enough and then show it in everyday life as well. Psychokinesis occurred to me the fastest, since it is in our reality a controversial and very rare ability.


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